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Flowers are more than what meets the eye. They have rich histories, interesting lives, and a multitude of purposes. Since the beginning of civilization, flowers have played an important role in human existence. Not only were flowers often a part of mythology, religions, and rituals: but they served as medication, food, decoration, gift, fragrance, and body adornment. In fact, flowers still serve all of these purposes today!

Are you interested in finding flowers in your area? Simply browse flowers near me on the map below and find a list of florists and flowers available near you. Need more information on flowers? Read on for facts, trivia, and the rich history of flowers!

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Flowers Near Me – Flowers Trivia

What is the largest single flower?

If you’re searching flowers near me, you may be wondering which flower reigns supreme in terms of size. According to scientists, the largest single flower on earth is the Rafflesia arnoldii. This flower is native to the Sumatran rainforest. The Rafflesia Arnoldii is a rare and endangered plant that is capable of reaching a whopping three feet in diameter. The flower can weigh approximately 24 pounds. Unfortunately this flower isn’t a gift to the senses. According to some, this flower tends to smell like rotting flesh. The smallest flowers in the world measure 0.3 mm and belong to the aquatic plants of the Wolffia genus. They are commonly known as duckweed.

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Finding the right flowers can be a rich and fun experience!

When did giving roses gain prominence?

Often times when we think of floral bouquets, large beautiful arrangements of roses come to mind. In fact, there are few flowers more popular than the rose. The first cultivated roses appeared in Asian gardens more than 5,000 years ago. During his lifetime, Confucius wrote that the Emperor of China owned more than 600 books on the culture of roses. Not only were roses used as decoration and to gain favor, the ancient Chinese extracted oil of roses from the plants grown in the Emperor’s garden. The oil was only used by nobles and dignitaries of the court. If a commoner was caught possessing even the smallest amount of rose oil, it was grounds for death. At least when you search flowers near me, you never have to fear imprisonment or even death!

True or false: Flowers look different to insects than they do to us.

When one thinks of flowers, it’s easy to envision insects or lady bugs gracing the petals or buzzing around for nectar. What you may not know is that flowers look very different to insects than they do to us. Many flower petals actually have ultraviolet or infrared patterns that are visible only to insects. The patterns help to guide insects to the flowers nectar and ensure pollination for the flowers. Humans are not able to see the patterns with the naked eye, but scientists assure us that they are in fact there.

Flowers Near Me – Flowers Facts

The Strange History of Tulips

No two flowers share the exact same history. As you search flowers near me, you’ll learn that many types of flowers have been used in a variety of ways for ages. For example, tulips were once used as a form of currency! Back in the early 1600s, wealthy people began to purchase tulip bulbs in France that were brought back from Turkey by traveling Venetian merchants. By 1610, fashionable ladies of France donned corsages made of tulips and many designers began to utilize and create fabrics decorated with tulip designs. The flower was very much en vogue, finding prominence amongst the jet set fashion set. In the seventeenth century, a small bed of tulips was said to be valued at 15,000 to 20,000 francs. The bulbs actually became a form of currency. Their value was quoted by financiers in the same way stocks and shares are today. In the past, many individuals in Japan also ate a variety of tulip bulbs, often making flour from them. The Dutch have also been known to snack on a tulip bulb in moments where other food was not readily available.

The Most Popular Flower in the US

Flowers in the US are more popular than ever, with a few varieties earning favor amongst flower buyers again and again. Consider this while searching flowers near me. The most popular flower in the US is the rose. That’s pretty unsurprising. What may shock you is that the second most popular flower is the carnation. Carnations date back more than 2,000. Rich in symbolism and even mythology, the name carnation is derived from the latin word “carnis” which means flesh. The name references the original pink shade of the flower. Carnations are extremely common and are believed to represent fascination, love, and distinction. Part of the reason why carnations are so popular is that they can be found in a mecca of shades and color combinations ranging from classic red and pink to the unusual combos of yellow and blue or fuchsia and purple. The third most popular flower in the US is the tulip, followed by daisy. Though daisies are inherently simple in design the convey cheerful merriment and are often given as a gift to cheer someone up, get well, or just bring a bit of sunshine into life.

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