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If you are in need of print services, FedEx Kinko’s is exactly the right place! Presentation for work, custom made signs, and even digital prints of family photos are all available at the FedEx office.

Hoping to fax a document or scan a photo? Try searching for “FedEx Offices near me”. Once known as Kinko’s, the FedEx office has had a rough transformation, including a rocky history with the original owner and creator of Kinko’s, Paul Orfalea. Don’t be confused by the signage, Kinko’s is mainly FedEx office now.

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FedEx Kinko’s Near Me – FedEx Kinko’s Trivia

Where does the name Kinko’s come from?

If your curious about the unusual name, just know that nothing “Kinky” is going on! The man behind the name was the founder of the company, who chose the name because of his curly hair, which many of his friends had made jokes about. He was called brillo pad and carpet head by all of his friends so it’s no surprise that this trait become the name.

fedex kinkos near me

Some locations, like this one, still kept the Kinkos label so customers would not be confused about the name change.

Did you know?

Orfalea’s first store in Santa Barbara California was pretty small, so small that the second copy machine that he ordered had to stay outside because it didn’t fit inside. Need photo copying services? Check out “FedEx offices near me.”

What is Tom Hanks’ Job title at FedEx in the movie “Castaway?”

The time crunching character of Chuck Roland is a busy systems engineer who makes sure that the FedEx packaging plants are doing their very best. When he goes on a delivery flight, the plane experiences turbulence and it goes down on a remote island. Tom hanks is the only person to survive and the packages end up serving some purpose in his survival!

Did you know?

Every FedEx delivery division has it’s own color next to the “FED” part. The “Ex” is orange for express delivery, the ground is green, the trades division is yellow, FedEx same day city is platinum,and the freight division is red. FedEx office is blue, when interestingly enough, Kinko’s used to be purple! Need some Kinko’s style print products? Check out “FedEx Office near me.”

FedEx was named one of the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune magazine in 2013. That’s quite impressive!

FedEx seems to be heavily involved in sports, all kinds of sports. PGA golf, race car driving, rugby, you name it! They are also a major sponsor for the European football league and they were the major sponsor of the orange bowl for over 20 years! They also have an American football field called the FedEx field that is the main training camp for the Washington Redskins, which is ironically based in Maryland instead of Washington.

FedEx Kinko’s Near Me – FedEx Kinko’s Facts

FedEx is run a lot differently than the UPS Store. First of all, the UPS store is a major franchising company that allows owners to stay connected with corporate, but still run things by their ownership. FedEx office does not franchise, and is mainly an extension of FedEx that focuses mainly on print products, probably because it was once Kinko’s printing services. UPS store does print stuff too, but they get a lot of customers that like their packaging products particularly.

The messy situation that led FedEx to own Kinko’s is very complicated. Paul Orfalea ran the company differently than most franchises because he allowed the owners of different Kinko’s stores to have a lot more freedom than most franchisers. When the investment firm Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice wanted him to have a more corporate franchise model, in which there was uniformity in the way all of the stores were run, Orfalea was concerned that the investors would also use their power to snatch the whole company from him. Orfalea wanted to back out of running the company, but because of the easy going partnerships he had with the owners of the stores, CDR had issues paying out the owners to make way for new ones that would follow the set business proposal they wanted. He was eventually forced out, and in 2004, FedEx purchased Kinko’s and turned it into FedEx office.

Even though there is a lot of competition in the printing industry, FedEx remains to be the 7th largest printing company in the US! Beat that UPS, Staples, and Vistaprint! In need of some decals for your car? FedEx office does it! Just look up “FedEx offices near me!”

Some Asian countries that once had FedEx office like China, ended up being bought out by the camera company Konica Minolta. The global recession had an impact on a lot of companies and FedEx office was one of them. They managed to expand in many locations however, like Australia, South Korea, Kuwait, and the Netherlands to name a few.

If you don’t have internet, jus bring your laptop to FedEx office! They have free Wifi!

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    UPS or United parcel Service is the competitor of FedEx and the USPS or United States Postal Service, which is earlier known as TNT is bought in $4.

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    FedEx Ship Centers are located throughout metropolitan business districts, airports, and office parks near you.

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    FedEx Ship Centers are located throughout metropolitan business districts, airports, and office parks near you.