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As the third largest regional banking corporation in the United States, Fifth Third Bank has all of the resources and amenities that one could yearn for when searching for the right bank. Not only does banking regionally offer a more personalized experience, but it means you almost always get to talk to a Fifth Third employee live and in person if you so choose.

Are you interested in finding a Fifth Third Bank location near you? Simply browse Fifth Third Bank near me on the map below and find a list of Fifth Third Bank locations near you. Need a bit more information on this bank brand? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Fifth Third Bank Near Me – Fifth Third Bank Trivia

When was Fifth Third Bank first established?

Like so many banks in the United States, Fifth Third Bank’s history dates back prior to the 1900s, when many regional banks were first being established in more rural and suburban areas of the nation. Fifth Third Bank can trace its roots all the way back to June 17, 1858, when the Bank of the Ohio Valley first opened its doors in Cincinnati Ohio. Five years later , Third National bank was formally organized under the banner of the Bank of the Ohio Valley. By 1871, the younger bank had grown to overshadow the older one, and a long history of acquisitions began as the bank sought growth in the Ohio area. This lead to a stronger and more resilient banking system in the Ohio Valley. Fifth Third proved successful, even in the midst of the financial crisis of the 1930s. As the wealth and prosperity of the 1920s gave way to the stark reality of the Great Depression, Fifth Third emerged as one of the strongest and most dependable banks in the market. It even acquired three smaller banks between 1930 and 1930. This not only lead to a great deal of trust from the general public, it lead to tremendous growth as other banks were failing. As you search Fifth Third Bank near me, consider how a small series of acquisitions and mergers lead to the emergence of one of America’s strongest and most dependable regional banks.

fifth third bank near me

Fifth Third Bank is one of the most prominent banking chains in the United States.

How did Fifth Third bank earn its unusual name?

One of the questions that many individuals have is just how Fifth Third Bank came to earn its unusual and somewhat untraditional name. According to bank historians, Fifth Third Bank’s unusual name is the result of a 1908 merger that occurred between the Third National bank and the Fifth National Bank in order to become the Fifth Third National Bank of Cincinnati. While Third National was the more established senior bank, the merger took place at a time when prohibitionist ideas were just gaining traction in many regions of the United States. It was believed that “Fifth Third” was far more clear and free of controversy than “Third Fifth.” It was believed that “Third Fifth” could be seen as a reference to three fifths of alcohol. Even though banking has nothing to do with prohibition or alcohol, the idea was to avoid any confusion at all costs. The name ended up going through several changes over the years until 1969, when the name was officially changed to Fifth Third Bank. On your quest to find a Fifth Third Bank near me, consider what’s really in a name.

Fifth Third Bank Near Me – Fifth Third Bank Facts

Avoiding Fees

If you’re searching Fifth Third Bank near me, odds are you’re either already a Fifth Third Bank patron or you’re looking to establish a new account at Fifth Third Bank. When searching for the right bank, many experts recommend getting an account with no monthly fees or one that has avoidable monthly fees if you meet a certain set of standards. So how can you avoid monthly fees? In the case of Fifth Third Bank, the one sure fire way to avoid accruing monthly fees is to first establish the right account for your specific banking needs. A Fifth Third Essential checking account, will waive service charges if you carry a monthly average balance of $1,500 across your deposit and investment accounts, spend at least $500 per month on a Fifth Third credit card, or have an existing Fifth Third mortgage or line of credit. If you don’t meet one of the above requirements, you will typically be charged an $11 a month service fee. Of course, Fifth Third offers a whole host of accounts to choose from. Finding the right one means determining your monthly income, your interest in a credit line, or your interest in getting your home or auto loan through Fifth Third Bank.

Online and Mobile Access

Another huge factor to consider when searching Fifth Third Bank near me is choosing a bank that offers online and mobile access. In today’s fast paced world, it’s more important than ever to be able to check your account, pay bills, and make deposits electronically. This is an important factor both on your computer and while on the go. Luckily Fifth Third Bank, offers all of its members access to their bank accounts through their online banking platform and on a mobile ready site for smartphones and tablets. This means that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to check up on your financial situation with total ease. You can even link your Fifth Third Bank account to a budget app such as Mint to help you better plan your finances each month and get a head start on sticking to a proper budget. Many Mint users agree that linking their bank account to a mint profile has made all of the difference in keeping track of where money is going each and every month.

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