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Having food delivered is the ultimate form of convenience and comfort, especially in a fast paced always on the go kind of world. Knowing that you can get any cuisine from anywhere in the world hand delivered right to your doorstep means never having to compromise on quality, taste, or budget.

Are you interested in finding food that delivers near you? Simply browse food that delivers near me on the map below and find a list of food establishments that deliver near your current location. Need a bit more information on food delivery? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Food That Delivers Near Me – Find it on the Map

Food That Delivers Near Me – Food That Delivers Trivia

What is the most popular food delivery item?

With the advent of food delivery apps such as Seamless and GrubHub, you might think that Americans have expanded their horizons to include delivery foods from a variety of nationalities and styles. While the average American has dipped their toes into the delivery pool, most still rely on the old standards of pizza. That’s right, pizza is unquestionably the most popular food delivery item. In fact, only about one third of the total population will ever order delivery that is not pizza. Odds are, you’re searching food that delivers near me right now in hopes of finding a pizza joint. Nearly 60% of all Americans who participated in a delivery survey say they only order from a go-to restaurant. This means that when most Americans find a delivery restaurant they like (especially a pizza joint), they remain loyal to that single establishment rather than branching out to try new things. Perhaps this stems from a fear of getting bad food or having their money wasted on a low quality meal. This is consistent in both urban areas and rural areas, though delivery is more dominant in urban metropolitan areas.

food that delivers near me

Pizza is still the most popular food delivery item.

Why doesn’t every restaurant deliver food?

In the modern age, it seems like searching food that delivers near me would yield hundreds of results to choose from. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, that’s simply not the case. Someone in New York City will have a far different search experience than someone who is browsing a search in rural Kansas. Delivery just isn’t an option for every restaurant. So what exactly are the key impediments for delivery for consumers and restaurateurs? According to industry insiders, it all comes down to price, availability, and delivery time. For the restaurant itself, offering delivery means hiring delivery drivers and dedicated employees whose only role is to deliver food. It also means maintaining a company vehicle, yielding more phone or online orders, and optimizing a delivery system. For the consumer, it all comes down to the price of the food, the proximity to the delivery joint,and the amount of time it takes to the food to be delivered. While it’s not unusual to wait over an hour for your food to be delivered in a major city due to order volume, most individuals in rural or suburban areas don’t want to wait more than a half an hour. The spread out nature of rural areas can also make it difficult for drivers to get food to patrons in a timely manner and to guarantee that the food won’t be cold upon being delivered. These factors are all at play when an establishment decides whether or not to offer delivery.

Food That Delivers Near Me – Food That Delivers Facts

Standing the test of Time

As you may know while searching food that delivers near me, there are many factors that go into whether or not delivery is an option and whether customers will even use delivery service from a particular establishment. One element that will always impede food delivery is the overall food quality. Pizza has always been a delivery favorite for exactly this reason. Unlike many types of cuisine, pizza is an ideal food to deliver. Since cheese is a very successful insulator, the product can withstand a journey from oven to door that is 20-30 minutes in length without the overall quality of the food being compromised. Pizza can also travel in insulated bags that can help to keep the pies warmer for even longer. Asian food, Italian food, and sandwiches also travel very well. Not only do they tend to maintain integrity over time, but they taste just as good heated up in the microwave as they do fresh out of the oven or pan. The ability to stand up to the delivery journey is of the utmost importance when it comes to food delivery. Some food simply don’t fare well. For example, coffee and coffee drinks cannot be delivered unless that delivery time is within 1-5 minutes. Coffee gets cold very quickly and also loses integrity when reheated. Burgers and fries also don’t stand up to delivery. While a pizza will maintain a crispy crust, a burger and fries will get soggy very quickly. Lettuce will wilt, the bun will become a soggy mess, and the fries will be pretty much inedible. So what’s the fix for these delivery items? Some experts suggest new packaging technology is in order. Though that hasn’t hit the scene just yet, we expect some young delivery loving genius to come up with a solution to all delivery woes in no time.

The App Effect

While searching food that delivers near me, you’ll quickly realize that so much of food delivery rests upon your location. Though you may have a restaurant in your town that delivers, they might not deliver to your area due to delivery range. If you live in a city or urban area, this typically isn’t a huge issue. One way to circumvent any delivery woes is to download a delivery app such as Seamless or GrubHub. Not only will the app only display restaurants that deliver in your area, but you’ll be able to view the menu, customer favorites, and prices right from the comfort of your couch. Best of all, you can place your order right through the app. No awkward phone calls required. The app asks you pay in advance with a credit or debit card and to leave specific delivery instructions for the driver. For example, if you live in apartment complex, you can help ease some stress for your delivery man by giving him exact instructions on how to enter the building. Right now, Seamless and Grubhub are only an option in more urban areas, but they hope to expand their reach soon.

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