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Without gas, life comes to a halt. While getting gas may seem like a chore (as it often is) it’s a necessary part of maintaining the on the go lifestyle so many Americans and individuals abroad have adopted. Whether you’re looking to fill up the car, grab a coffee, or wipe down the windshield; a gas station can be a one stop shop for all of your travel needs.

Are you interested in finding gas in your area? Simply browse gas near me on the map below and find a list of gas stations in your area. Need a bit more information on gas, read on for facts, trivia, and history on gas!

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Gas Near Me – Gas Trivia

Where was the first gas station opened?

If you’re searching gas near me, you may be wondering when exactly the first gas station actually opened in the United States. The gasoline station with the first pump can trace its roots all the way back to an Indiana grocery store in the late 1880s. This is where a pump with the first kerosene dispenser was installed. S.F. (Sylvanus Freelove) Bowser sold his newly invented pump to the owner of a small town grocery store located in Fort Wayne, Indiana on September 5, 1885. Just two decades later, the first purposely built drive in gasoline station was officially opened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Bowser’s invention was the first to reliably measure and dispense kerosene, a very in demand product for half a century. This soon evolved into the metered gasoline pump that allowed individuals to easily pump gas.

gas near me

Shell is one of the most popular major brand gas stations in the United States.

True or false: There can be as many as five underground fuel tanks at gas stations.

Every individual with a car depends on the gas station to keep life going. If you’re searching gas near me, you’re just one of millions in need of gas. In order to meet all of this demand, many gas stations have as many as five underground tanks which can store tens of thousands of gallons of fuel. While you might not think of just how much fuel you’re standing on while pumping gas, these tanks help to keep pumps going without delay. Submerged pumps on top of tanks have many safety measure in place to help keep your gas station trip safe as well. Most include automatic line leak detectors. These probes provide real time automatic tank gauging and alarm systems to prevent overfilling.

True or false: Gas stations aren’t always accurate.

True! If you’re searching gas near me, remember that not every gas station is accurate as you’d like it to be. With over 127,000 convenience stores selling gas throughout the US, the Bureau of Weights and Measures in each state is responsible for checking to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Unfortunately, years can often pass in between inspections in many states. This can mean that you can often be charged a bit extra. Make sure the screen always says $0.00 before you start pumping, otherwise you could end up paying for gas you’re not even getting. Try and take notice to the inspection stickers that are present on many pumps. This can be a great indication of when the pump was last inspected.

Gas Near Me – Gas Facts

Most Gas Stations are Independently Owned

While searching gas near me, you may seek the comfort of big name brands that exist in every state. While many people are most familiar with these name brands like Shell, ExxonMobil and BP, only around .4% of gas stations in the country are actually owned by the five major oil companies. The rest of them are operated by independent business people who can set their own prices. While this may seem alarming, keep in mind that gas stations often rely on their competition to set prices. These independent owners are aware that jacking up the price will result in you going to the gas station next door rather than them.

The Science Behind Gas Stations

Did you know that there’s actually a science behind your local gas station? If you’re searching gas near me, consider these facts.The size of the lot, traffic and the kind of people that live in general area are all considered before placing a gas station in a given location. In general, if there is a four way intersection, most individuals want to put a gas station on the corner on the right after the light. Most drivers don’t want to make left hand turns as they can be time consuming. It has also been proven that most people want to get through a traffic light prior to fueling. If you need gas, always look right beyond a major intersection. Odds are, there’s a gas station lurking right on the corner.

States Where You Can’t Pump Your Own Gas

Self service is the major trend within the United States, but a few states still won’t allow you to pump your own gas. In Oregon and New Jersey, you will not find the option to self serve. Gas station attendants are required to assist you. While this can be nice in some regards, many individuals don’t like the fact that you have to tip the attendant and relinquish control. If you’re not a fan of gas station attendants, fret not. These states do have legislation that are moving to change the no self serve ban. Unfortunately, this could take quite a while to go through or even pass.

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