Gourmet Grocery Store Near Me

Your average run of the mill grocery store may stock the basics like milk, eggs, and bread, but when it comes to speciality items, you may find your local store lacking. If it is speciality grocery items or imports you crave, you’ll have the best luck by visiting a gourmet grocery store. Gourmet stores stock higher end items and items that can’t be found at your typical grocery chain.

If you want the best for your next meal, try to find a gourmet store near you. All you need to do is browse gourmet grocery store near me on the map below to find a list of the best gourmet grocers in your local region. Need a bit more information on shopping gourmet? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more!

Gourmet Grocery Store Near Me – Find it on the Map

Gourmet Grocery Store Near Me – Trivia

How much does the average person spend on groceries per week?

Food is the basic necessity that every human requires, yet spending habits on food can vary wildly from person to person. Some of us are willing to spend more to eat right and get food at a quantity. Others are more frugal and look to save where they can. Just how much does the average person spend on groceries each week? Read on for the answer as you search gourmet grocery store near me. According to statistics, the average shopper will spend $110 on groceries every week.

This is 41% higher than the $78 weekly average that was the norm in 2016. And how often does the average American visit a store each week? Generally speaking US shoppers will visit a store 1.5 times per week, which is down from the 1.6 weekly average in 2016. So though we may be spending less time at the store per week, we are spending more when we are there. Back in 2012, shoppers made an average of 2.2 trips per week. It seems like shoppers are craving more time out of the store.

Gourmet Grocery Store Near Me

A gourmet grocer stocks items that an average run of the mill store does not.

True or false: Americans would rather spend time than money.

They say that “time is money” but would the average American rather spend more time and less money or more money and less time? Read on for the answer as you search gourmet grocery store near me. Statistics show that Americans are rapidly trending towards spending more money in order to save their valuable time.

This is why meal kits are a rapidly growing market at both regular grocery stores and gourmet stores from coast to coast. Figures show that meal kit sales in the US generated more than $80.6 million dollars in 2017. That’s a 6.7% increase from the prior year.

Why are meal kits suddenly so trendy? Time. Shoppers like that a meal kit can save on planning time and a reduction in cooking time. It is also easier for them to try new recipes and make healthier choices. While meal kits are available at a variety of grocery stores it is meal kit delivery services are becoming more and more popular.

Despite this, it is estimated that around 75% of customers who subscribe to a meal kit delivery service will cancel in less than a year. The given reasons? Small portion sizes and expense.

Gourmet Grocery Store Near Me – Facts

Eat Healthy, Go Gourmet

One of the top reasons folks search gourmet grocery store near me is to buy with more intention. This means opting for foods that are healthy and free from nasty chemicals. Healthy food choices include organic, Non-GMO and natural ingredients. While not everything you buy at a gourmet grocery store is good for your health, many specialty markets are geared towards those who want to lead a certain lifestyle.

Without question, this lifestyle often revolves around those who are willing to spend more to get the best and to eat a more balanced diet. Are you willing to spend more to get a higher quality food item? Have you noticed a difference between what is bought at your local store and what is purchased gourmet? Sound off below and let your voice be heard.

What to Buy Gourmet

There are some things that you should buy gourmet and other things that don’t demand the added expense. What items should you buy gourmet? Consider this as you search gourmet grocery store near me. Things that are best gourmet include: cheese, spices, specialty hard meats, pasta, chocolate, and breads.

These are often of a higher quality than their grocery store counter parts. You can definitely taste the difference between a mass produced grocery store chain cheese and one imported from Italy. The same can be said for spices. If you’re someone who cooks often and likes to experiment, you want to get quality spices that will give you the flavor you’re going for the first time. Cheap spices from the grocery store aren’t always of the best quality and have often been sitting on the shelf for quite a long time.

If you’re looking to cook within the parameters of a certain cuisine such as French or Italian, a gourmet grocer is definitely your best bet. A French gourmet grocery will have items imported from France and more authentic quality goods than your local grocery store. Many chain grocery stores don’t offer a wide range of ethnic foods or spices whatsoever. Even if you’re not looking to buy one specific item, going gourmet is a great way to enjoy a superior shopping experience and to get a little more out of your shopping trip than just fluorescent lights and pushy customers.

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