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FedEx, originally known as the Federal Express Corporation, is a courier delivery company in the United States. While they operate in many countries, the headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was founded in 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, by Frederick Smith, who today serves as president, chairman and CEO.

FedEx competes with the United States Postal Service (USPS), the United Parcel Service (UPS), and formerly TNT, which it bought in 2015 for $4.8 billion. The company is broken up into several units: FedEx Express (overnight courier), FedEx Ground (cheaper but no guaranteed delivery time), FedEx Freight and FedEx Services (customer support, retail). If you’re looking to drop off a parcel or anything similar, make sure to search “FedEx Near Me” in order to find a location.

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How many countries does FedEx operate in?

FedEx operates in over 220 countries. They publish the full list on their website. However, there are a few countries that they do not ship to. These include North Korea, Iran, Somalia, and several small Pacific island nations. It is best to check the full list when shipping packages overseas. Most popular mail destinations such as China, Europe, most of Africa, South America, Asia and Australia are all supported by FedEx, though.

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There goes FedEx express to deliver your mail!

How large is FedEx?

FedEx has over 300 thousand employees, which is about half as large as the USPS. It has approximately $15 billion in equity. It earns over $47 billion each year, with a net income of about $2.5 billion. The USPS, on the other hand, has a revenue of about $68 billion, however it operates at a net loss, usually of around $5 billion. The FedEx company operates a fleet of over 600 aircraft and over 63 thousand delivery vans, including 43 electric vehicles and 365 hybrid vehicles. Every day, FedEx couriers travel 2.5 million miles – enough to circle the Earth one hundred times!

How has FedEx changed over the years?

The first FedEx shipment was 186 boxes, sorted by hand on a card table, and then sent to 14 jets. Today the company has over 680 aircraft, including eleven Boeing 777s. FedEx created the concept of a tracking number, so that customers could find out where their packages were at each stage of delivery. The system was also originally used internally as a method of quality control. In the 1980s, the company began buying parts of the radio spectrum for their own use, and established a radio communications network, used by the drivers and also by automated locating equipment – all before cell phones became popular!

What interesting things has FedEx shipped?

As mentioned later in this article, FedEx is used to ship baby pandas back to China. In 2000, the US and Canadian equestrian horses were sent to Sydney for the Olympic Games, using FedEx. A Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopter was once sent to Narita, Japan. A four ton water drill and 5700 pounds of other rescue equipment were sent to Midland, Texas, in 1987 to rescue a child trapped down a well. In 1977, FedEx delivered 12 decorated Easter Eggs to the White House, for its Easter Egg Roll. If you want to ship something quite interesting, just search “FedEx Near Me” to send your package!

How many packages does FedEx handle?

Every day, FedEx delivers approximately 3.4 million items. This is much less than UPS’s average daily rate, which is over 15 million items. The air fleet has the capacity to lift 30 million pounds of packages every day – that’s about as heavy as two thousand elephants!

FedEx Near Me – FedEx Facts

Almost every panda in the world belongs to China. Whenever any of these pandas has a baby, by agreement with China the baby is sent back, to help boost the endangered animal’s population. The babies are shipped back by FedEx.

FedEx usually keep a number of empty or under-loaded aircraft in the air at all times, sweeping across the USA. This is done so as to create slack to cope with unexpected demands, and to create fail-safes in the event that a plane is stranded on the ground (due to mechanical problems, for example). In the event this happens, one of the backup aircraft is probably close by, and can be redirected to help.

Because FedEx has such a large aircraft fleet, they are actually the largest member of the United States Civil Reserve Air Fleet. These aircraft can be used by the Department of Defense, in situations where the demand for aircraft exceeds the capacity of military aircraft.

In 1994, an employee of Federal Express, who believed he was going to be fired, attempted to hijack a Federal Express flight. He attacked the crew, who went to great lengths to fight back. The pilot of the flight pulled the craft into a steep climb, forcing the hijacker out of the cockpit. He then rolled the aircraft, first flying on its side, and then flying almost completely upside down. The crew were able to subdue the hijacker, despite their injuries. The pilot then executed a very difficult, but successful, emergency landing, at Memphis International Airport, where the hijacker was arrested by police.

At their most valuable, shares in FedEx were worth $120.97. This occurred on February 17, 2007. However, at the other extreme, the shares on May 6, 1980 were only worth $2.50.

Every day, the FedEx air fleet travels 500 thousand miles. This is enough to fly to the moon and back!

Sometimes FedEx offers ‘deadhead’ services. This is where employees are allowed to travel on the planes that carry packages. This would usually be done if employees are needed at a particular location, and is done in order to save expenses buying commercial airline tickets. It can also save time needed for the employee to travel to and from the commercial airports. If you think that maybe you potentially want to work there, search “FedEx Near Me” to see if there’s any job opportunities!

FedEx was the first company to have its own planes, crews and ground fleets. It was also the first company to have a commercial on TV (aired in 1974), the first to offer delivery on Saturdays and the first company to reach a revenue of $1 billion within 10 years of starting up. It was also the first delivery company to offer proof of delivery, money-back guarantees and the ability for customers to call to arrange pickups or deliveries.

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