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For thousands of years, humans have looked to fireworks to celebrate life’s most momentous occasions. From the Fourth of July to Memorial day and all of the moments worth celebrating in between, fireworks can inspire awe, wonder, and even feelings of nostalgia. Few things in life can bring the joy and celebratory nature of fireworks.

Are you interested in finding fireworks near you? Simply browse fireworks near me on the map below and find a list of fireworks stores in your area. Need a bit more information on fireworks? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on fireworks!

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Where did fireworks first originate?

If you’re searching fireworks near me, consider the explosive history of this form of entertainment. Most historians agree that fireworks first originated in China, which continues to produce and export more fireworks than nearly any other country in the world. It is believed that is early as 200 B.C. the Chinese stumbled upon a sort of natural firecracker. They would reportedly roast bamboo which explode with a bang when heated up due to the natural hollow air pockets in bamboo. This was first done in an attempt to ward off evil spirits. At some point between 600 and 900 A.D., Chinese alchemists mixed together saltpeter (potassium nitrate which was originally a common kitchen seasoning), charcoal, sulfur, and a few unknown ingredients yielded an early form of gun powder. The Chinese then began stuffing this mixture into the bamboo shoots. They then tossed the shoots into an open fire to produce a loud boom! With this the very first fireworks were born. Soon after, paper tubes were used in lieu of bamboo stalks and the Chinese discovered that their invention could be used for more than scaring away forbidden souls and celebrate special events. By the 10th century, the Chinese had developed crude bombs and started attaching firecrackers to arrows. The arrows were then used during military engagements to rain down on their adversaries.

fireworks near me

Whether you’re seeking a small display or a big time production, you can find fireworks near you!

When did fireworks really gain a true following?

While fireworks were always popular in China, they didn’t gain a strong following in England until the late 1400s. This is when European rulers used them to enchant their subjects and to illuminate the confines of the castle while celebrating important occasions. In England, the earliest recorded display of fireworks took place on Henry VII’s wedding day in 1486. In 1685, James II royal firemaster (yes this was a real title), achieved a dazzling presentation for the king’s coronation. It was so beautiful and revered that the firemaster was actually given knighthood. French kings regularly used fireworks to put on amazing displays at the palace of Versailles and other palaces. Czar Peter the Great of Russia is credited with arranging a spectacular five hour pyrotechnic extravaganza to mark the birth of his son. If you’re searching fireworks near me, you’re taking part in an ancient tradition of celebration and awe.

Fireworks Near Me – Fireworks Facts

Specifics Elements Are Used To Make Specific Colors

While searching fireworks near me, you may be wondering just how fireworks are given the spectacular colors they can often achieve. Firework color concoctions are actually comprised of several different metal elements. When a particular metal element burns, the electrons within the element get excited and release energy in the form of light. Different chemicals tend to burn at very different wavelengths of light. For example, strontium and lithium compounds can produce deep reds; copper produces rich blues; titanium and magnesium burn silver or white; calcium is used to create a vibrant orange color; sodium produces the beloved yellow pyrotechnics; and barium burns a beautiful green. When one combines chlorine with barium or copper neon and green turquoise flames are produced respectively. According to experts, blue is the most difficult color to produce.

Fireworks and Independence Day

If you’re in the United States, then you obviously know that fireworks are the most common way to celebrate America’s independence from Britain. Even some of the very first Independence Day celebrations notably involved fireworks. On July 4, 1777, Philadelphia put together a truly elaborate display of festivities. Noted historians say that the the first celebration included a 13 cannon display, a parade, a truly fancy dinner, toasts, music, musket salutes, and of course an amazing fireworks display. The description was reported listed in the Virginia Gazette on July 18, 1777.

Fireworks Just Aren’t for Everybody

While we humans might love a good fireworks display, not all creatures share the same interest in the bright lights in the sky. Dogs notably hate fireworks and will often whimper. Cats tend to hide under beds or in tight spaces. Birds can become so startled they can get disoriented and fly into things. There are even lots of people who have an extreme fear of fireworks and credit it to noise phobia. Remember, while you may enjoy fireworks, not everyone around you does!

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