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Go kart racing (whether for fun or in a competition) is becoming one of the most popular activities for people of all ages across America. Though it doesn’t always receive as much attention as it deserves, this fun hobby can give those with a need for speed just the kick they’ve been looking for.

Are you interested in finding go kart racing near you? Simply browse go karting near me on the map below and find a list of go kart tracks in your region. Looking for a bit more information on the sport of go karting? You’re in luck! Just keep reading for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Go Karting Near Me – Find it on the Map

Go Karting Near Me – Go Karting Trivia

Are go karts easy to drive?

One of the common misconceptions concerning go karts is that they’re very difficult and unwieldy to drive. This myth has kept many individuals from pursuing go karting as a hobby. But are go karts actually hard to drive? Consider this as you search go karting near me. Though some people do find go karts a bit different than driving a car, most agree that they’re easy to drive. In fact, go karts can easily be maneuvered and handled easily regarding of one’s driving ability or overall experience. It’s why even kids often get in on the action despite never having been behind the wheel of a car. Unlike many forms of racing, go karting does not require much in the way of experience to get started. While practice makes perfect, there’s little risk involved should you want to try this hobby on for size!

go karting near me

Go karting is fun for family members of all ages and skill levels!

What year was the first go kart built?

Go karts in the modern day can be as simple or as stylized as the owner or driver wants. They don’t require much in the way of maintenance and are typically pretty easy to build. When exactly was the first go kart ever built? Read on as you search go karting near me. According to historical records, the very first modern style go kart was built in 1956. The vehicle was reportedly built from old scrap metal and old lawn mower parts. Art Ingels, who is known as the father of go kart racing, came up with the idea and went with it full speed ahead. Since this time, the sport has only grown in popularity!

Are go karts kid friendly?

Finding an activity that the whole family can participate in isn’t always easy. After all, children under a certain age are typically not able to do many high octane sports. Can children go karting? Are there laws that prevent children from operating go karts? While there is a height restriction, there is no standard age in which a child can start racing go karts. In fact, many parents are now taking their children to local go kart tracks all across the country. The sport is safe and kid friendly. In addition to getting their adrenaline pumping, it also teaches children skills such as focus, balance, and hand eye coordination. Kids who are at least 54” tall are permitted to ride at most tracks. If you’re not sure if your child is the right height, feel free to give your local go kart track a buzz and find out if they enforce height restrictions for children.

Go Karting Near Me – Go Karting Facts

Designed to Lift Off

Ever watched a go kart race and seen the wheels lift off from the track when propelling along corners? You might think this is cause for alarm. After all, it might compromise stability. In reality, go karts are designed to lift off. Consider this as you search go karting near me. The modern go kart has been designed with wheels that are able to lift off the track safely when taking a corner. While driving, the trick is to lean to the outside when cornering. This puts more weight on the outside wheels, which relieves pressure from the inside wheels during the bulk of the turn. Not only does this allow for an easy transfer of power, but the kart remains safe and balance is retained. By designing the wheels in this manner, the risk of crashing when cornering is low. Just make sure as a driver you follow a few simple rules and you’ll be just fine during your next karting experience!

An Affordable Sport

Unlike many activities, go kart racing is a very affordable activity. You won’t break the bank just spending a few hours at the track. Not only do many tracks offer discounts based on the number of people in your party and time spent, but some will also offer loyalty discounts. Typically, rates are charged per race or per $15 minute session. You’ll typically pay a higher rate for the first race than those that come after. Some tracks will charge around $20 for the first race, while some tracks can charge as little as $10. Of course, you won’t pay the full fee for every race after. Pricing is always something to consider when searching go karting near me.

A Tool for Learning

While many associate the sport of go karting with young drivers, there are actually many adults interested in the sport. Consider this as you search go karting near me. Unlike many other activities, kart racing is a low cost and safe way to introduce new drivers of any age to the world of motor racing. Since most of us aren’t used to competitive driving, go karting is a great way to get a handle for how to properly drive a car during a race or while in the midst of a competition. Karting is also considered to be the first step in most racer’s careers. It helps them to develop quick reflexes, control, and the skills needed to make fast decisions on a dime.

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