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Hunger doesn’t always strike at a convenient time or place. In fact, sometimes those pangs of hunger can come right when you least expect them. This means that finding food places that are still open around you can often be a struggle.

Are you interested in finding food places that are open in your area? Simply browse food places open near me on the map below and find a list of food places that are open in your area. Need a bit more information on food places and restaurants in the US? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history!

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True or false: Restaurants know diners are suckers for the word healthy.

This fact is very much the truth. A dirty little fact about the restaurant industry that you might quickly learn while searching food places open near me is that restaurants know that diners are suckers for the word healthy, even if it doesn’t actually apply to the foods they’re serving up to customers. According to a recent study conducted by Cornell University, findings state that the food we end up eating the most at restaurants and in fast food joints are the products or items that the restaurant cites as “healthy” on the menu. Most Americans have even taken eating twice as often at restaurants that they perceive to be more healthy such as Chipotle and Subway. Unfortunately, when a diner perceives the food their eating to be healthy, they will typically consume around 130 percent more calories than they would normally eat at a restaurant they deem unhealthy. Despite the uptick in quality at Chipotle, a diner will wind up eating far more calories than if they had made a pit stop at McDonalds. According to scientists, this all has to do with perception and brain psychology. When an individual feels as if they’re ordering a healthy entree, they feel as if they have a little wiggle room to splurge. This can come in the form of additional sides, appetizers, and desserts. While making healthy choices is important, it’s also important to remember that everything should be eaten in moderation. Even too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing rather fast.

food places open near me

Many McDonald’s restaurants are open 24 hours a day!

Does a combo meal actually save you money?

Well, yes and no. As you search food places open near me, you’ll likely find a lot of fast food chains with late and early hours. They’re convenient and cheap, but does ordering a combo meal at your favorite fast food joint really save you the amount of money you’re told it does? Often times even when a consumer attempts to order just a sandwich, the cashier will prompt them to make it a combo to save an extra dollar or so. They’ve also been known to encourage diners to supersize or make it a large for the low cost of .50 cents more. Well, there’s a drawback to all of that extra food. While it may seem like a good idea for your wallet, it’s a bad idea for your waist line. And overall, you’ll typically only end up saving a few cents. Loading the menu with “meal deals” is a strategy employed by fast food places for a very specific reason. Since most consumers won’t take the time to add up the price of each individual item on the menu to deem which option is cheaper, they typically assume that the meal deal or combo is a good value. In reality, you may just end up spending more for a combo and consuming a lot of unintentional calories. Next time you’re at your favorite fast food restaurant, take a few minutes and add up the individual items. Is the combo a deal? If so, how much are you actually saving? Remember that chain restaurants are all about profit, not padding your bank account. Be savvy and you’ll always be one step ahead of the game.

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Turning up the Volume on Customers

There are a few things that almost every fast food chain and restaurant has in common with the other and no it’s not the food. Almost all chain restaurants employ similar tactics to raise profit and maximize the number of customers they serve per day. As you search food places open near me, you’ll quickly realize that every restaurant has a way to increase profit, but one noticeable way is turning up the volume on customers. Did you ever notice how at many restaurants, you practically have to shout to have a conversation with the person you’re with? You may also notice that some restaurants employ music that almost seems intentionally annoying or dated. Well, there is a reason to the music madness. Studies show that the louder the tunes are in a restaurant, the more quickly a person is likely to each, which means they’re more likely to leave in a timely manner. This means a faster turnover rate and a higher profit for the restaurant itself. The more open seats, the more customers they can serve. Cranking up the tunes means that you may not even notice just how quickly you’re downing your meal. Unfortunately, this tactic isn’t great for your digestion. It takes around 20 minutes for the “full” signal to make it from the stomach to the brain. These loud tunes often mean it’s easier for you to leave feeling overstuffed and a bit bloated.

Feeling Uncomfortable

There are a few major differences between chain restaurants and those what are privately or locally owned. One of the biggest differences you’ll notice is your overall level of comfort. Consider these facts as you search food places open near me. Turning up the music isn’t the only way some restaurants try to get you out of the door fast. When you’re seated, you may just find yourself at an awkward table perched high atop an uncomfortable chair. Been to a McDonald’s lately? You may notice that they’ve largely replaced many of their booth seats with tall stainless steel chairs positioned at awkward tables. While you may think this is a stylistic choice, there’s more too it than that. The less comfortable you are, the less willing you are to stick around for any longer than it takes you to shovel back your meal. You’ll shovel your food quickly, hoping to be on your way was soon as possible. Another thing you may notice is that even in the wintertime, many chains are very cold or almost seem to have the air conditioning on. It’s not just you feeling dramatic or growing older, it’s a tactic to increase turn around. Of course, you don’t have to worry about these things at most sit down restaurants as they strive for repeat customers who are fully satisfied. But many food places that are open late happen to be chains or fast food, meaning you’ll run into more than a few of these places on your journey to feel full.

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