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Gas prices are fairly inconsistent, often dropping or rising on a day to day basis. One of the most frustrating part of being a driver, is dealing with these seemingly inconsistent surges in price. While driving a gas efficient vehicle is one way to curb your gas woes, another way is to find unique methods to stay up to date on gas prices in your area. A great way is utilizing the map below to search gas prices near me. This can give you great insight into where you can find the best gas prices near your current location. Need a bit more information on gas prices? Read on for facts, trivia, and more information on gas prices!

Gas Prices Near Me – Find it on the Map

Gas Prices Near Me – Gas Prices Trivia

Why do gas prices rise and fall?

One of the great mysteries for drivers everywhere is the reason as to why gas prices rise and fall so frequently. If you’re searching gas prices near me, read on for facts on why gas prices have a tendency to rise. High gas prices are always caused by high crude oil prices. This is because oil costs account for around 72 percent of the total price of gasoline. The remaining 28 percent tends to come from distribution, refining, and taxes (these elements are much more stable and don’t change quite as often). When oil prices rises, you can expect to feel it at the pump within six weeks or less. Often times gas prices will also rise when OPEC cuts production. When these facilities reduce supply (for example OPEC recently reduced supply by 1.2 million barrels per day), you’ll see a surge in pricing at the pumps. Gas prices are also highly affected by supply and demand. When demand is greater than the supply at hand, prices soar. In 2014, US shale oil producers increased supply, which sent prices down. It’s all a give and take. High gas prices are also caused by commodities traders. The reason? Commodities future markets allow for companies to buy contracts of gasoline for a future delivery at a predetermined price. Sadly, most of these traders have absolutely no intention of ever taking ownership of the gasoline. They simply plan on selling the contract for a high profit for themselves.

gas prices near me

Gas prices in July 2006 in San Francisco.

Can politics really affect gas prices?

Absolutely. Politics have and likely always will affect gas prices, which you’ll find while searching gas prices near me. Turmoil in gas rich lands, shaky leaders, and overall panic can lead to an increase in buying in areas such as Europe and Asia, which in turn inflates prices as these countries hoard gas in case of an emergency. Sanctions can also hurt oil production. US Imposed sanctions on Iran meant that 300,000 less barrels of oil were being produced daily. Oil production is also disrupted by political unrest and conflict in areas such as Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen.

Gas Prices Near Me – Gas Prices Facts

Seasonal Spikes

If you’re searching gas prices near me, then you’re likely pretty aware that seasonal spikes are a very really thing you will encounter on your journey. While seasonal spikes will almost never occur during the winter months, there can be some serious spikes in the spring in summer. This is because spring and summer marks peak travel season in the United States. Going on vacation, taking long country drives, and visiting relatives typically happens during these seasons. Another reason why summer prices tend to soar is because that’s when smog is a big issue and the cleaner burning fuels are much more expensive to produce than their dirtier counterparts. Summer travel holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are also the cause of many drastic spikes as many Americans hit the road for camping trips, beach vacations, and to visit out of state family members.

Scoring Cheap Gas

Scoring cheap gas can feel like the ultimate victory in today’s society, so if you’re searching gas prices near me, read on for tips on getting gas cheap near you. The first tip is to track prices. By tracking prices using sites like gas buddy (or the one you’re on right now), you can gain valuable insight into which towns or cities near you typically have the cheapest gas. If these are places you typically drive through weekly but don’t live in, they may be your best bet in scoring cheap gas on a regular basis. The second tip is to sign up for membership cards. Whether you do a membership card through the gas station itself or through grocery stores that offer gas incentives, getting a membership is the easiest way to take a few cents off of every gallon of gas you put in your car. If you’re going to grocery shop anyway, why not earn points and discounts off of gas as well? The third tip is to properly maintain your car. Proper tire and car maintenance can mean you get a few more miles per gallon than if your car is not running at 100%. Some companies also boast gasolines that are reported to run cleaner and help maintain engine health which can also help you to achieve better gas mileage.

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