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For anyone looking to relax, unwind, and spend some time in nature; fishing is almost always a great idea. Individuals of all ages are welcome to join in on this calming hobby, with many starting as small children.

Are you interested in finding fishing near you? Simply browse fishing near me on the map below and find a list of legal fishing streams, rivers, and pay to fish lakes near you. Need a bit more information on fishing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on fishing in the United States!

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Fishing Near Me – Fishing Trivia

When did people first begin fishing?

Fishing has always persisted in human culture as both a means of recreation and survival. Nowadays, we mostly use fishing as a recreational hobby rather than a make or break food situation. The questions is, when did people first begin fishing? Consider these facts as you search fishing near me. According to historians, people probably began fishing somewhere in Africa early on in human history. Neanderthals are said to have been fishing by around 200,000 BC. Modern humans began gathering shellfish at the Blombos Cave in South Africa by around 100,000 BC. The first individuals who left Africa around 60,000 years ago were reportedly following schools of fish along the African Coast and then over to the Arabian Peninsula. Eventually this vital food source lead them to the coast of Iran, India, and even further east, eventually following the fish all the way to China, Japan, and eventually the Americas. Many of the world’s largest cities and civilizations were created new areas where there was good fishing. Fish served as a primary source of food for many early civilizations, with the hunting of other animals proving far more difficult.

fishing near me

Fishing is legal at most bodies of water in the US, but you will have to have a license.

How did early individuals fish?

While some of the earliest civilizations in time relied on methods such as spearing fish, the act quickly evolved to attaching stones or bits of clay to the bottom of a net to weigh it down. Then bits of wood were attached to the top of the net so that it would float. A group of people would then wade out into the ocean or river, and when they reached a certain area, the group would spread out the net and walk forward. The people on the ends would then all work towards one another and close up the nets. They would then carry their fish bounty back to the shore. Eventually using rods or sticks became more common as civilization evolved and their fishing methods became less crude. As you search fishing near me, consider how your ancestors may have affected your ability to catch fish in the modern day!

Fishing Near Me – Fishing Facts

The Biggest Record Fish

Odds are if you’re searching fishing near me, then you’ve likely considered how great it would be to catch the world record fish. You may think that marlin you had mounted on your wall once was pretty big, right? Well, it may have been big for its species, but odds are it wasn’t even a third of the size of the heaviest fish in the record books. On April 21, 1959, Alfred Dean of Irymple, Victoria caught a 2,664 pound great white shark off the coast of his homeland of Australia. Amazingly enough, he managed to subdue this predator. The shark was the heaviest ever recorded fish to be listed by the International Game Fish Association. The shark was allegedly reeled and caught in around 50 minutes using a 130 pound line. Dean also caught great whites that have weighed a still respectable 2,333 and 2,536 pounds. A replica of Dean’s large catch an be seen at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Grapevine, Texas. Odds are you won’t be catching any great white sharks on your next fishing outing, but there’s always a chance of another special catch!

The Fastest Fish

As you search fishing near me, you may be wondering what exactly the fastest fish is and how fast a fish can swim. Well, it’s difficult to determine how fast some fish can actually swim, but many anglers at Florida’s Long Key Fishing camp have come up with a simple method for measuring a fish’s exact swimming speed with accuracy. When a fish is hooked, it quickly make a run. You measure how much line the fish took off of the spool within a certain number of seconds and then you can calculate the fish’s speed. The fastest fish in these speed trials, and perhaps even the fastest fish in the world is a sailfish that took out more than 300 feet of line in just three seconds at a velocity of 68 mph. That means this sailfish went from zero to 60 miles per hour in around 2.6 seconds. Next time you go out on a fishing trip, try measuring the speeds of your biggest catches. You may just think have the world’s new fastest fish on your hands!

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