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Feel like eating at a place where every day is just like a Friday? Then TGI Fridays is the place for you! Whether you’re craving crispy cheddar potato skins or a Jack Daniels burger cooked to perfection, you can have a good time, unwind, and get a great meal on a dime.

Ready to find a Fridays near you? Simply browse Fridays near me on the map below and find a list of Fridays locations in your local area. Need a bit more information on Fridays? Read on for facts, trivia, and more! You’ll have some local trivia to share on your next Friday’s outing.

Fridays Near Me – Find it on the Map

Fridays Near Me – Fridays Trivia

What does the TGI in TGI Fridays stand for?

Many times when there is a string of letters in front of a name, it stands for someone who is involved in the business. Most often, the owner or CEO. This can’t be said for TGI Fridays who took their name to a whole new level of fun. What does the TGI stand for? Consider this as you search Fridays near me. According to brand insiders, the name stands for “Thank God Its Friday” though in some commercial iterations, the chain has also used the alternative phrase, “Thank Goodness Its Friday.”

fridays near me

At TGI Friday’s every day is Friday!

What is the healthiest food at TGI Fridays?

Just because you want to live like it is Friday, doesn’t mean you have to eat like it is Friday. If you’re on a diet or simply trying to eat a bit healthier, TGI Fridays has you covered with it’s new under 500 calorie menu. The healthiest dish on the under 500 calorie menu? The Sizzling Chicken and Spinach. Made with miso-glazed chicken, fire-grilled and served over fresh spinach with roasted yellow squash, grilled balsamic onions, and fire roasted cremini mushrooms. Hey, just because you want to eat healthy while searching Friday’s near me doesn’t mean you should get cheated on flavor or creativity when it comes to your meal.

Is there an endless apps menu?

Feel like eating appetizers until you can no longer button your jeans? Do you feel comfortable waddling from a restaurant, food baby in tow? Well, then Fridays has got you covered. Thanks to the endless apps menu, participating locations offer endless apps such as a plate of mozzarella sticks, wings, or anything you really want to try for just $10. After you’re done with one plate, you’ll get another for free. They’ll keep the apps coming so long as you have the appetite to eat them. That’s just one more way Friday’s is changing the restaurant game for good. Would you be enticed to search Fridays near me just for the endless appetizers? Sound off below and let your thoughts be known. After all, endless apps can be a total game changer.

Fridays Near Me – Fridays Facts

Where It’s Always Happy Hour

If you work normal 9 to 5 hours, then happy hour is always a good way to score cheap drinks and delicious appetizers. Unfortunately, many of us don’t work standard hours and often miss out on all the happy hour fun. Luckily, TGI Fridays has taken to offering happy hour deals all day and all night. That means you never have to feel like you’re missing out on a great deal. As you search Fridays near me, consider the deals you can score each day at your local Fridays. Every location opens from 11 AM to 11 PM. This means you have 12 straight hours to take full advantage of cheap drinks and appetizers. Make sure to try the daily cocktails that will only set you back between $4 to $6. Big brands such as Miller-Lite, Coors, and Bud Light are also offered at just $3. If its a cocktail you crave on the cheap, hit up a Fridays and enjoy happy hour at any hour of the day.

The Most Popular Fridays Menu Item

The Friday’s menu is full of amazing dishes and almost too good to be true appetizers. Yet, one menu item reigns supreme in the hearts of people the world over. What’s the most popular Fridays menu item? Consider this as you search Fridays near me. First introduced back in 1974, loaded potato skins become a fast customer favorite thanks to fresh and gooey melted cheese and crispy bacon. Since then, the potato skin has long been held as the best item on the Fridays menu. No one can argue with its popularity and no one would dare try to change the recipe. Want some even better news? You can now get Friday’s potato skins on the endless apps menu. This means you can literally eat your heart out like you did in that dream that time.

Pay At The Table Or On Your Phone

Technology is making life easier in a myriad of ways- especially when it comes to payment. Instead of waiting for your waiter or waitress to make the rounds and eventually land on you, simply pay at the table or bust out your app. Thanks to a proprietary smartphone app in 2012, TGI Fridays actually debuted a total restaurant industry game changer. The ability to pay at the table. One can even tip their server right through the app. And you can do it all without one of those weird built in table tablets that some chains like Red Robin have taken on.

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