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Family life can be complicated. No matter how well your family gets along, issues can arise that call for the helpful guidance and work of a lawyer. A family lawyer is well versed in family issues such as divorce, inheritance, and many other familial issues. If you’re struggling with custody or simply need to work out a will, a family lawyer may be your best bet in having your issues resolved in a civil manner.

Are you interested in finding a family lawyer near you? Simply browse family lawyer near me on the map below and find a list of qualified family lawyers in your area. Need a bit more information on family law? Read on for facts, trivia, and tips on finding the right lawyer for you.

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What is family law?

Unlike a general lawyer, a family lawyer is most concerned with the legal issues involving the family relationships. Adoption, divorce, and child custody agreements are all issues handled by a family lawyer. Some family lawyers choose to specialise in one area. Meaning you may find a family lawyer who specializes in adoption, paternity, or even emancipation. The type of lawyer you hire will depend upon your family’s unique needs and issues. Of course, states have the right to determine “reasonable requirements” for marriage, including legal capacity, age, and same-sex unions. In the same vein, states also govern many of the rules and procedures for divorce and other family law matters. While searching family lawyer near me, consider your exact issues. You may want to consider hiring a lawyer who is specialized in one area, especially if your case is particularly difficult or complex.

family lawyer near me

Whether you’re adopting or looking to divorce, a family lawyer may be helpful in getting you the representation you deserve.

What is the most common issue in family court?

Family issues can come up in a variety of ways- often times, even the most wholesome or put together family can run into problems that require the help of a lawyer. But what is the most common issue seen in family court? Consider this as you search family lawyer near me. According to statistics, the issue of child custody is the most common dispute brought forth in family court. Every parent is concerned with the safety, education, and wellbeing of their children, which can make custody decisions quite complex following a divorce or a breakup. Often times when a relationship dissolves, parents can be very distrustful of one another, which means an impartial third party can be key in solving any custody issues. Regardless of the relationship between the parents, judges will almost always grant custody based on what’s best for the child. When deciding what’s best for a child, the court can easily assign legal or physical custody to just one parent, or parental rights can be shared. Typically, a schedule will allow the child to spend weekends, summers, and alternating holidays with the non-custodial parent. Still, both parents will have a say in parenting decisions. When approving custody, the court will always do whatever is necessary to avoid disrupting a child’s day to day life.

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Are family lawyers required for an adoption?

In the modern day, adoption is becoming a better option for more and more couples, especially those who are having difficulty conceiving a child on their own. Unfortunately, the process of adopting can often be very complex and overwhelming, meaning family lawyers are often a key asset in making sure the process goes smoothly and without a hitch. But are family lawyers required for an adoption? Consider this as you search family lawyer near me. While a family lawyer may not be required for every type of adoption, they often come recommended. Adoption is a rigorous process that differs drastically depending on the type of adoption, where the child is from, variances in state laws, and other legal factors. Though you may want to try and go it alone to save a few dollars on the process, most experts recommend consulting with a family law attorney before beginning the adoption process. Foster parents who adopt their foster children do not necessarily need legal representation, but those adopting from another country will likely need a lawyer to navigate international laws.

Who practices family law?

Attorneys who choose to practice family law often crave a more rewarding and fulfilling path in the legal field. They have the chance to help individuals through the difficult times in life and fill in the cracks and fissures that can occur in family relationships. As you search family lawyer near me, consider who practices family law. Attorneys who practice family law can work in both very small and very large firms. They practice in an environment that is compatible with their goals and values. More often than not, family lawyers will also practice criminal law or estate planning, thus offering the most services possible to their clients. Family lawyers may also work as judges, research assistants or court clerks in the child support office of a court. Those who practice family law often feel a sense of duty to protect children and relationships. They work to advocate for the best interests of both children and couples.

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