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Since the creation of fast food restaurants in the 20th century, they have become a staple of the American food service industry. Regardless of your favorite fast food restaurant, you are bound to find one when check out the Fast Food Restaurants Near Me Map below.

You will find all of the restaurants in your area. Just click on a location and it will give you the name, address, phone number and hours of operation. You will also get reviews from past customers and a link to the company website. After you are done searching, you can find out more information about fast food restaurants below and some fun trivia.

Fast Food Restaurants Near Me – Find it on the Map

Fast Food Restaurants Near Me – Fast Food Restaurants Trivia

A Brief History of Fast Food Restaurants

Where and when was the first fast food restaurant made?
The first fast food restaurants have their history in the boom that occurred in the United States following the first world war. After the war, there was a huge increase in economic activity, industrialization and the creation of what has become the middle class. You had a wide range of fast developments, such as the increase of roads and the use of family cars. There was the development of home appliances such as washing machines and vacuums. You even had the spread of mass media through the spread of radios into the family home. With the more active family life, came the need for a faster family friendly restaurant. This was the fast food chain. The first two restaurant chains, which still exist today, are generally considered A&W and White Castle. A&W was created in 1919 in Sacramento, California and White Castle was over in Wichita, Kansas in 1921.

fast food restaurants near me

A&W was the first fast food restaurant in the United States.

What is a franchise and how did it shape the fast food industry?

A franchise is the creation of a restaurant that becomes part of a chain. It has the name, logo and sells the products of the chain; however, the ownership is independent of that of the chain’s central store. Depending on the chain, there are various degrees of rules involved and controls depending upon the owner of the chain. Essentially, the owner of the franchise agrees to pay part of its sales to the owner of the chain, for agreement to use the chains products, images and so forth in the creation of their restaurant. Normally, it is about 4%. Most of the major fast food restaurants run on a franchise model and have become extremely successful in doing so. Some great examples are, McDonalds, Burger King and Subway. These stores have all grown greatly by having franchisees build restaurants that expanded their chain. The benefit is that the financial risk falls on the person creating the franchise and not on the parent company. For example, Subway was able to expand by almost 800 store locations in 1 year due to the use of the franchise model.

Thanks to the great spread of franchise restaurants, particularly between 1930 and 1970, fast food restaurants spread to all parts of the United States. Now, no matter what town or city you are in, you are bound to find one of the major fast food chains somewhere when you search Fast Food Restaurants Near Me.

Fast Food Restaurants Near Me – Fast Food Restaurants Facts

Fast Food Fast Fact Trivia

Do you genuinely love your fast food restaurant? Have you eaten more burgers than you can count? Well, lets see how well you know your facts. Give them a try.

1. How much were the first burgers at White Castle?

While White Castle has regained its status as one of the most popular and well known fast food restaurants, partially thanks to the Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle movie. It was the second fast food restaurant and its standards and practices that were later used by McDonalds helped greatly in its success. With its doors opening in 1921, it offered reasonably priced and quick meals. The burgers were sold for only 5 cents each.

2. Does Taco Bell have restaurants in Mexico?

The answer is sadly, not anymore. The company has tried twice in the past to open restaurants in Mexico. Unsurprisingly, the local residents of Mexico City, where the first 2 restaurants were opened during the company’s first attempt in 1992, did not find the food appealing enough to keep the store open. While in the United States, the food is often classified as Mexican, in Mexico, the chain is seen as serving American food. This led the company to change its strategy when it attempted again in 2007 to open a single store. This store would draw on the American image and sell things like French fries. It once again failed to meet sales goals and was closed the following year.
Another country where Taco Bell has left was the United Arab Emirates, which it had stores in between 2008 and 2012.

3. Which fast food chain is the largest in the world?

If your guess was McDonalds, you are sadly mistaken. While McDonalds is huge, with over 33 thousand locations around the world, it only comes in second place. The largest chain is Subway with almost 45 thousand locations. You are definitely bounds to find one when you are searching Fast Food Restaurants Near Me. Just to round off the top three, Starbucks claims the third location with almost 24 thousand spots, almost all of which are non-franchise locations. If you don’t think Starbucks should count since it is mostly a coffee shop KFC has about 19 thousand locations.

4. What was the most expensive food delivery?

We will give you a hint, it was a pizza delivery. Back in 2001 Pizza Hut paid the Russian Space Agency $1 million to deliver a pizza to the International Space Agency. Just so you know, it was a salami pizza and did take longer than 30 minutes to deliver.

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