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Playing golf can bring you many impressive health and wellbeing benefits, not to mention, it’s a whole lot of fun! This increasingly popular sport is a powerhouse mix of wellness, socialization, and sport. No wonder people have been a fan of this game since the 1400s!

Are you interested in finding a golf course in your area? Simply browse golf course near me on the map below and find a list of golf courses in your area. Need a bit more information on golf and golf courses? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three golf courses in the US.

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Golf Course Near Me – Golf Course Trivia

When was golf first developed?

According to historians, golf as we know it today first originated from a game that was played on the eastern coast of Scotland in the Kingdom of Fife sometime during the 15th century. At this time, golf didn’t look quite like it does today. Players would hit a pebble around a natural course filled with sand dunes, rabbit runs, and tracks using a stick or a primitive type of club. Some historians believe that Kolven from Holland and Chloe from Belgium influenced the game in the most noticeable way. The latter was introduced into Scotland in 1421. These games and countless other forms of stick and ball games, were the earliest forms of golf, but they were missing one vital element…the hole! It was Scotland who first introduced the hole and gave birth to the game we know today. Golf’s status and popularity spread like wildfire throughout the 16th century in Europe thanks to its royal endorsement. King Charles I is credited with popularizing the game in England. Mary Queen of Scots, who was French, introduced the game to France while she studied there. The term caddie is actually derived to the name she gave her helpers who were in the French Military known as cadets. Consider these facts while searching golf course near me.

golf course near me

The golf course at Green Lakes State Park.

Where is some of golf’s lingo derived from?

Golf is full of interesting lingo unique to the game. If you’re searching golf course near me, you surely know most of these terms. The term “links” comes from an Old English word “hlinc” which means raised or ridged ground. The term “birdie” is a score of under one par- and the birds grow rarer as the score begins to improve: an eagle is two under par, an albatross serves to be three under, and a four under par is known as a condor. Scoring a condor, is almost unheard of. In fact, there are only four reported occurrences of a condor. All of the above words are of Scottish origin and have always had positive connotations. The exact origins or the first person to utter the words is unknown, though their popularity soared as golf truly began to spread in popularity.

Golf Course Near Me – Golf Course Facts

Golf Rules

If you’re searching golf course near me, then you’re probably already aware that golf involves quite a few rules. According to historians, the oldest known rules of golf were written in 1744 by an Edinburgh Golf Club. In the original set of rules, one was to tee off within a club’s length of the hole. The Richmond Golf Club is then credited with drafting additional rules sometime during the second World War. This is so players would know what to do if a game were suddenly interrupted by bombs or in some cases combat. The duties of a war torn golfer included collecting any shrapnel (as it could damage lawn care tractors) and being allowed to duck for cover or hide during gunfire or bombings. Those who were interrupted by war were allowed to replace the ball where it displaced by enemy action without penalty. Luckily, you won’t be collecting any shrapnel on your next golf outing.

Early Golf Balls

What’s golf without the iconic ball? But just what were early golf balls composed of? The answer may just surprise you. Early golf balls were repeatedly stuffed with feathers. These would be stuffed into a leather case with an iron rod and. Early golf ball makers could produce around 50 to 60 balls each week. Beginning in the 1840s golf balls were made out of gutta percha, a natural form of rubber. These were cheaper and more hard wearing than the feathered version. Unfortunately, this also meant that golf clubs had to become heavier to hit the balls a great distance. Though this made the game more fun, it also did a bit more damage to the grounds, which lead to a greater need for proper landscaping and maintenance.

The Best Golf Courses in the US

Odds are if you’re searching golf course near me, you’re itching to find the perfect course for your next round of golf. Finding the right course isn’t always easy and can be a deeply personal pursuit. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes but experts agree that the courses on this list are the best of the best. Read on for a list of the top three golf courses in the US!

1. Oakpoint Country Club, Pittsburgh, PA

As the oldest top ranked golf course in the US, this private club boasts more than 7,255 yards of play area and was designed by Henry Fownes in 1903.

2. Cypress Point Golf Club, Monterey, California

Cypress Point Golf Club in Monterey, California was created by a world renowned designer Alister Mackenzie, back in 1928. For the avid golfer, this course boasts the perfect mix of difficulty and natural beauty.

3. Augusta National Golf Club Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most renowned and well known courses in the world. This scenic and private club boasts some of the best golf in the world.

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