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Grocery shopping is one of those chores that so many American’s dread to tackle. From the high prices to the long lines, it can be a truly disheartening experience. However, grocery shopping doesn’t have to feel loathsome. Stores such as Food Lion have found a way to guarantee that shoppers want to come back to their stores again and again. With well priced goods, friendly staff, and a cheerful atmosphere; you’ll never have to dread shopping again!

Are you interested in finding a Food Lion location near you? Simply browse Food Lion near me on the map below and find a list of Food Lion locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Food Lion? Read on for facts, trivia, and some tips on saving big bucks at the grocery store!

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Food Lion Near Me – Food Lion Trivia

When was Food Lion founded?

The idea of Food Lion was conceptualized in 1957 when three men from Salisbury, North Carolina wanted to start a new grocery chain. Though the gentleman had the drive and the ambition, they couldn’t scrape together enough money to open the first store. Ralph Ketner; his older brother, Brown; and their colleague, Wilson Smith had each held positions at local grocery chain Winn-Dixie. While the men were grateful for their employment, they quickly soured on their positions which were part of a package deal concocted when a large corporation purchased the local chain. Working for small stores suited the men, as it always seemed more like friends helping friends. Working for a large corporation felt hollow and daunting, the men didn’t feel the same kind of relationship that they had felt before. They quickly became disillusioned and sought to leave Winn-Dixie to start their own company. At the time, the men needed to raise $125,000. Smith mortgaged his house a whopping three times, drew cash from his life insurance policy, and borrowed money from the bank to provide the $12,500 stake. The Ketner brothers each put up $25,000. Still, they came up short. To collect any additional funds, the men desperately flipped through the Salisbury telephone book and took down the names of people they knew. They called 250 numbers. Of that number, 122 people gladly invested, vowing loyalty to the men and their small town sensibilities. On December 12, 1957, Food Lion (then dubbed Food Town) officially opened. It was the largest supermarket in all of Salisbury. Now you can search Food Lion near me in several states!

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Food Lion is sustainable, responsible, and devoted to serving its customers.

True or false: Food Lion is highly focused on sustainability.

True! Unlike many grocery store chains, Food Lion is strongly committed to being sustainable and responsible on behalf of the planet and the communities they serve. They are constantly looking for ways to ensure that they operate in a sustainable manner by reducing their carbon footprint, providing healthy local food choices, and maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and customers. Food Lion is also committed to eliminating the amount of waste sent from landfills by their stores. They have committed to zero waste by 2020, a move that many of their competitors have attempted to follow. The brand has also won many Energy Star awards due to their store efficiency, use of eco-friendly practices, and overall attempts to reduce energy waste throughout their locations. Know when you’re searching Food Lion near me, that you’re giving money to a sustainable and responsible brand.

Food Lion Near Me – Food Lion Facts

Feeding the Hungry

One way that Food Lion has always sought to improve life for everyone in the communities they touch is to help feed the hungry. Consider this while searching Food Lion near me. Each year, Food Lion makes strides to end hunger in the communities they serve. Food Lion Feeds is a program that makes food donations to several food pantries across a 10 state footprint. Though, Food Lion Feeds operates throughout the year, they especially go above and beyond during the holiday season. This is when food donations are generally lower and food pantry shelves are at a high risk of being empty. Food Lion Feeds restocks food pantry shelves and seeks to help organizations to maintain services and keep providing nutritious and healthy meals to all those that are in need. Food Lion recognizes that hunger is not an individual issue, it’s a community issue. One that can only be tackled if communities band together to help those in need.

Saving Money At The Store

Every grocery store patron has one thing in common: they all want to save as much money as possible. Sure, Food Lion already has great prices, but what are some other ways that you can save your hard earned dollars at the checkout? Experts recommend following a few simple steps.

1. Make a list

Making a list helps to keep you on track and away from aisles and end caps boasting impulse purchases. Not only is keeping a list easier on your pocketbook, but it may just help you stay healthy as well.

2. Focus on sale items

Browse sale ads prior to going to the store and build meals around items that are on sale that week. By only buying sale items and focusing your daily meals around items that are at their lowest price, you’ll save money and stay organized when it comes to your meal plans.

3. Get a rain check

If an item you need is on sale at Food Lion or any grocery store but it is out of stock when you arrive, don’t just curse your bad luck, ask for a rain check. With a rain check, you can purchase the item at a later date for the sale price.

4. Don’t shop hungry

There’s a reason this tip has persisted for decades. Shopping while hungry can make a lot of unappealing things suddenly irresistible. Your appetite will cause you to purchase more based on your current hunger rather than buying what you may need at a later time.

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