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Gazebos add a dash of whimsy and an element of structure to every backyard. Whether enclosed or open air, they provide shelter and a bit of shade when you want to enjoy your green space without getting baked. Gazebos have been around for thousands of years and are only growing in popularity.

The best way to finally get the gazebo of your dreams? Hire a gazebo constructor. Simply browse gazebo constructor near me on the map below and find a list of the best gazebo builders in your local area. Need a bit more information on gazebos? Read on for facts, tips, and even a bit of trivia. You’ll be able to buy your next gazebo with total confidence.

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Where did Gazebos first originate?

Gazebos have long been a fixture of gardens the world over. Beautiful and immaculately constructed, they can add a bit of vintage whimsy to even the most modern outdoor space. When exactly did the Gazebo first originate? Keep reading as you search Gazebo constructor near me. Historically speaking, the gazebo is a bit shrouded in mystery. Even the etymology of the word is quite complex and mysterious. In fact, no one even knows quite where the word came from. Still, Gazebos are pictured in old paintings and even photographs.

gazebo constructor near me

Gazebos add a bit of interest to any backyard.

Their popularity and presence has been felt for generations and they are arguably one of the most prevalent outdoor garden structures in the world. What we now know as a gazebo was originally dubbed a summerhouse or screen house. Some version of the gazebo is believed to have existed all the way back to biblical times. Gazebos initially started out as towers or lanterns on the roofs of houses. They were built to afford nice views of the surrounding areas. It wasn’t until more modern times that gazebos were built in yards as summerhouses.

Gazebos were very common in Egyptian gardens back 5,000 years ago. As you may have assumed, it was nobility and royalty who were able to enjoy gazebos. The ancient Egyptians thought of their gardens as earthly paradises, places that could help them to get to the afterlife. When when wanted to, they could even turn their gazebo into a tomb of sorts. The ancient Greeks were also keen on gazebos and loved to enjoy afternoons in the garden. The connection to the natural world and outdoor living was important to both of these iconic civilizations.

True or false: A gazebo and a pergola are the same thing.\

Gazebos and pergolas may be similar in appearance, but these two common garden structures are not one in the same. What’s the difference between a pergola and a gazebo. Keep reading as you search gazebo constructor near me. The three biggest differences that exist between gazebos and pergolas are in the visual structure. Gazebos are almost always round or octagonal. In contrast, pergolas are almost always square or rectangular. Gazebos almost always have a roof. Pergolas do not have a roof, instead they have cross beams and an open air feel. Gazebos also often have walls halfway up, where has pergolas do not have walls at all. Gazebos can also be screened in or glassed in, whereas a pergola cannot.

Gazebo Constructor Near Me – Gazebo Constructor Facts

Wood Vs. Vinyl Gazebos

In the modern day, two main materials are used to make gazebos: wood and vinyl. Which one is best for you? Keep reading for the answer as you search gazebo constructor near me. Vinyl gazebos are a great choice because they require almost nothing in the way of maintenance. They also have a wood-like appearance, but you won’t have to deal with issues such as warping or rot. To clean a vinyl gazebo, all you really need to do is hose it down once a year.

Wood is another great option and can be a bit less expensive than vinyl. It is natural looking and truly blends in with the elements of a backyard. While wooden gazebos require a bit more in the way of care, they can be more highly customizable than their vinyl counterparts. Luckily, there are many types of wood that can be used to build a gazebo. The most popular is cedar. Cedar is a great option because it is lightweight and soft. That means it is easy for your builder to work with. It is also very rustic looking and has that classic cedar aroma. What makes cedar most appealing though is its natural ability to resist both rot and decay. Whatever type of gazebo you choose, it will be the perfect fit for your backyard!

Gazebo Cost

What can you expect to pay out of pocket for a gazebo? Well, that depends on many factors. The most important being size and material. Obviously, a bigger gazebo will cost more than one half of its size. For example, a nine foot wooden gazebo will cost between $1500 and $2500. The same size gazebo in vinyl will cost between $2100 and $3600. That’s because vinyl is easier to care for and long lasting. A vinyl gazebo will stand up to mother nature and will likely last your entire lifetime.

Metal gazebos are also an option. They’re made from affordable aluminum or durable steel. Steel is a bit more expensive. Know that if you plan on closing in your gazebo with walls or screening, that will come at an additional cost. If you plan on putting down a slab foundation prior to installing your gazebo, bet on that costing an extra couple of hundred dollars as well. Always make sure that whoever installs and builds your gazebo is qualified and has a good track record. As is the case with anything that costs a big amount of dough- you get what you pay for. Consider the cost of a great gazebo as you search gazebo constructor near me.

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