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Are you bored and not sure what you want to do? Do you have guests coming to visit and you thought you would show them a good time. Well, there are a lot of reasons to try to find random interesting ways to spend your free time. Take a look at the Fun Things To Do Near Me Map, you will find a wide range of businesses and tourist attractions that you might find interesting. Everything from an amusement park to a national park.

Just click on a location and it will give you the location’s name, a phone number and address you can call and hours of operation. You will also find reviews from past guests to it and if the business has one, a link to a website to help out. After you are done searching the map, you may be interesting in learning about trends in recreational activities and the top 10 recreational activities in America today.

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Historical Leisure

People have been enjoying various leisure activities to have fun in their free time for thousands of years. How they have filled that time in many ways is similar to how we spend it now, but depending on where you come from and your station in life, your choices may have varied in various ways. There is no single historical progression in leisure activities.

fun things to do near me

Watching TV has long since become the most popular leisure activity by Americans.

Reading is an interesting example. Historically, books have only become truly universally enjoyed and mass produced in the last few hundred years. This first started with the invention of the printing press in the 17th century, but it didn’t start to expand to the general public until much later. Even with the printing press, making books was still time consuming and expensive. You also had the obstacle of transportation of the books and the lack of literacy. Most people generally couldn’t read; however, in the 19th century, with the increase of public education and the spread of transportation networks, mostly the train, books and newspapers became more prominent and reading for fun became a more widely recognized hobby. This only continued to expand as literacy rates continued to ride during the 20th century.

Sporting events have a more complicated history. They can date their traditions back to the Greek Olympics and the Roman Colosseum; however, the spectator shows then were more of a large festival and not a regular occurrence. Sporting events were more large games that started up and were played during festivals and as community events and not spectator sports. Ball games are quite common across cultures. It wasn’t until the later parts of the industrial revolution that codified rules for games, starting with soccer, started to become common place. This mass communication and culture started to spread and standardize sporting rules and leagues were able to be formed. A regular schooling system also helped spread these games to communities through children. Add to this the increased free time that the late industrial revolution created and you have the sports as we see them today as both something to do and something to watch.

Music, storytelling and art tend to be some of the most common leisure activities that all cultures shared. While they had their own styles for them, they were activities that could be done as communities and shared, particularly in long winter nights when the crops had all been harvested.

So, the next time you find an activity to do when searching Fun Things To Do Near Me, be sure to consider the history of those activities and how they connect to the long traditions of sharing our free time.

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Top 10 Recreational Activities

Maybe you enjoy going go karting or perhaps you favorite thing to do is just to read a book. With so many choices out there for you to enjoy, it sometimes is a bit overwhelming. Here are the most popular activities in America today and you might want to check out some of these activities next time you search Fun Things To Do Near Me.

10. Food

Tied at 10th place, we actually have two very similar activities. You have cooking and baking, or the making of food and Eating and going to restaurants, or the consumption of food. Overall, food just seems to be a rather popular activitiy.

9. Napping/Sleeping

So, once the great meal has been enjoyed, you are ready for your nap, which is where number 8 comes in perfectly to solve.

8. Shopping

For those who find it a joy to go out hunting for a good bargain or just window shopping. This activity has managed to strongly secure 8th place.

7. Music

Listening to music, playing music or attending a concert are all great activities that people enjoy when it comes to spending their free time.

6. Movies

People love to watch movies, both alone and with their friends and family. So, spending time watching movies at home or at a theater, is a very popular activity.

5. Spending time with friends and family

This is a rather broad concept, but if your ultimate goal for your leisure time is just to be social, than you are part of a rather popular group.

4. Computer/Internet

Playing computer games and browsing the internet has become an extremely popular activity, especially over the last two decades.

3. Healthy Exercise

This is a rather broad category that includes everything from walking, running and jogging to yoga and going to the gym. If you love to spend your free time getting fit, you are far from alone as this category is becoming increasingly popular for younger generations.

2. Reading

Are you surprised to see reading get so high on the list? Well, it holds a very strong place regardless of age group. If you are one who loves to read, you will understand the joy in it and the wish to keep reading more and more.

1. Watching TV

Yes, movies is already on the list, but watching TV is so popular, it has its own category, though video on demand stations may need to start being separated to distinguish between the different topics soon. Right now, Television holds the number one spot.

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