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Ok, so your tired, you have a grumpy kid and you just don’t feel like cooking. Or maybe your craving something different? Pizza, Chinese? There are so many restaurants, both chains and small businesses that deliver food locally so try looking up “Food Delivery near me” and see what restaurants will be popping by with a fresh meal.

Depending on the place, you could get something as late as 10pm or get some lunch delivered to the office. See what’s in your area! Check out ” Food Delivery near me” and take your pick!

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Food Delivery Near Me – Food Delivery Trivia

Did you know?

The first pizza delivery was in the late 1800s in the homeland of Pizza, Italy!

food delivery near me

A Domino’s delivery vehicle on Broadway.

What weird event spiked pizza delivery sales?

It’s been said by Domino’s, that Former NFL player and murder suspect OJ Simpson was driving away from the police during his conviction and was shown on national television. The sensationalized broadcast must have made everyone hungry because pizza sales were incredibly high that night.

Did you know?

The baby boom was the start of convenience foods, including take out and delivery?
When WWII was finally over, people were doing better financially and with this new and more upbeat change, things like TV dinners became a sensation. It wasn’t shortly after this phenomenon, that in a big city like Los Angeles, the possibility of pizza delivery became a known thing.

What’s the deal with Chinese food containers?

The origin of the paper take out boxes were not originally a staple of Asian food, but it was for oysters. The prep work it takes to make oysters is tedious and can be dangerous, so the boxes were meant for many women preparing dinner to just be able to buy the oysters already prepared and then cook them at home. It wasn’t until the 70s that the Asian food container was designed from the oyster box prototype and is now a beloved symbol of fried rice and other take out goodies that we have all come to love!

The site Grubhub is best known for allowing customers to order their delivery food items without ever having to call the restaurant. It is fast and simple! Wondering what restaurants around you deliver? Try looking up “Food Delivery near me” and have dinner at your door within the hour.

Did you know?

In London unlike the U.S., food delivery was out of charity because many families were displaced during war. Many volunteers delivered home cooked meals to those who did not have homes or could not afford to have any food available to them. This caused the first food delivery service around the late 1940s, just a few years before America.

Food Delivery Near Me – Food Delivery Facts

Papa John’s is a pretty well known name in the U.S, but did you know that John Shnatter has opened stores in other countries as well? Surprisingly, It’s the luck of the Irish that brings Papa John’s some good revenue in Europe. With over 50 stores and a headquarters there, Ireland has welcomed Papa John’s with open arms. Craving a slice of the cheesy goodness? Try looking at “Food delivery near me” and pick up a pizza!

Dunkin Donuts is testing out a delivery system for coffee lovers and donut lovers everywhere. There is no guarantee it will be national or global, but they are in the works of figuring things out in certain locations.

7-Eleven has started to deliver in NYC and Los Angeles where you can get literally anything delivered except Slurpee’s. They may melt by the time they make it to your door.

Some major cities can get the famous Auntie Anne’s pretzels for a small fee extra. Soft and doughy pretzels whenever you want them? Sounds like a winning idea!

Some cities get to have Carvel cakes delivered to their doors, with the delivery drivers having access to cold bags to keep the famous ice cream cakes and desserts cold, fully formed, and delicious!

Ronald McDonald is really making the rounds around New York City. Now New Yorkers can have Big Macs, fries, and McNuggets anytime! Hopefully they will come up with a way to deliver in every part of the world. Someday.

Sick of dragging yourself out of bed early to get your morning cup of Joe? Starbucks is testing the option of delivery of their specialty coffee beverages and baked goodies to homes and offices in Seattle and New York City. Is it me, or is New York becoming the food delivery capital of the world! If you are wondering about the local fare being delivered in your area, just look at “Food delivery near me” and pick your favorite. Who knows, you might get a regular Friday night meal out of it!

Burger King has tested delivery options in 70 restaurants in California, and they are also figuring it out in other states as well. So far and not surprisingly, the demand has been huge!

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