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Summer and fall in America are two seasons that are rife with interesting festivals and events that can suit just about any mood or personality. Whether you’re looking to attend a weekend long music festival, a day long heritage festival, or even a craft festival, there are options for every price point, age group, and activity level.

Are you interested in finding festivals near you? Simply browse festivals near me on the map below and find a list of festivals located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on festivals? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on festivals!

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True or false: The first ever music festival was reportedly held in Ancient Greece.

Music festivals are as common in the modern day as a carnival or street fair. They cover every genre, age group, and budget known to man. Whether you’re looking for a three day affair such as Coachella or a one off festival dedicated to a genre such as jazz, odds are if you’re searching festivals near me you’ll find one to suit your exact needs. The question is, when did music festivals first begin? Well according to historians, the first music festival dates back to the 6th Century BC and Ancient Greece. This is perhaps one of the earliest examples of a festival that involved music. At one of the four Panhellenic games held in honor of Apollo’s, music was introduced as a form of competition. Known as mousikos agon, this festival not only tested one’s musical ability but one’s athletic ability and overall strength. Another festival, the Pythian Games, a precursor to the first Olympic games, notably featured dance, art and highly involved musical displays. By 10th Century BC, Greece had become a full on hotbed of musical festivals and happenings. Every spring, a three day Festival of the Vine Flower took place in the city of Athens. This festival not only featured an enthusiastic approach to getting drunk and enjoying a good buzz, but the bread and butter was the song and dance performances.

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Festivals are a great way to get outside and expand your cultural horizons!

What is the oldest still operating music festival in the world?

When one thinks of a festival, odds are a music festival is one of the first thing that comes to mind. As you search festivals near me, you may just be seeking out a music festival that offers your favorite genre or just a weekend of fun. As you now know, music festivals date back to Ancient Greece, but those festivals no longer operate today. According to historians, the oldest popular music festival that is still active and in existence is the Reading Festival in the United Kingdom. This festival first surfaced in 1961 as the National Jazz and Blues Festival. It’s now taken on a slightly less refined approach to music. The festival was reportedly the idea of Harold Pendleton, a London club owner. The event was meant to adopt the hippy vibes of the time period, offering tickets for under two euros and putting on acts such as the Jam and Sham 69. The original festival was held at the Richmond Athletic Ground, but changed it’s location several times before settling on a signature spot at Richmond Avenue in 1971. Through the years, this festival has only increased in popularity, which forced organizers to open a sister festival site at Temple Newsam in Leeds and then eventually Bramham Park.

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Festivals Aren’t Just For Music

Traditionally speaking, festivals have never been focused on music. Though the Ancient Greeks may have introduced the music festival and the inclusion of music, festivals have persisted in one form or another long before the Greeks. In early history, festivals most often centered on religion or the changing of the seasons. Festivals were commonly held to honor gods, goddesses, or the harvest seasons. This is a tradition we still carry on today, but many festivals have lost their religious tone in the United States. Overseas, festivals honoring specific events and events are very common. In India, Baisakhi is an ancient harvest festival and one of the most important events in the country. Here in the states, harvest festivals are still very common, especially in rural or suburban areas. Though these festivals do focus on the changing of the seasons, it has less to do with gratitude or well wishes for a good harvest, and more to do with shifting flavor palettes, celebrating Halloween or fall, and the cooler temperatures. As you search festivals near me, consider what kind of festival you’re looking to attend. Odds are you’ll find anything from an arts festival, to a book festival, to a religious or harvest festival. Keep an open mind and try a festival you’ve never gone to! You’ll not only introduce yourself to some new foods and people, but you may just find yourself embracing a new passion.

Festival Survival Tips

If you’re searching festivals near me, then you know that there are some hacks that are truly necessary for getting the most out of your festival experience. Festivals are a lot of fun, but they also take some preparation to get the most out of your experience. Read on for five tips on maximizing your festival experience!

1. Wear a money belt or fanny pack

Depending on what type of festival you’re attending, you won’t want a bulky purse or bag to get in the way of your fun. Instead, a money belt can be a great way to free your hands and keep your money save from pickpockets.

2. Bring baby wipes or wet wipes

Many outdoor festivals, can get a bit sticky, especially in the summer months. Even if you’re only going to a festival for the day, bringing some baby wipes or wet wipes can be a great way to freshen up throughout the day and help alleviate sweat induced discomfort.

3. Bring a portable phone charger or power bank

One thing that strikes many festival goers is a dead phone battery. During the day, you’ll be taking lots of pictures, sharing on social media, and using your phone to navigate. Bring a portable power bank to keep your phone charged all day long.

4. Use social media

Many bigger festivals utilize social media to instigate giveaways, post lineups or events, and even to give away freebies. Use social media throughout the day as a way to keep tabs on your festival and festival events.

5. Use the buddy system

When attending any kind of festival, concert or fair, it’s always a good idea to have strength in numbers. While going solo can be fun, bringing along a friend ensures that you’ll stay safe and have some much needed company.

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