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Crispy battered deep fried fish sitting alongside golden brown french fries. All of which are fresh from the fryer. What could be better? Few things beat the warm tingly comfort of fresh fish and chips. Whether you eat yours with tartar sauce, chippy sauce, or even gravy, finding the best fish and chips shop in your local area is key.

On the hunt for the best fish and chips near you? As you already know, not every shop is worthy of your hard earned dollars! We’ll do the leg work for you. Simply browse fish and chips near me on the map below and we’ll show you the best fish and chips shops near you right now. How about a bit more information on fish and chips? Fancy a bite of trivia? Keep reading for trivia, facts, and so much more. You won’t leave this site hungry.

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Fish And Chips Near Me – Fish And Chips Trivia

How many servings of fish and chips are eaten in the United Kingdom every year?

When you think of fish and chips, one country should absolutely come to mind: the United Kingdom. Not only was this dish made famous across the pond, but folks from the UK traditionally eat more fish and chips than anyone else in the world. Just how many servings of fish and chips are eaten in the United Kingdom every year? Consider this as you search fish and chips near me.

fish and chips near me

Crispy, delicious, and utterly comforting to the taste buds!

According to statistics, some 382 million portions of fish and chips are consumed every year in the United Kingdom. That’s a whopping six servings total for every man, woman, and child living in the country. Some estimates show that in the UK around 1.2 billion Euros is spent on the dish each year. 80% of the total population admits to visiting a fish and chip shop at least once per year. While the dish is also quite popular in the United States, we simply can’t compete with the sheer passion and fervor those from the UK have for their beloved fish and chips.

How many fish and chips shops exist in the UK?

Speaking of the United Kingdom, just how many fish and chips shops exist to serve all those hungry patrons? Quite more than most people would think. Statistics show that there are currently 10,500 specialist fish and chip shops in the United Kingdom. This number actually surpasses any major fast food chain in the region. At one point in the early 1920s, it is believed that some 25,000 fish shops were in operation.

Fish and chips has always been a popular dish, but due to its relatively low cost, it appealed to even more folks back in the early 20s when industrialization was truly afoot and the working man wanted a quick bite to eat. As you continue your quest to find fish and chips near me, consider how many fish and chips shops keep the tradition of this dish alive for the current generation and generations to come. Keep in mind, that number doesn’t even include pubs and restaurants that serve fish and chips but aren’t dedicated to being a stand alone fish fry.

What year were fish and chips first eaten?

Think fish and chips aren’t that old? Think again! There’s a reason why this dish has stood the test of time in the United Kingdom and abroad. It’s a seasoned tradition! When exactly was fish and chips first served? Historians believe that the first fish and chips was served around 1860. Unfortunately, the origin is a hot button issue. In London, a family by the surname Malin claims to be the rightful inventors of the dish. Yet over in Manchester, the Lee family has staked the same claim. Who is the rightful inventor of this delicious dish? No one knows for sure! But that shouldn’t stop you from searching fish and chips near me or valuing the history that surrounds this tasty treat.

Fish And Chips Near Me – Fish And Chips Facts

Why is fish n’ chips often served in a newspaper?

Traditionally speaking, fish and chips was often served up to patrons in a newspaper. Though it doesn’t happen much anymore, when many people think of traditional fish and chips, this is the image that comes to mind. Why was fish and chips ever served in a newspaper to begin with? Keep reading for the answer as you search fish and chips near me. According to historians, shops relied on old newspapers to wrap up their fish and chips because it helped to keep prices low. They didn’t need to shell out extra dough for butcher paper or something similar because they already had the papers lying around from the day before.

Unfortunately, this was banned in the 1980s when it was ruled unsafe for food to be touching any type of newspaper ink. Nowadays, most shops will serve up fish and chips wrapped in a layer of greaseproof paper and then some newspaper if they desire that traditional look. Other shops will go to the trouble of printing a “faux” newspaper made with vegetable ink on tissue paper. No matter what your local fish and chips shop chooses to wrap up your meal in, you’ll be guaranteed the same flavor and traditional taste!

What’s the best condiment to eat with fish n’ chips?

Condiment wars surrounding fish and chips have truly stood the test of time. Depending on which region of the world you’re from, you may have a different answer regarding the best condiments. In the US, fish and chips are often served up with tartar sauce and a side of malt vinegar for the chips. Others will get a bit more liberal with their condiments, opting for ketchup for the fries and even for the fish. In the United Kingdom, you’re likely to find fans of non-brewed condiment.

This is an acetic acid mixed with colorings and flavorings. It’s quicker to make than vinegar but has a similar taste. In Scotland, the preferred condiment is chippy sauce.Chippy sauce is a brown sauce but it’s far thinner than a gravy. People put this on their chips and sometimes fish with lots of sauce. They’ll then toss it together. In Belgium, fish and chips is traditionally served up with mayo. How do you prefer to eat your fish and chips? Sound off as you search fish and chips near me.

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