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Without the right glasses prescription, even something as simple as reading an article can put strain on your eyes and overall well being. Regular vision check ups and the right prescription can help to keep your eyes healthy and keep your vision in check. After all, using an old prescription is almost as bad as having the wrong prescription or no prescription at all.

Ready to find a new pair of glasses in your area? Simply browse glasses near me on the map below and find a great optician near you? Need a bit more information on finding the right glasses? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Is it bad to wear old prescription glasses?

Have you ever tried on a friend or loved ones glasses only to feel dizzy and disoriented? Perhaps, you even felt a little out of sorts for a few minutes afterwards. That’s because the wrong prescription for your eyes doesn’t provide the vision correction you need. Often times, the result of wearing the wrong prescription is frequent headaches or lightheadedness, especially if you wear them for a long period of time. But can wearing old or bad prescription glasses actually damage your eyes? Consider this as you search glasses near me. Experts agree that wearing the wrong prescription for a short period of time won’t likely damage your eyes permanently. However, if you constantly wear an old prescription that is no longer viable, you will experience eye strain, which can make your eyes feel tired or heavy. You may even experience frequent migraines or other types of tension behind the eyes. To see your best, you should never wear anyone else’s glasses and you should always get regular eye exams in order to find the prescription that’s right for you.

glasses near me

Whether you need some simple readers or bifocals, you can always find a great pair of glasses to correct your vision.

True or false: As long as you can see well, you don’t need an eye exam.

There’s an old myth that insists that the only people who need vision exams are those who are “blind as a bat” or having difficulty seeing far or near. In reality, this is some pretty terrible advice and a total myth that should have died out a long time ago. The reason? There’s a lot more to an eye exam than simply checking your prescription. In fact, every adult, regardless of their vision, should get an eye exam at some point in their lives. When you go to an eye exam, your doctor is going to check your overall eye health, not just your vision. Sometimes, your eyes can even indicate other serious health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Eye exams are an essential part of taking care of your overall health. If you’re searching glasses near me, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. Make sure to see your eye doctor every year and you’ll keep yourself in top condition.

Glasses Near Me – Glasses Facts

Who Invented Glasses?

Over the years, many individuals have been credited with inventing the eye glasses. In fact, founding father Benjamin Franklin is often deemed the creator of these miraculous vision boosters. In reality, no evidence exists to prove who the original inventor of glasses was. As for Benjamin Franklin, he didn’t invent glasses, but he did invent bifocals. By the time Benjamin Franklin was alive, glasses had already been around for some 400 years. Franklin didn’t invent corrective vision, he simply built upon the foundation that was already provided. So who is history’s best guess? Consider this as you search glasses near me. The most well known refuted claim actually attributes the invention of eyeglasses to a man named Salvino D’ Armati, a 13th century Italian inventor from Florence. On an epitaph found in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, D’Armati is deemed “the inventor of spectacles.” However, this is now considered to be a fraud. Further complicating the truth when it comes to the true inventor of glasses. Despite this, there is reliable evidence that spectacles were formed sometime in the late 13th century in Italy. It is also known that an English man named Franciscan Friar, wrote about the principles of corrective lenses in 1266, though he never applied that knowledge through invention. So who really invented the glasses? Well, that may remain a mystery for quite some time.

How do glasses work?

Glasses truly are an amazing invention, but how do they work? If you’re searching glasses near me, consider how lenses can correct your vision. If you are nearsighted, the light rays focus too early within the confines of your eye. This means they form a focus point in front of your retina instead of directly on it (as it should). Eyeglasses correct nearsightedness by diverging these light rays which in turn reduces the eyes focus. This moves the focus point backwards onto the retina where it belongs. If you are farsighted, then your eye does not have adequate focusing power. Light rays do not form a focus point by the time they eventually reach the retina. Glasses correct this by converging light rays together, which increase the eye’s overall ability to focus. This moves the focus of the eye forward onto the retina.

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