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Replacing your furniture is one of the easiest ways to instantly update your home and refresh your look. With new styles arriving yearly, there’s always a way for you to spiff up your place with some comfy new couches or even a new bedroom suite.

Are you interested in finding a furniture store near you? Simply browse furniture store near me on the map below and find a list of furniture stores located in close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on furniture stores? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on furniture stores!

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What are some of the styles of early American furniture?

As you browse furniture store near me, you may be interested in knowing just which styles dominated the early American furniture scene. Many of the earliest forms of furniture reflected the cultures who were dominating specific areas. In the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the predominant colonizers of New England were English. The Hudson Valley was filled with Dutch individuals, and the Swedes and Germans chose to settle Pennsylvania. Production of all furniture at this time was local and most pieces served a very utilitarian function. Popular pieces were stools, benches, small tables, and chests with deep drawers for storing clothing. Furniture construction at this time was very simple and almost medieval in style. It was to be created with very few tools. The resulting furniture shapes were often massive, boxy, and without decoration, except for the occasional turning on legs, rungs, or backs. Shallow carvings known as “kerbschnitt” sometimes formed geometric bands of leaves or rosettes on flat areas. It wasn’t until the late seventeenth century that ornamentation became more elaborate. In all of the colonies, chairs had straight backs with rush seats. Style were limited and often reflected the taste of those who could afford furniture.

furniture store near me

A typical furniture store offers goods for every room of the home.

When did American furniture design come into its own?

Like so many things in the United States, furniture design didn’t actually come into its own until after World War II. The models were based upon those developed just before war was declared. Sectional seating became very popular thanks to two architects named Ero Saarinen and Charles Eames, who found that a couch with a united seat, back and arm rests could be made with a single shell composed of veneer and glue that was then laminated in a cast iron mold. The shell was then mounted upon a base. This system reduced the industrial process and served to save manufacturers money. The duo went on to design many pieces of furniture that are now considered modern classics. As you search furniture store near me, consider how world events and even the economy can affect what’s produced and what styles are popular.

Furniture Store Near Me – Furniture Store Facts

Quality, Not Quantity

When buying furniture or searching furniture store near me, it may be rather tempting to go with a budget brand that will allow you to buy massive quantities of furniture rather than or two select pieces. Instead, experts recommend that you invest in quality rather than quantity. Only buy a piece of furniture or two at a time and choose carefully. Don’t rush yourself or put too much pressure on the purchase. Think long term investment rather than short term and avoid garbage pieces if you can avoid it. Of course if you’re on a budget or just starting out, you will obviously need to buy some items at places like Ikea or Target. A few pieces from these places is fine, but try and purchase your better and more prominent items from a quality furniture store. They will look better, last longer, and will bring more bang for your buck. If you’re on a budget but still want quality, try Craigslist. You will be able to find furniture for sale, estate sales, and even moving sales. Estate and moving sales can be a great way to pick up quality furniture for a price even Ikea can’t compete with. Another tip is to avoid veneers when you can. Go for solid wood and attempt to buy American if you can.

Skip the Sales

In many cases, experts advise against shopping at furniture stores during large “sales” as this is simply a means to drive foot traffic and can typically result in marked up prices. If you’re looking to save money while shopping furniture stores near me, try inquiring about floor models. Not only are floor models typically very gently used and often without damage, but you can leverage for a discount of up to 50% off the ticketed price. Some furniture stores will offer even more savings to simply open up the floor space for new items, especially if it’s a model that doesn’t sell frequently or has leveled off. If you have your eye on a floor model, inquire about the price. Many furniture stores are willing to work with you if attempt to make a deal. Be smart and follow your gut instincts as you search furniture store near me. It may just result in some truly great furniture!

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