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Are you looking for a good place to pick up some new games? Maybe you are looking for some old ones? Well, no matter the game, as long as you are looking for something in the video game realm, Gamestop is the place to be.

So, check out the Gamestop Near You Map below. In it, you will find all of the Gamestop locations in your area. Simply click on the location and it will give you the address, phone number and even the hours of operation. Also, you will be able to find reviews and the company website. Finally, with a few clicks, you can get yourself directions, so you can be on your way to a gamers paradise.

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Gamestop Hours of Operation

Gamestop locations don’t have one set of hours that each location follows. Their business hours are very dependant upon the location they are in. If they are in a mall, they will normally follow the mall’s hours, but if they have their own entrance it can vary. Generally, they are open between 9am and 9pm; however, many locations will regularly follow 9am to 10pm or 10am to 10pm; however, if they are having a launching party, a late opening to celebrate a new release of a popular game, they may be open until midnight or much later. Also, if it is, say, Black Friday, they will be opening early and possibly staying open very late, if they is any stock left over. So, the hours can vary a lot. The store is normally closed or has reduced hours on all major holidays as well.

gamestop near me

The distinctive yellow tags mark the used games that make up 44-47% of profits for GameStop.

New Game or Used Game

Do you have a game that you don’t play anymore and would like to trade it in? Well, Gamestop purchases old games and will give you either cash or a trade in credit that can be used for purchases in one of their locations. So, if you have some old games and don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash, you can trade them in for new games. Also, the games that are worth the most are those that are in the highest demand. So, it will normally be the newer games that are worth the most for trade ins. They will also trade in gaming systems and electronics like smartphones and tablets. If you want a good idea about how much you will get from your trade, they do offer some guides on their website and you can sometimes get trading deals for specific trades.
Also, since you can trade in your old games, that means that you are able to purchase used games. They will often be $10 or more less than the new game and you can still get a disc warranty on them to keep you feeling rest assured.

Power Up Rewards

Gamestop has its own rewards plan. So, when you make purchases, you can get special offers, discounts and collect points whenever you purchase anything. All that means great new stuff. You can trade in the points you get to get gaming merchandise like cool socks, a funky bobble head or even a Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet. Rewards members even get a birthday gift. There is a difference between the free Rewards member and the Pro, which costs about $15. The Pro gets a lot of discounts on the games, like buy 2 get 1 free used games and 10% off some games. So, if you purchase lots of video games, the Pro may be the one you want to look into if you plan to shop at Gamestop a lot. So, next time you stop by a Gamestop after searching Gamestop Near Me, check out their rewards plan to see which one is best for you.

Gamestop Near Me – Gamestop Facts

GameStop is a rather popular location for those who enjoy their gaming and while they haven’t been around for a long time, it has grown with the popularity and explosion of console video games. Here are some important, fun and interesting facts about GameStop.

1. The first GameStop opened in Dallas, Texas in 1984. This was the year that Tetris was created. At the time is was known as Babbage’s and focused on software in general. The video games that were sold were mostly Atari games and the company didn’t start selling Nintendo products until 1987.

2. Between 1999 and 2000, Babbage’s went through a number of changes. It was purchased by Barnes and Noble, merged with the company Funco and Game Informer and finally the various subsidiaries were renamed Game Stop.

3. 2005 saw Gamestop purchase EB Games, making Gamestop international having locations in Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

4. Almost half of Gamestops profits, 44%, comes from the reselling of used video games. They add a nice mark-up on the sales of the games that they re-purchase. Don’t worry, you don’t get a sticky disk when you buy a used game. They are refurbished, buffed and everything, before they are put back on shelves. They might not even end up on the shelves of the store that they are sold to.

5. In 2015, GameStop started a retro gaming trade in program. This means that they are working on collecting Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Nintendo Genesis consoles and all those lovely cartridge game systems that you need to blow on to clean and get working properly. This means that for all those games who have a soft spot and want to game down memory lane, Game Stop will be there to fill you in.

6. GameStop purchased GeekNet, which was the parent company of the famous Think Geek website. This means that they have all of those lovely novelty ties and bacon sented soap that you could ask for.

7. GameStop has over 6600 locations worldwide, so whenever you search GameStop Near Me, you will be able to track down a location to help you get the game you want or the bobble head that your desk needs.

8. Worried about big brother? Well, in Philidelphia, the Pensylvania State Police were requiring GameStop locations in the city to get the fingerprints of any customer who was trading in games. It didn’t require it for the suburban areas of the city however. The claim was that it was to help catch thieves; however, the heavy criticism and the fact that it wasn’t a rule maintained equally between different locations of the city or state proved that it was just a bit biased. The rule has since been removed.

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