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Having beautiful flowers in the home or to give as a gift is not only an ancient tradition, it has been proven to boost mood and invite connection. For many individuals, fresh flowers can brighten even the gloomiest of days. Not to mention, giving a beautiful bouquet to congratulate, celebrate, or even incite romance is something that will never go out of style.

Are you interested in finding a flower shop in your area? Simply browse flower shop near me on the map below and find a list of flower shops located within a short distance to your current location. Need a bit more information on flower shops? Read on for fun facts and trivia on flower shops.

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Flower Shop Near Me – Flower Shop Trivia

When did flower arranging first originate?

While searching flower shop near me, consider when the art of flower arranging first began. According to historians, flower arranging dates all the way back to ancient Egypt or 2,500 BCE. This is when there is documented proof that the Egyptians were the first to cut and place flowers in vases in order to decorate and add a bit of color to their surroundings. It has also been noted that Egyptians were the first florists by trade. They were often commissioned to place highly stylized and elaborate arrangements around burials, processions, and as table decorations for important dinners. Ancient florists often carefully selected flowers that held a certain symbolic meaning, often with an emphasis on their particular religion. A popular arrangement was a garland of flowers that were worn by loved ones and left at the tombs after the procession had ended. Flowers that were considered sacred to ancient Egyptians include the lotus and the water lily. These two flowers still hold special meaning to many religions and are often used during funerals as a symbol of mourning.

flower shop near me

Flower shops can provide everything from centerpieces and arrangements to beautiful handcrafted bouquets.

What did the Greeks and Romans incorporate into their flower arrangements?

In true Greek and Roman fashion, flower arrangements were far from basic or ordinary. Much like today, special arrangements didn’t hold just flowers. The Greeks and Romans were notorious for incorporating fresh herbs and olive branches into their floral designs. Not only were these elements readily available, but these civilizations felt as if the addition of herbs and branches added an artistic edge to the design. Romans preferred Roses over almost any other flower and were known to dress their tables in dozens of roses. Due to the overwhelming fragrance, dinner hour was often referred to as “hour of rose.” Flowers also held a special celebratory meaning during ancient times: laurel wreaths were crafted and presented to athletes who won the ancient Olympics. To this day, flowers are still presented to winners at the Olympic games. While searching flower shop near me, think about the power and influence flowers have had for thousands of years in human history.

Flower Shop Near Me – Flower Shop Facts

The Trick To Making Flowers Last

If you’re searching flower shop near me, then you want your special bouquet or arrangement to last as long as possible. Many florists agree that there are a few key things that one must do in order to preserve the life of their arrangement. First cut the stems at an angle using a sharp, non serrated knife (never use scissors). Cut about a quarter of an inch off the bottom of the stems. While you’re trimming the stems, make sure to cut off any leaves that grow below the water line. They are known to breed bacteria which can in turn shorten the life of your flowers and discolor water. Make sure to cut the stems at least every other day while utilizing the floral preservative given with your arrangement. Avoid the old wives tale of using copper pennies. If you’re out of preservative, use one fourth 7UP, three fourths water, and two drops of bleach as a substitute.

Lacking Scent?

If you’ve searched flower shop near me recently and have picked up a beautiful arrangement only to notice there is very little scent, you’re not alone. While flowers were once revered for the beautiful scents they bought into the home, modern arrangements focus less on scent and more on arrangements. This is because growers are no longer breeding for scent, they are aiming to achieve long stems and a lengthy vase life. This means that you may have to compromise on scent to keep your arrangement alive for a longer period of time. Of course fresh flowers from a farmers market will often still bear their classic
and beautiful scents.

Go Local Often

While searching flower shop near me, it may be tempting to utilize services that ship flowers from all over the country. This may be convenient when it comes to placing your order, but you certainly won’t be getting as great of a bang for your buck. If you want the most flowers for your money, find a local florist in your recipients town (or your town) and call them up directly. Local florists may charge a bit more, but you’ll get a fuller, more vibrant arrangement that will last longer than those that have spent time being shipped from a greater distance. Be wary while on your search, when utilizing Google or the Yellow Pages, many of the top listings are national chains masquerading as local shops. Make sure to pay great attention to the address of your chosen shop. This is the only surefire way to ensure that your dealing with a local vendor.

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