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When you visit a Goodwill store, you’re not just scoring a great deal on clothing, shoes, and home items. By shopping at a Goodwill you’re also helping to put money back into your local community to help those who are in need. Whether you’re just looking for some new threads on a budget or want to help out, visiting a Goodwill store is always a great idea.

Are you interested in finding a Goodwill store near you? Browse Goodwill Store near me on the map below and find a list of all Goodwill Stores located in your local area. Looking for more information on Goodwill? Keep reading for facts, trivia, and information on buying at Goodwill!

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Goodwill Store Near Me – Goodwill Store Trivia

Is Goodwill a non-profit organization?

Given that many charitable organizations lack transparency in the modern day, it can be easy to confuse which organizations are for profit and which are non-profit. Though it won’t make much of a difference to your bottom line in terms of cost, many people feel better about helping non-profit organizations. So is Goodwill a non-profit? Consider this as you search Goodwill store near me. Goodwill Industries is currently registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Goodwill stores have been serving the local communities they are housed in for over 100 years. Not only does Goodwill consistently rank among the top charities that can help your donation dollars to go even further, but they are one of the few agencies that are independently operated outside of their corporate offices. Each Goodwill agency is independently operated, funded, and lead by its own board of directors that is comprised of members of the community.

goodwill store near me

Goodwill Stores are an easy way to score a deal and help the community!

How much money do Goodwill employees earn?

Goodwill employees spend their days sorting, checking out customers, keeping stores tidy, and helping to make their communities a little brighter. Given the huge role that these employees play in the day to day operation of Goodwill, you’re likely wondering just how much they earn per hour. Consider this as you search Goodwill Store near me. What a Goodwill employee earns depends on a few factors, including: experience, position, and location. Not every state has the same minimum wage requirements, meaning that some will earn less than others simply based on the state they choose to live in. On average, a Goodwill employee will earn around $9.25 an hour. That’s higher than the minimum wage in most states. Most full time Goodwill employees also receive great benefits. Pension, health insurance, dental, vision coverage, paid time off, retail bonuses, and education reimbursement are common. Goodwill is a great place to work, especially if you’re looking for entry level work that will make you feel fulfilled!

Goodwill Store Near Me – Goodwill Store Facts

Donating Electronics

When cleaning out your house or organizing, one thing many people struggle with is what to do with old electronics that are no longer being used. Though it can be tempting to just throw it in a landfill and never think about it again, donating those electronics can help those in your community and clear up some space in your home. As you search Goodwill Store near me, consider how Dell and Goodwill have officially partnered to recycle electronics in a big way. Now, consumers can drop off every type of electronic device without question. Televisions, telephones, stereos, and video game consoles are all accepted, as are desktop computers. If you plan on donating an old computer to goodwill, make sure that you wipe or scrub your hard drive before donating. You wouldn’t want any personal information falling into the wrong hands! If you have electronic equipment crowding your house but it doesn’t work, you can still drop the items off at Goodwill. Simply place a sticker that says “Does Not Work” on any item that you’re donating that doesn’t work properly. This will help out the sorters. In the end, Goodwill will recycle any item that they cannot sell.

What Happens To Stained Items?

Stains happen, which means lots of clothing that should be donated would seem less than ideal. If you have a stained item of clothing and aren’t sure what to do with it, call your local Goodwill or search Goodwill Store near me. Goodwill will take any clothing items that are stained and sort them into rag piles. Clothing items that only contain a very small stain or noticeable stain are often sold to other companies or are sent to 3rd World Relief agencies for redistribution. Even if an item isn’t exactly in pristine condition, don’t throw it in a landfill or trash it. Goodwill can find a use for just about anything you can donate. Whether it’s recycling an old item into something new or helping someone in a country a thousand miles away, Goodwill uses its resources to eliminate waste and make the world a greener brighter place.

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