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When hunger strikes, finding the right restaurant, food truck, or fast food establishment can feel like a headache. With so many choices when it comes to price, ethnicity, and nutrition; finding the right food to fit your mood isn’t always simple. Depending on your location, food choices can vary. Urban areas tend to boast a wide variety of cuisine types and price points. More rural areas tend to be a bit more limited in their variety.

Are you interested in finding food in your location? Simply browse food near me on the map below and find food available in your area. Whether you’re looking for fast food, a sit down meal, or even a grocery store; you’ll find food to fit your needs. Want a bit more information on food in America? Read on for facts, statistics, and trivia!

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Food Near Me – Food Trivia

True or false: 52% of Americans find it easier to do their taxes than eat healthy.

This fact is true! While searching food near me, you might be looking for healthy options that won’t break your diet or your bank account. Meeting those two qualifications is often easier said than done. In a recent poll, researchers found that 52% of Americans find it easier to do their taxes (a notable headache) than to eat healthy and make wholesome food choices. While a lot of eating healthy has to do with income level; much of American food decisions are based around time, location, and convenience. Meaning that eating a healthy meal just isn’t always in the cards when it should be.

food near me

Whether you’re eating out, dining in, or cooking for yourself; finding food near you has never been easier or more convenient.

True or false: 1 in 4 Americans eat fast food everyday.

True! If you’re searching food near me in hopes of finding a fast food restaurant, you’re certainly not alone. According to recent studies, 1 in 4 Americans will consume some kind of fast food everyday. Whether they’re grabbing a breakfast sandwich or a Big Mac, many consumers simply can’t resist the convenience and cost of fast food. The two biggest chains in America? McDonald’s and Subway of course. While Subway can boast some healthy options, McDonald’s isn’t exactly known for it’s health food selection.

How many tons of food does the average American consume per year?

If you’re thinking a few pounds, you might want to up your answer. According to researchers, the average American citizen consumes a mind boggling one ton of food per year. That’s the equivalent of 1,996 pounds of food in a single year.

How much packaged food does the average American consume?

On average, 30% of all food consumed by American citizens is pre-packaged rather than fresh. This includes fast food, pre-packaged frozen meals, and meal kits that can be purchased at the grocery store. This figure also includes cereals, granola bars, and other food that isn’t freshly prepared daily. When it comes right down to it, time plays such an important role in the American day, that many citizens are willing to forgo healthy fresh foods in favor of foods that are quick and convenient to their schedule.

Food Near Me – Food Facts

Over 10 Billion Doughnuts Are Consumed in the US

If you’re searching food near me in hopes of scoring a doughnut or two, you’re certainly not alone! According to the USDA, over 10 billion doughnuts are consumed by US citizens every year. That’s more than one doughnut for every individual on earth. Why do American’s love their doughnuts so much? They’re readily available, easy on the pocket book, and satisfy that always present sweet tooth.

Americans Spend More On Dining Out Than Groceries

More Americans are searching food near me now than ever before. For the first time in American history, consumers are spending more on ordering takeout and dining out on restaurants than buying actual groceries at the store. What’s the reason for the decline in cooking at home? Millennial diners. Millennials view eating out as a social experience and something to share on media. Instagram happy diners don’t want to be tasked with cooking a meal when they can photograph their favorite chef prepared dish at a restaurant. The other reason for the decline of groceries. Food waste and working habits. Many Americans end up throwing out much of the food they plan on making during the week due to time constraints, after work plans, and family life. For many working families, take out is more cost effective and convenient in the long run.

14 Different Foods and Beverages

Americans love variety. So much so, that in a single day the average American will typically eat and drink 14 different kinds of food and beverages. Statistics show that the Average daily American diet includes some kind of sandwich, fruit, vegetables, soft drinks, milk, coffee, salty snacks, sweet snacks, juices, and ready to eat items such as cereal.

Special Diets On The Rise

If you’re searching food near me in hopes to catering to your special dietary needs, you’re not a lone. According to statistics, more than 45% of millennials and 24% of baby boomers have adopted a special diet (ie: gluten free or vegan). One third of all millennials love to include global cuisine in their diet and over 56% of millennials have admitted to trying to snack and eat healthy everyday.

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