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Whether you’re dealing with a medical emergency or require an outpatient test or procedure, a general hospital can take care of every medical need with skill and ease. With a staff of qualified nurses, trained specialists, and volunteers, every general hospital is dedicated to helping patients get back to health and living their best life.

Ready to find a general hospital near you? Simply browse general hospital near me on the map below and find a list of general hospitals in your local area. Need a bit more information on general hospitals? Read on for facts, trivia, and more. You’ll choose your next general hospital with confidence and a deep breadth of knowledge.

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Why are hospital rooms always so cold?

Enter any hospital room and the first thing you’ll probably notice is the chill in the air and the bare bones decor. While hospitals want you to feel comfortable in your room- they also need to be able to keep the spread of disease at bay. Why are hospital rooms always so cold? Consider this as you search general hospital near me. Remember, hospital rooms aren’t exactly hotels. They’re not intended to be inviting, they’re meant to be utilitarian. The bare-bones decor of rooms and low temperatures are intentional. These things help to make the rooms easier to clean and thereby sterilize. The cold air helps to keep germs from spreading and can kill bacteria. Most bacteria cannot survive in cold temperatures. Next time you want to complain about the decor or temperature, remember, these things surve a major purpose- keeping you safe and healthy.

general hospital near me

Hospitals are there to help you get better fast and deal with any medical emergencies that may arise.

Why are emergency room wait times so long?

Anyone who has visited a hospital in their lifetime has likely undergone the long wait times notorious for most emergency rooms. But why are emergency room wait times so long at general hospitals? Well, instead of blaming hospital staff you may want to blame your fellow patients. Consider this as you search general hospital near me. According to nursing staff at several major hospitals, wait times are so long due to the amount of people who go to the ER for non-emergency situations. In fact, many staff members are shocked by the reasons people will visit an emergency room. Some go for medication refills, back and tooth pain, sore throats, and chronic but stable conditions. Some will even go to the emergency room for the common cold. While it’s always important to seek medical attention if you’re not feeling well, you likely don’t need to visit an emergency room if you’re experiencing a runny nose. Urgent care can handle these types of ailments without clogging up emergency rooms or charging outrageous prices. Wait times are high because mot ERS go by the ESI acuity system, which determines who is seen first. Those who have the most serious injuries or symptoms will be seen first and those with vague or minor symptoms will be seen last. If you go to the ER fearing a heart attack, you’ll be seen right away. If you go because you have a toothache, you might be waiting for quite some time.

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Why do people go to the hospital for minor symptoms?

Before you start to doubt the common sense of those around you when waiting in the emergency room- consider the larger issue at hand. In the Us, most people will go to a hospital for non-urgent symptoms because they are uninsured or don’t have a primary care doctor. If you’re searching general hospital near me, then you probably know that an urgent care or PCP will charge you up front for care. Meaning you’ll have to pay before you can be seen. At an ER, you will be seen and treated and then billed at a later time. Sometimes those who cannot afford this up front fee will seek medical attention at an ER for the simple reason that they do not need to pay up front. It can be exasperating to staff and those suffering from real emergencies, but lack of access to care isn’t the fault of the individual alone.

Remember, Nurses Are Not Maids

While you’re staying in a general hospital or even just visiting, you may be tempted to complain to the nursing staff about the food, conditions, or even cleanliness of the room you’re in. But as you’re searching general hospital near me, you may want to remember that nurses are not maids, they’re highly educated medical professionals. Don’t ask your nurse to fluff your pillow, clean your room, or change your food order. They do not work for the doctors, instead they are a part of the overall healthcare team optimized for giving you the best possible care. Nurses are not your servers and cannot do anything about the hospital food. The food you receive is the same food every patient receives. The nurses do not cook the food or come up with the menu, there’s a separate staff and outside company responsible for the food. When a nurse checks in with you, its to see how you’re doing medically, not to see how much you’re loving your meat loaf or food. Of course, any nurse would be more than willing to help if you’re chilly and need an extra blanket, need your bed adjusted, or are feeling uncomfortable due to the number of pillows you have. While a nurse may not be a maid–they are concerned about your comfort and care.

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