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Whether you are a golf pro or a newbie looking to find a new Golf course in your vicinity, you have your work cut out for you. Using our golf course near me map below, we have made it easier for you to discover all the golf courses around you. Simply search for golf courses and pick the one that appeals you. You will find all the information about the place conveniently prepared for you including addresses and phone numbers by clicking on it. Dust up your clubs and get ready to start playing some golf!

In case you are viewing this from your phone, remember to turn on your GPS in order for the map to work smoothly. In the meantime, take a look at some trivia and facts below that might just advance your golf skills.

Golf Courses Near Me – Find it on the Map

Golf Courses Near Me – Golf Courses Trivia

Discover and bust the most common myths about golf.

A lot of chatter about golf is going around in the streets as well as in social media. While some of these things might be true, other are outright false and absurd. Today, we help you bust the fake information about golf by exposing the most common golf myths. Enjoy!

golf courses near me

Dust up your clubs and get your gloves on. It’s time to school these newbies at golf!

MYTH #1: You cannot perfect your golfing game.

It has been said time and again that there are no two ways when it comes to golf. You either suck at it or you are a pro. Is this really true? Well, this is one big fat lie. In fact, there is nothing in the world you cannot perfect by practicing and playing smart. Golf is no exception. It may be a little challenging to improve at golf but it is not impossible.

MYTH #2: Golf is always an expensive affair.

Golf, like any other sport, comes with many options. You do not always have to break the bank to have fun at golf. In this time and age, you can find golf clubs and courses at almost every corner. Hence the cost of playing golf or joining a golf club is quite low. Some people even buy little golf strips for practicing. You also do not need to purchase over the top golf clubs and balls. You can find a wide selection of golf equipment on sites like eBay that come at affordable prices, including used ones but in good condition. So, assuming golf is only for the one percent is a big myth that needs to be killed.

MYTH #3: It’s a man’s game!

Whoever told people that golf is only for men must have been a real anti-feminist. Golf is a sport that knows no gender. You simply cannot claim golf! In fact, nowadays there are golf tournaments for children and teenagers. And if a child can do it, who are you not to?

MYTH #4: You need a set of equipment to start playing.

You do not need to buy golfing equipment to start playing. You can simply join a golf club and it will provide you with all the tools you require to play. So, instead of wasting time saving for a golf club, find a new golf course and be part of the action.

Golf Courses Near Me – Golf Courses Facts

Did you know? Interesting golf facts you ought to know.


There has been a lot of controversies when it comes to pin pointing exactly where golfing originated from. A majority of people however, place their bet on Scotland since a similar game to golf that involved use of sticks and a rubber ball was being played there in the Mid Centuries. A few scientists however credit Chole of Belgium for inventing this interesting sport.

It was until later in the 19th century when the game managed to find its way to the US and UK and eventually became recognized by many other countries. Over the years golf has gained a lot of popularity and it is being played all over the world. As for the real origin of golf, I guess it is safe to say that, this is one of those things we will never know for sure.

You can lose weight while playing golf!

Contrary to popular belief, golf is not just a leisure sport or one for old people. Playing golf can actually constitute a vigorous workout depending on your habits. If you want to have fun and shade some extra weight while you are at it, walking through the golf course as opposed to riding the golf cart will get you there pretty fast. Studies have shown that you lose an extra 7000 calories if you opt to walk rather than take the cart.

The first golf balls were made of fathers or wood.

Long before golf became a big deal, players used to make the golf balls out of wood or chicken feathers. This was around the 15th and 17th centuries when the sport was starting to gain popularity to nations like the US and the UK. These balls were easily susceptible to damage from the tough terrains in golf courses. Eventually, the golf balls we now know came to be thanks to the faults in the wooden and feather balls.

You can now share these facts with your buddies over a game of golf. To actually get these buddies and play golf, discover new golf courses that may have been right under your nose buy searching to reveal golf courses near me from the map above. Oh, and remember to have fun golfing, it’s never that serious guys!

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