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Taking in a fireworks show is one of life’s greatest and most awe inspiring pleasures. In fact, nothing says summer quite like sitting in the grass on a warm night and looking at the colors lights up above. It’s an American pastime after all!

Are you interested in finding a fireworks show near you? Simply browse firework shows near me on the map below and find a list of firework shows in your area. Need a bit more information on firework shows? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Firework Shows Near Me – Firework Shows Trivia

How do fireworks get their colors?

Fireworks can come in a myriad of colors, most of them mesmerizing and magical in their own way. Have you ever wondered how fireworks get their colors? Consider this as you search firework shows near me. According to experts, specific elements produce specific colors in fireworks. Every firework color connection is comprised of different metal elements. When an element burns, the electrons within it get excited and release energy in the form of life. Different chemicals will burn at different wavelengths of light. For example, lithium compounds will help to produce deep reds, copper produces beautiful blues, and titanium will burn silver. Orange colors are produced by calcium and yellow fireworks are produced by sodium. Experts agree that blue is the most difficult color to produce.

firework shows near me

A good fireworks show can inspire awe in anyone!

Which country is credited with creating fireworks?

Fireworks might seem like an all American pastime but they were actually first invented by the Chinese as early as 200 BC. Consider these facts as you search firework shows near me. According to historical records, the Chinese first used firecrackers to scare off mountain men. Long before the fireworks we know today were invented, the Chinese were writing on green bamboo stalks and heating it over coals to dry. If one of the stalks was left on the heat for too long, the wood would expand and burst. The explosion created a significant and jarring bang! Scholars quickly noticed that the noises were pretty effective at scaring away unwanted visitors. This lead to the invention of the firecracker! Aside from scaring away burly mountain men, fireworks were also used to scare away evil spirits. Though the firecracker itself was essentially just a heated bamboo rod, it wasn’t long until Chinese alchemists accidentally created gunpowder, the essential element in big fireworks. When a noted alchemist mixed saltpeter with sulfur and charcoal, they found that the reaction was rather robust and not exactly the elixir for immortality they had hoped for. The alchemist named the concoction “fire drug” which soon became a noted part of all Chinese cultural celebrations. To make the fireworks, the Chinese would stuff bamboo tubes full of gunpowder.

Firework Shows Near Me – Firework Shows Facts

Sound Elements of Fireworks

If you’ve been to a firework show recently (or are just searching firework shows near me), you’ve likely seen a show that includes plenty of unique sounds to help keep audiences engaged. How exactly do firework producers achieve sounds within a single firework? It all begins when layers of an organic salt are combined with the oxidizer potassium perchlorate, which allows for layers to burn individually. As each layer burns, it slowly releases a gas. This is the whistling sound you will hear when most firework rockets go off. To create a hissing or sizzling sound withs sparkles, aluminum and iron flakes are added into the mix. For that loud signature firework boom, titanium powder is added.

Can you recycle fireworks?

It’s a great habit to recycle most household items and hope that they can find a new life as something else. Unfortunately, fireworks are not able to be recycled. How can you properly dispose of at home fireworks? Consider this as you search firework shows near me. Given the components used to create fireworks, it’s not surprising that recycling an exploded firework is a terrible idea. Though you may be tempted to just toss them in the trash, there are a few steps you should take prior to throwing the firework out. Firstly, always soak the discarded firework in water to ensure that there is no possible way the firework could potentially light the trashcan on fire. Second, always check with your city or municipality waste department to ensure that fireworks can be disposed of in the regular trash. Some trash collectors have special disposal procedures in place for explosives such as fireworks.

A Tradition since 1777

There’s a reason why most Americans associate firework shows with the Fourth of July, it’s a national tradition! According to historians, some of the very first Independence Day celebrations involved fireworks. In fact, on July 4, 1777, Philadelphia put together an elaborate day of festivities. There was a parade, a fancy diner, music, musket salutes, and of course a firework show. This is why you’ll find an abundance of firework shows around the Independence Day holiday and even in the weeks before or after.

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