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There’s one thing that all people have in common: the need for food and food stores. Whether you’re looking for a big grocery store with all the best products on the market or a small market with only the essentials, finding the right food store can save you money and improve your shopping experience. Let’s face it- no two food stores are alike.

Start by finding the store that’s right for you and your budget. Ready to find a great food store in your local area? Simply browse food stores near me on the map below and find a list of great food stores in your town or region. Need a bit more information on food shopping and food stores? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and even some shopping tips that can save you dough!

Food Stores Near Me – Find it on the Map

Food Stores Near Me – Trivia

How long does the average person spend in a food store?

Food shopping can go one of two ways: a quick in and out job or a few hours of waiting in line and carefully choosing the best products. Most of us just want to grab what we need and get on with our lives, but unfortunately that’s not always possible. Just how long does the average person spend in a food store? Consider this as you search food stores near me. According to statistics, the average person will visit a grocery store 1.6 times per week and spend around 43 minutes inside the store.

That number doesn’t include the time it takes getting to and from the store. On average, most of us will spend around 60 hours grocery shopping every single year. Imagine what would happen if you could even get back 40 of those hours in your life? You might be able to take a vacation or even learn how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, we all require a trip to the food store and getting in and out in a breeze isn’t always on the agenda.

Food Stores Near Me

On your next shopping excursion keep these shopping tips in mind!

What day of the week do most people visit food stores?

If you do want to minimize the amount of time you spend in the food store or searching food stores near me, then you’re going to want to avoid two very specific days of the week: Saturday and Sunday. It goes without saying that most of the population will have off on a Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both), which means it is a prime time for most people to sneak in their grocery shopping.

Statistics show that if you visit a grocery store on a Saturday or a Sunday, you’ll end up spending around 5-10 minutes more time in the store just waiting in line or trying to navigate down aisles. Additionally, you’ll want to avoid going to a store on a weekday between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This is when many people pop in to grab items for dinner on their way home from work.

True or false: Shoppers spend the most money on junk food.

What do you spend most of your food budget on? If you said junk food, you’re certainly not alone. Statistics show that the biggest chunk of most shopping budgets goes straight to the middle aisles of the store where the junk food is kept. A whopping 25% of shopping money goes towards processed foods and sweets. Hey, trying to resist cookies while can be harder than it looks. While searching food stores near me, consider avoiding those aisles altogether. Your wallet and your waistline will thank you.

Food Stores Near Me – Facts

True or false: You should always shop with a list.

Remember that big never-ending list your parents always carried around the store when you were a kid? Well, you probably thought it was pretty unnecessary back in the day. In reality, every expert shopper knows that you should never search food stores near me without a list. While it may be easy to think you’re going to remember every item you need while browsing the store, in the hustle of shopping and the sea of other people, it’s easy to forget something important. Without a list, you’re also prone to picking up unnecessary items or making splurge purchases based on what you’re hungry for in the moment.

Rather than going sans list, take a peak in your pantry before you leave for the store and plan out some meals for the week. Make a list of what you need and stick to that list. To save a little money, check out your local grocery ad and plan meals or snacks around items that are on sale. If you really want to get in and out fast, make sure you organize your list by product type. This is the easiest way to get in and out without breaking the bank or making a bunch of unnecessary purchases.

Grab These Items Last

When you’re out on a grocery excursion or searching food stores near me, know which items you should grab last on your trip. When you’re planning a longer shopping trip or know you’ll be in the store for quite a while, consider which items may lose their cool along the way. Begin in the produce section and end in the dairy or meat section. This will keep products from spoiling or going bad in a non-chilled environment. Most stores are already set up to accommodate your shopping tendencies. Obviously, you’ll also want to save ice cream or other frozen trips for right before you hit the check out lane!

Go For The Back Of The Shelf

Want to make sure you’re getting the best and freshest of every item while searching food stores near me? Then go for the back of the shelf on your next shopping trip. Stockers tend to follow a philosophy of “first in, first out.” This means, they stock new inventory behind the old inventory. You’ll get the freshest of everything if you just reach for the back when it comes to dairy, produce, eggs, and other fresh foods. Remember, with some things it is worth the extra effort to do a simple reach around and go beyond what’s right in front of you.

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