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Fresh flowers have a brilliant way of elevating any event or room. Whether it’s a fresh cut bouquet to show someone you care or a colorful arrangement for a wedding alter; flowers bring the whimsy and mood of the outdoors, inside. Buying from a flower market rather than a florist is a great way to score fresh blooms at a fair cost. You can also buy in greater quantities, giving you the option to create your own arrangements for upcoming events.

Ready to find a great flower market near you? Simply browse flower market near me on the map below to find a list of the best flower markets in your local area. Need more information on flower markets? Read on for facts, trivia, and insights below!

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Flower Market Near Me – Flower Market Trivia

What state produces the most cut flowers?

Ever wondered where most of those flowers at your local flower market come from? Well, stone states are better producers of cut flowers than others! Which state actually produces the most cut flowers? Keep reading for the answer as you search flower market near me. According to statistics, 75% of all cut flowers are grown in California. That makes sense given the climate and their ability to grow flowers year round. A small percentage of cut flowers are also grown in Washington, Florida, and Hawaii. Notice a trend?

States with mild climates and relatively warm year round temperatures tend to produce more cut flowers than states that experience all four seasons. When it comes to imported flowers, most cut blooms come from either Colombia or Ecuador. Of course, if you’re searching for a great flower market, odds are you want your blooms to be as local as possible! Local flowers not only last longer, but they help to support local business and growth.

Flower markets allow you to do the arranging!

flower market near me

Do Florists grow their own flowers?

Florists are adept at the art of arranging flowers and creating beautiful bouquets. Do they grow their own flowers to use in those arrangements? Keep reading for the answers as you search flower market near me. A small number of florists will grow some of their own flowers in greenhouses or in outdoor gardens. However, a majority of florists work with farms, wholesalers, and flower auctions to purchase flowers for their shop.

Given that certain flowers aren’t in season in many regions of the world year round, a florist has to rely on outside sources to get their blooms. Even those who represent themselves at flower markets are often using flowers purchased wholesale. Of course, one of the beautiful things about searching flower market near me is getting to purchase directly from the farms themselves. The great thing about a flower market is that wholesalers and farmers will often represent themselves directly, giving you the power to create a variety of arrangements at will!

Flower Market Near Me – Flower Market Facts

Which generation appreciates flowers the most?

Here’s a fact that’s bound to blow your mind. Certain generations react to flowers and receiving flowers quite differently than others. Which generation appreciates flowers the most? The result may surprise you. According to statistics, the generation with the highest appreciation of flowers and plants is the Millennial generation! A whopping 76% of those polled appreciate flowers and truly feel better when surrounded by plant life.

In second was Generation X, followed by the baby boomer generation. To say that an increased appreciation of flowers and plant life with each growing generation is a good thing, would be a total understatement. These numbers are encouraging for florists, flower markets, and anyone concerned with the beauty of the natural world!

What type of plants/flowers are purchased most often?

If you’re searching flower market near me, you may want to know all about current trends in flowers and gardening. Which type of plants are being purchased more than any other? While cut stems will always remain popular, more people are buying bedding/gardening plants than ever before. Think impatiens and zinnias. Plants that can easily be used for landscaping or a simple border garden.

A whopping 46% of all flowers purchased in the US fall under this category. What about cut stems? They’re still wildly popular as well! Around 34% of all flowers purchased in the US are cut flowers or fresh flowers.

Houseplants are also increasing in popularity, especially with the millennial generation. More and more people are looking to bring the outdoors in, which is why 20% of all plants purchased in the US are houseplants. Houseplants aren’t just good for your mood, they’re good for your health!

Studies show that some houseplants can even remove toxins from the air. As for who is buying all these flowers? Well, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Statistics show that women make 79% of all flower purchases in the United States.

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