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Finding good food isn’t always as simple. With so many food options and restaurant types littering the American food scene, finding good food can often be a tiresome chore. Luckily, there are many good food options available if you’re willing to do a little research and narrow down your cravings.

Are you interested in finding good food in your area? You’re in luck! Simply browse good food near me on the map below and find a list of good restaurants located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on good food? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on good food!

Good Food Near Me – Find it on the Map

Good Food Near Me – Good Food Trivia

True or false: Good for you food is often more expensive.

This fact is unfortunately true. Everyone wants to eat good food, it’s likely why you’re searching good food near me. Unfortunately good for you food is often more expensive than unhealthy fare. According to a 2013 study published by the Harvard School of Public Health, eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts cost the average person $1.50 more per day than someone eating an unhealthy diet. Unhealthy foods are processed and often contain refined grains. This is often why fast food is so cheap, yet so unhealthy. Though $1.50 may sound like pocket change, it can quickly add up to an extra $2,200 per year for an average sized family of four. It may seem odd that you would spend more on a fresh food than food that is pre-prepared and then heated from frozen, but it’s the reality we live in. The problem isn’t necessarily that healthy food is expensive, but more that hyper processed and additive laden food is cheap because it can be packaged in bulk and shipped out. These types of foods also have a long shelf life, which means restaurants and at home buyers don’t have great losses in food each week. Of course, eating healthy will lead to lower costs in health care and maintenance in the long run.

good food near me

Finding good food doesn’t have to be a chore, simply browse good food near me and find your best food options.

What makes for good restaurant atmosphere?

If you’re searching good food near me, then you know that it’s not just the food that makes for a truly spectacular dining experience, but the restaurant itself. A restaurant’s atmosphere can definitely make or break a meal. It sets the stage for your entire dining experience. Factors such as lighting, art work, music, and table spacing can create a comfortable and intimate experience, one that allows you to enjoy your food and company without distraction. Lighting can also be a major factor in enjoying a meal. If lighting is too dim, diners run the risk of literally feeling in the dark during their dining experience. If the lighting is too bright, it can also have adverse effects on a diners overall enjoyment of the meal. While searching good food near me, consider the atmosphere of the restaurant you’ll be dining in.

Good Food Near Me – Good Food Facts

A Good Restaurant

Finding a good restaurant and searching good food near me doesn’t have to end in disappointment. In fact with the right attitude, you can find the perfect place to suit all of your needs. When searching for good food, keep in mind what kind of place would suit your personal preferences. Don’t simply account for what you’re hungry for, think about the atmosphere that would make you feel most comfortable. If ear splitting music and packed tables make you feel a bit uneasy, avoid bars in college towns or noisy restaurants that specialize in catering to a happy hour type crowd. Some restaurants are keen on squeezing in as many diners as possible to maximize profit, if you’re not one who likes to listen to the conversation of the diner next to you, consider skipping this type of dining experience. Also be wary of menus A huge menu in a small restaurant typically isn’t a good omen, as it typically means food is brought in or frozen rather than prepared fresh. You may also want to avoid dining experiences that have large menu full of bizarre or outlandish dishes. While they can be a lot of fun, often times weird combinations that aren’t well thought out can lead to a lot of disappointment and gastrointestinal payback.

Average Amount of Food Consumed

It’s no surprise that Americans love to eat. They love to eat out and they love to stay in. There are no bounds to the appetite of most American diners. According to statistics, the average US citizen consumes more than 35 tons of food over the course of their lifetime. Of this average, Americans eat commercially prepared meals 4.2 days of the week. In other words, Americans typically eat out and search good food near me four or five times a week. That equates to around 18.2 meals being eaten outside of the home on an average month. Many believe this is due to the busy nature of the typical American day. With longer working hours than many developed nations and fewer parents working from home, the task of cooking a fresh meal each night (especially once children are in the mix) can be a truly daunting affair. This leaves many Americans no choice other than to eat out or order in.

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