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Sitting down to a delicious meal at a good restaurant can be a true experience for the senses. Of course, it’s not enjoying a good restaurant that’s difficult, it’s finding the perfect restaurant that can often prove stressful! With so many factors going into what makes a truly great restaurant, narrowing down long lists can often be a bit taxing. Luckily, there’s help.

If you’re hoping to find a good restaurant in your area, you’re in luck! Simply browse good restaurants near me on the map below and find a curated list of good restaurants located in your immediate area. Need a bit more information on finding the perfect restaurant? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top three restaurants in the US! Finding the perfect meal has never been more simple.

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Good Restaurants Near Me – Good Restaurants Trivia

What’s the most important factor in a good restaurant?

So many factors go into a good restaurant dining experience. Of course, the food must be delicious, but what else makes a restaurant better than the rest? According to dining experts, it’s not always the food that makes or breaks a restaurant, it’s the atmosphere. In fact, often times atmosphere can even make subpar food seem better or more elegant. A restaurant’s atmosphere is what sets the stage. Finding a good restaurant is more than just finding a dining room away from home. Factors such as music, lighting, artwork, table spacing, and presentation all combine to create intimacy, comfort, and experience. In other words: atmosphere is key. The lighting must be just right, the table settings must look a certain way, and spacing must allow you to have some privacy no matter how busy the restaurant may be at a given time. Artwork also plays a very important role in the restaurant experience. Paintings hanging on the walls can often set the mood and provide a point of interest. There’s nothing worse than staring at a bare wall while waiting for your food to arrive. Every visible wall needs a focal point to help engage diners. When you’re searching good restaurants near me, consider these factors.

good restaurants near me

Atmosphere is key to a truly good restaurant.

How do Zagat ratings work?

If you’re searching good restaurants near me, you’ve likely noticed that the best dining establishments are Zagat rated. While every restaurant yearns to make the Zagat cut, what exactly goes into the rating? Why do some restaurants receive Zagat ratings while others fall short? Basically, a Zagat score is a rating system for restaurants by diners. It was created by Tim and Nina Zagat in 1979. The score is based on surveys by diners and experts. The overall ratings are on a 30 point scale and are based on defined areas such as food, decor, service, and cost efficiency. Also included in the ratings, quotations from several reviewers about each restaurant that’s reviewed. This allows insight into the actual dining experience and not just a score that you may not understand off hand. What do the ratings mean? Individual reviews are based on a score of 0 to 3. 3 is excellent, 2 is very good, 1 is good, and 0 is poor. Zagat then takes these ratings, averages them, and multiplies them by 10 to achieve at an average score. On the Zagat scale, 26-30 is extraordinary to perfection, 21-25 is very good to excellent, 16-20 is good to very good, 10-15 is fair to good, and 0-9 is poor to fair. If you follow Zagat ratings when choosing a good restaurant, you likely won’t be disappointed. They are highly regarded as the restaurant authority in the US.

Good Restaurants Near Me – Good Restaurants Facts

Earning Michelin Stars

Aside from Zagat rating, earning Michelin star is one of the highest accolades a restaurant can receive. What does it take for a restaurant to earn a Michelin star? First in foremost, in order for a restaurant to receive a Michelin star, it first needs to be located in an area that is covered by Michelin. For starters, some cities such as Dallas are not located. Cities covered by Michelin star ratings are New York City, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Wine Country, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Las Vegas. There are not currently any Southern cities included in the Michelin guide. Michelin relies on a full time staff of anonymous restaurant reviewers who are generally highly passionate about food, have a great eye for detail, and have a great taste memory that allows them to recall and compare different types of foods. Michelin reviewers than award 0 to 3 stars based on the quality, mastery of technique, personality, and consistency of the food. Michelin reviewers do not focus or consider interior decor, table setting, or service quality in awarding stars. They are all about the food, pure and simple. If you’re a foodie looking for truly amazing meal without the concern of decor, going with a Michelin guide may be your best bet while searching good restaurants near me.

Best US Restaurants

If you’re searching good restaurants near me and find yourself in the vicinity of one of these three top establishments, go ahead and splurge a little. Put your diet aside and embrace a true culinary experience that will stay with you long after your meal is over. Read on for a list of the top three restaurants in the UnitedStates.

1. Eleven Madison Park , New York, NY

What makes Eleven Madison Park the best of the best in the US? With three Michelin stars and a place on the list of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World, Eleven Madison park continues to impress foodies and culinary experts alike. With an elaborate prix-fixe menu centering on locally sourced ingredients, fresh meats, and high end additions: a trip to this restaurant may just change your life.

2. Alinea, Chicago, IL

As a three star Michelin restaurant, Alinea focuses on avant-garde dishes that showcase the scientific gastronomy skills of head chefs Grant Achatz, Mike Bagle, and Simon Davies. Diners are constantly surprised by creations that are not only delicious, but totally creative. From DIY ravioli with truffles to soups that delight, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Alinea.

3. La Bernadin, New York, NY

As a New York City classic, this Michelin rated restaurant uses French techniques to exquisitely prepare the freshest seafood dishes. Though the chef’s tasting menu is $215 a person, the cost may well be worth it. With delicious such as yellowfin-tuna, seared langoustine foie gras, and scallops cooked in a brown butter sauce: La Bernadin knows how to tantalize and please in a way few restaurants do.

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