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For decades, Grainger has proven to be the largest distributor of repair, maintenance and operating supplies in regards to commercial, industrial, and contractor markets in the United States. In fact, as of 2004, Grainger held the largest worldwide percentage of the entire market share in the industrial supply industry.

Are you interested in finding a Grainger location near you? Simply go browse Grainger near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of all Grainger locations situated within a close proximity to your current point on the map. Need a bit more information on this successful supply business? Say no more! Read on for interesting facts, tidbits, and more on Grainger supply!

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Who founded Grainger?

Grainger was first founded in the late 1920s by William W. Grainger, a motor designer, salesman and electrical engineer. At this time, Grainger was seeking to tap into a segment of the market for wholesale electrical equipment sales. He saw a deep need in the industry and decided he himself was best suited to fill that gap. He quickly set up an office in Chicago and by 1927 his business was officially incorporated. Early on, the business primarily sold all of its goods through MotorBook, a catalog that would become the company’s backbone and prove a source of name recognition. This early catalog contained electrical motors that Grainger, his sister Margaret, and two employees would personally pack up and ship. By 1991, Grainger published two editions of its general catalog, a grand successor to MotorBook. This catalog featured more than 35,000 unique items and included extensive details on technical application and product data. Back in 1933, Grainger established its very first branch in Philadelphia. Branches in Atlanta, Dallas, and San Francisco soon followed in 1934. Unfortunately, this didn’t prove an instant boost for sales, as profits dipped to $163,000. Fortunately, by 1937, Grainger was counting more than 16 branches and bringing in sales totalling more than $1 million. As you search Grainger near me, consider how one man’s quest to fulfill a need sparked an international business that still operates successfully in the modern day.

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Grainger is still one of America’s most popular and revered supply houses.

What role did Grainger play in World War II?

During the height of World War II, every business was aiding in the effort overseas. It was considered an American duty to help those who were fighting the good fight and protecting freedoms both at home and abroad. Consider these facts a you search Grainger near me. According to historians, during World War II, Grainger acted as a distributor of electric motors intended for government use. With its normal market facing steep disruption, Grainger also began to offer furniture, toys, and watches through its iconic MotorBook during those difficult and tumultuous years in world history. Despite a disruption in normal selling methods, Grainger continued to expand during the war. Sales grew from $2.6 million in 1941 to $7.8 million in 1948.

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The Alternating Current

The post war world brought about a lot of changes in every business located within the United States, including Grainger. With burgeoning sales, Grainger decided to create a regional warehousing system in 1953 in order to replenish individual branch stock and fill large scale orders. These warehouses were dubbed regional distribution centers, calling cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Ft. Worth, Oakland, Memphis, and Cranford home. These distribution centers ramped up sales and kept branches from going long periods of time without stock, especially when it came to highly popular items. This system operated up until the mid 1970s. When alternating current emerged and became standard in the United States, Grainger’s market quickly changed and the need for large scale distribution centers was no longer necessary. No longer processing huge orders, the company decided to take a step back and intensify its focus on a secondary market. Small manufacturers, services, and dealers who purchased with high frequency but in lower volumes became the name of the game. With these businesses as customers, Grainger could actually anticipate the needs of an ever changing market and attempt to purchase from manufacturers in a higher volume. As you search Grainger near, stop and think about exactly how Grainger’s emphasis on growth and innovation have lead them to a long lineage of success in a competitive market.

A Wide Customer Base

If you’re searching Grainger near me, you’re likely hoping to find a location in a close proximity to your point on the map. The question is, just how many customers does Grainger serve worldwide? According to brand representatives, Grainger currently serves more than 3 million customers worldwide by offering products such as motors, plumbing, tools, fasteners, material handling and lighting. The brand also offers services such as inventory management and technical support. Revenue for Grainger is typically gained from business to business sales rather than from retail sales. Grainger currently serves more than 3 million customers through a network of more than 598 branches including online avenues such as eProcurement, KeepStock, and of course, There are currently 33 Grainger distribution centers helping keep the supply chain moving.

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