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Tires going bald and in desperate need of something new? Did you get a nail in your tire and it needs replacing? Maybe you are looking for some nice winter tires to go skiing this winter. Whatever the reason that you are hunting for new tires, Firestone has you covered. Simply check out the Firestone Near Me Map below. It will show you all of the Firestone locations in your area.

Just click on the location and you will find the address, phone number and hours of operation. You will also get reviews from past customers and a link to the company website. Finally, with a few clicks, you will be able to get directions from where you are.

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Firestone Near Me – Firestone Trivia

Firestone Hours of Operation

Firestone locations tend to have consistent hours between the various locations, with only a small variation on Sundays. Weekdays, the company locations are open between 7am and 7pm. On Saturday, you will find them open between 7am and 6pm. Sunday, you will find locations opening at 8am and closing at either 5 or 6pm, depending upon the city you are in. So, if you need to visit it on a Sunday, be sure to check the location on your Firestone Near Me Map when you search Firestone Near Me.

History of Firestone

While the Firestone Complete Auto Care logo may place the company starting in 1926, you will actually find the company having a history dating back to 1900. The company was founded in Arkon, Ohio in 1900. At the time, it was a factory that had 12 employees and started manufacturing tires. They were the first company to produce non-skid treads in 1908. This became the standard highway tire within a short period of time.

firestone near me

Firestone has sponsored many cars on the Indy 500 over the years and won over 50 trophies.

The next large expansion for the company took place in 1918, with the United States shipping tires for World War 1. The company started the use of truck shipment, with their advertisement strategy, “Ship by Truck.” They took another step for tire creation in 1922 when Firestone created the “low-pressure” air tire. This tire helped decrease the amount of wear on tires and increased mileage of the vehicles.

In 1926 the company created the first Firestone Complete Auto Care location. This became and official division of Firestone, which offered comprehensive maintenance and repair services for automobiles.

The next large growth to the company came in 1992 when Firestone and the Japanese Bridgestone companies merged making them one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. They also moved their headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee. They now produce over 8,000 different tires.
Firestone Complete Auto Care now has over 1,600 locations around the country, so no matter where you are you should be able to find a location when you search Firestone Near Me.

Firestone Near Me – Firestone Facts

Firestone Facts and Trivia

Firestone has revolutionized the tire industry since it was opened back in 1900. They have made a number of impressive changes to the tire and automotive industry throughout their time. Here are 10 impressive facts and trivia about one of the largest tire companies in the country.

1. The company created the first non-skid tread. Back in 1908, tires were essentially bald balloon tires. Firestone created the first non-skid tread that became the industry standard with people copying the tread design. They were much improved highway driving, which was becoming a lot more common by the 1920s.

2. Firestone has helped secure a number of victories on the Indianapolis 500. In 1911, the first Indy 500 race was won on Firestone tires. Between 1920 and 1966 the company consistently had tires on cars that won. In 1921 the race was won on a single set of Firestone tires. It took another 21 years for another car to win on one set of tires, which were again Firestone. To date, Firestone has won over 50 Indy 500s.

3. The company started the truck shipping initiative. Firestone trucks started offering shipping in 1918, instead of rail. They ran with the advertisement “Ship by Truck” which was on the sides of their shipping trucks. They were true pioneers.

4. They created the commercially sponsored music radio program. In 1930, they were the first company to sponsor a musical program, which ran for 35 years. It was called, “The Voice of Firestone.”

5. Firestone produced materials for the United States during World War 2. They held the 55th largest government contracts during the war. They were contracted to produce plastic helmet liners and after the war, they were contracted to produce missiles.

6. They created the first run-flat tire. In 1974, the company produced a steal radial tire that was capable of running for 50 miles, at upwards of 40mph while flat. This greatly helped people be able to seek help when it was punctured.

7. Firestone developed a test track in 1957 to create a high speed tire. They succeeded in making a tire capable of running at 190 mph.

8. Firestone is named after its founder Harvey Firestone.

9. Firestone and Ford have always had a close relationship. In 1906 Henry Ford placed a large order with Firestone Tires and Henry and Harvey became good friends taking many business trips together and making a large number of business deals over the next several decades.

10. Firestone had a TV show. They ran a TV show, The Voice of Firestone, previously called the Firestone Hour. It started on TV in 1949 and continued until 1963 on NBC.
So next time you visit a Firestone after searching Firestone Near Me, just think of the extensive history the company has and the important changes it has helped bring to America.

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