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Whether you’re looking to ship a package, make some copies, or even have a banner created for your next event: FedEx Kinkos is your best bet. With knowledgable staff and the power of the FedEx fleet, this chain has all of your shipping and printing needs under one roof.

Are you interested in finding a FedEx Kinkos near you? Simply browse FedEx Kinkos near me on the map below and find a list of FedEx Kinkos locations near you. Need a bit more information no FedEx Kinkos? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information!

FedEx Kinkos Near Me Now – Find it on the Map

FedEx Kinkos Near Me Now – FedEx Kinkos Trivia

Who founded Kinkos?

Before it was FedEx office it was FedEx Kinkos, and before that it was simply Kinkos. If you’re searching FedEx Kinkos near me, you may be wondering who founded this iconic print chain. After all, most people are only familiar with the brand itself and not the man behind it. Kinkos was founded by Paul Orfalea in 1970. Orfalea earned the nickname “Kinko” because he had naturally curly hair. He opened his first copy shop utilizing a sidewalk copy machine in the community of Isla Vista, which is located near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. Following a dispute with an investment firm in 2000, he left the company for good. Orfalea wrote in his autobiography that leaving and disentangling from Kinkos was an enormous undertaking, as he had built the company of a series of interconnected personal partnerships rather than a franchise. After Orfalea left the brand, many of these partnerships had to be dismantled and rolled into a single corporate owned business model.

fedex kinkos near me now

FedEx Kinkos can help solve all of your printing and shipping needs.

When was FedEx founded?

You may be searching FedEx Kinkos near me, but without the individual history of these to mega brands there would be no FedEx Kinkos to search. FedEx was founded by Yale University undergraduate Frederick W. Smith in 1965. Smith wrote a lengthy term paper that invented an industry and demanded us to change what’s possible in terms of shipping and packaging. The paper laid out the challenges that faced many pioneering firms in the tech industry. Most of these challenges boiled down to logistics. While airfreight shippers were reliable, they didn’t make economic sense of many urgent shipments. He proposed a system that was specifically designed to accommodate super time sensitive shipments such as electronics, medicine, and computer parts. Unfortunately, Smith’s professor didn’t exactly see much in the way of in his paper, has he received an average grade. Luckily, Smith didn’t take it to heart and went on to create FedEx anyway. We’re sure his teacher is kicking himself today!

FedEx Kinkos Near Me Now – FedEx Kinkos Facts

Services Offered At FedEx Kinkos

Odds are if you’re searching FedEx Kinkos near me, you’re in need of one of their many services. Unlike many traditional full service copy and print shops, FedEx Kinkos locations also provide a number of self service features that can help you quickly accomplish your task on a budget. FedEx Kinkos offers color and monochrome photocopiers, fax machines, digital photo printing kiosks, and desktop computer rentals. They also offer an image scanner and design software such as Adobe Photoshop to give all individuals access to high quality editing software for a fraction of the licensing fees they’d face otherwise. Every available computer is connected to at least one color and one monochrome laser printer. Many newer stores have a color only printer, which costs much less than monochrome prints. Most locations also have at least one or two empty seating areas to enable patrons to use their own laptop computers by connecting to complimentary WiFi. This not only keeps lines running more smoothly, but it it allows for a quicker in and out. Every store also offers a variety of office supplies and shipping supplies that are available for retail purchase.

Getting Offers

Who searching FedEx Kinkos near me wouldn’t love to save a bit of money on their printing and shipping needs. The question is, how does one save money on something as essential as printing. The key is in the FedEx Kinkos website. By visiting the FedEx Kinkos website, you can can find dozens of rebates and coupon offers to help you cut the cost of your printing needs. Whether you’re creating invitations, printing fliers, or getting those family vacation photos in a physical form, there are plenty of ways for you to save a dime or two on your projects. You can also save money on shipping by having a FedEx professional help you with your shipping needs. Every delivery takes place in 1-5 business days within the lower 48 states, depending on the exact distance. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada typically arrive in 3-7 business days. By having a professional help you pack your items rather than packing them yourself, you can save space and wrap up your items in a more efficient manner.

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