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As one of America’s top athletic shoe retailers, Footlocker is known for offering the latest in trendy sneakers, apparel, and accessories. With the athleisure trend growing at breakneck speeds, Footlocker has only grown in popularity in the last 10 years. More and more people are looking to athletic wear and sneakers to stay comfortable and stylish when on the go.

Are you interested in finding a Footlocker near you? Simply browse Footlocker near me on the map below and find a list of Footlocker locations nearest you. Need a bit more information on Footlocker? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

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Footlocker Near Me – Footlocker Trivia

Where can Footlocker trace its roots to?

Footlocker may seem like a fairly modern concept, given that athletic sneakers haven’t been a constant in modern history for the past 100 years, but this popular sneaker brand can trace its roots all the way back to the 1800s. Consider these facts as you search Footlocker near me. According to brand experts, the history of Footlocker can be traced back to start of Woolworth and the company’s founder Frank Winfield Woolworth. Woolworth was the first to parlay the idea of a five and ten cent store into an international empire. Born in 1852 in the city of Rodman, New York, Woolworth moved to Watertown, New York in 1973. This is where he gained employment as an apprentice and then clerked with Augsbury & Moore, a wholesaler and dry goods store that held massive popularity in the Watertown area. Though Woolworth learned a lot while working at Augsbury & Moore, he soon desired more money and left for a job at A. Bushnell & Company, a local carpet and dry goods store. Despite making the shift in employment for more dough, the company found him to be a rotten salesman and lowered his wages from $10 to $8 a week. In response, Woolworth became a bit of a workaholic, eventually having a breakdown due to stress and pressure. By 1876, Woolworth had recovered, and went on to start his own five and dime store, thus laying the foundation for Footlocker.

footlocker near me

Footlocker remains one of the most successful retailers of athletic apparel.

What does a Five and Dime store really have to do with Footlocker?

Despite some rocky beginnings and a mental breakdown, Woolworth managed to turn his five and dime into an empire. Years later in 1963, F.W. Woolworth Company was a major player in the retail game, with a surplus of a cash and an eye on expansion. In 1964, the company purchased the Kinney Shoe Corporation and operated it as a subsidiary. By the mid 1960s, Kinney was branching into speciality shoe stores including Stylco, Susie Casuals, and eventually Footlocker in 1974. Woolworth quickly saw the massive value in these speciality stores and looked to diversify its portfolio. By the 1980s, Woolworths added Northern Reflections, Champs Sports and Afterthoughts to its roster of stores. In 1989, the company decided to place it’s speciality store formats in enclosed shopping malls. The idea was that if a concept failed in a shopping mall, it could quickly be replaced with a different concept store. Woolworth’s aimed to have 10 stores in each of the country’s 10 major shopping malls. This never came to pass, but Footlocker has remained the one constant in the mall game since its early inception in the 70s. As you search Footlocker near me, consider what it means to you to have concept stores such as Footlocker all in one convenient mall setting.

Footlocker Near Me – Footlocker Facts

A Leader In Trend Apparel

If you’re searching Footlocker near me, then you’re likely aware that Footlocker has emerged as one of America’s premier trend apparel outlets. Not only is Footlocker a leader in athletic footwear, but by catering to the sneaker enthusiast, he brand has also managed to create a cult following. Given that Footlocker is often granted access to the newest releases and limited production sneakers, sneakerheads look to Footlocker for the latest and greatest in athletic shoes. Footlocker not only provides the best selection of premium products, but it offers the largest variety, catering to activities such as basketball, running, and training. In addition to offering a wide variety of athletic apparel items and sneakers, the brand also operates 178 house of hoops concept stores. These concept stores are tasked with selling premier basketball inspired footwear and apparel. House of Hoops is known for getting some of the harder to find sneakers first and commonly offers insider’s first dibs on the latest arrivals.

An Expanding Empire

There’s no shortage of Footlocker locations in the United States, a fact you’ll quickly find to be true as you search Footlocker near me. As America’s favorite athletic sneaker destination, it’s no wonder that Footlocker has expanded to include more than 1,015 stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Guam. Currently there are 126 Footlocker locations in Canada, 603 in Europe, and a combined 91 locations in Australia and New Zealand. Not only are Footlocker stores prominent, they’re also large, spacious, and well designed. The average Footlocker boasts more than 2,500 square feet of selling space. This doesn’t even include the additional space that many House of Hoops in store concepts can include. With an incredible selling space, Footlocker has made it a priority to offer modern and well designed digs. Walking into a Footlocker is an experience in and of itself. With sleek architecture, purposeful window displays, and a touch of artistry on every shoe display, it’s no wonder Footlocker trumps the competition in terms of customer satisfaction every time.

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