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Fedex is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies. Not only do they provide fast and reliable delivery to every US address and to more than 220 countries and territories, but they often guarantee shipping within two business days. They also offer an on time guarantee.

Are you interested in finding a Fedex office near you? Simply browse Fedex office near me on the map below and find a list of Fedex office locations in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on Fedex? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history!

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Fedex Office Near Me – Fedex Office Trivia

When did Fedex begin?

While the history and beginning of Fedex may seem pretty cut and dry, there’s actually a great story behind the beginning of this transportation company. Consider these facts while searching Fedex office near me. Back in 1965, a Yale University undergrad named Frederick W. Smith wrote a term paper that invented an industry and changed what’s possible in terms of shipping. In the paper, Smith laid out all of the logistical challenges that faced pioneering companies in the information technology industry. He cited that most airfreight shipment services relied heavily on passenger route systems, but those systems did not make economic sense for urgent shipments. He proposed a system designed to accommodate time sensitive shipments such as medicine, computer parts, and even electronics. Unfortunately, Smith’s professor didn’t exactly view his paper as revolutionary or important and gave Smith a pretty average grade. In August 1971, following a brief stint in the military. Smith bough interest in the Arkansas Aviation Sales Company located in Little Rock, Arkansas. While operating his new firm, he saw firsthand just how insanely difficult it was to get packages delivered within a few days. Bringing his term paper to mind, Smith set out to innovate a better way. With this desire to change shipment as we know it, Fedex was born. The rest is shipping history!

fedex office near me

Visiting your local Fedex office is a great way to have all of your shipping needs met.

Where does the name Fedex come from?

If you’re searching Fedex office near me, you may be wondering just where the name Fedex actually comes from. Smith reportedly named the company Federal Express because he believed in the patriotic meaning that is often closely associated with the word “federal.” He believed the name would spark an interest in nationwide economic activity. He also hoped the name would resonate with the Federal Reserve Bank. He tried to pick up the bank as a customer, but his proposal was denied. Not one to be down and out, Smith kept the name, believing it to be memorable and knowing that anything associated with “federal” would produce interest from the public.

Fedex Office Near Me – Fedex Office Facts

14 Planes, 186 Packages

Federal Express didn’t officially begin shipping operations until April 17, 1973. At the time there were no Fedex offices to visit and you certainly couldn’t have searched Fedex office near me. Back in 1973, with just 389 team members, 14 small aircrafts took off from Memphis, Tennessee to deliver 186 packages to 25 US cities from Rochester, New York all the way to Miami, Florida. Smith declared the night a success and one that would change the way packages were to be delivered forever. Despite this successful first take off, the company did not show any profit until July of 1975. A full two years later. Soon enough, Fedex became the premier carrier of high priority goods and eventually set the marketplace standard for the express shipping industry. By the mid 1970s, Federal Express was a leader in air cargo deregulation, which was officially legislated in 1977. Why were these changes so important? Because they allowed the company to utilize larger aircrafts (Boeing 727s) which spurred growth and allowed them to carry more packages at a given time. Today Fedex boasts the world’s largest all cargo air fleet that includes Boeing 777s, 757s, and 757s. Fedex’s largest competitor is UPS.

Global Footprint

You may be searching Fedex office near me in the US, but 95 percent of world’s consumers live outside of US borders. This is why Fedex has worked tirelessly to make international shipping as easy and painless as possible. Not only has this granted business and consumers the opportunity to connect with global markets, but it has helped families send packages and keep in touch for decades. Part of what has made Fedex’s global footprint so expansive was the acquisition of the TowerGroup in the year 2000. TowerGroup was a leader in international logistics and trade information technology. Nowadays, Fedex can ship anything to anywhere in the world in a timely manner. With the value of global trade coming in at a whopping $18 trillion, it’s no Wonder fedex has continued transforming its business to better align with the needs of a changing population.

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  1. John Moore says:

    My wife and I were Home all day on Friday Nov.30 2018 when package was to be delivered . On mon. my wife checked and you web page said driver tried to deliver at 7:45pm and wrote we were were home I think it was late and he never tried.
    Were can it be picked up? John Moore 212 Davis Drive Apt#602

  2. Diana Davis says:

    I have a question. I have a package that is showing Delivery Exception. It has been waiting for a week now, in Davenport, FL., waiting for a new shipping date. WHAT IS TAKING SOOOOO LONG?

  3. Lisa McMichael says:

    I think FedEx sucks. The website even with the tracking number doesn’t work and I would think you would be smart enough to list a phone number to call but of course that would be providing good customer service and you are too cheap to do that. I would never use FedEx and I don’t. My husband’s package was due to be delivered on 8-12-17 according to his email that was two days ago.