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Food lovers know that Greek food is delicious, flavorful, and often more healthy than similar alternatives. With a focus on offering cuisine that is fresh, seasonal, and in line with cultural values, Greek food is rapidly growing in popularity from coast to coast.

Are you interested in finding a Greek restaurant near you? Simply browse Greek restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of Greek restaurants located in close proximity to your current location! Need a bit more information on Greek food. Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn some new facts for your next dinner out.

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Greek Restaurant Near Me – Greek Restaurant Trivia

True or false: Ancient Greek cuisine was all about frugality.

Greek culture is rich with food, family, and a warm feeling of togetherness. It seems as if the wine never stops flowing and the food never stops coming when you dine at a Greek restaurant! Though many modern Greek restaurants may be all about piling on the food and delighting diners with drinks, Ancient Greek cuisine was best characterized by its frugality and was founded on the Mediterranean triad of wheat, olive oil, and wine. During ancient times, meat was rarely eaten and fish was typically reserved for special occasions. It was not an everyday occurrence as many television shows and movies might lead one to believe. This trend in Greek diet continued into both Roman and Ottoman times, changing only recently when technology made meat more readily available to individuals living in the Mediterranean area. Meat might not have always been available, but wine and olive oil was always plentiful and has always been a central part of the Greek diet. The spread of grapes and olive trees in the Mediterranean only further entwined the times in with Greek culture. If you’re searching Greek restaurant near me, consider just how different the Greek diet is now from Ancient times. While wine, wheat, and olive oil are still a big part of Greek culture, they’re certainly not the only aspects of a modern Greek diet.

greek restaurant near me

Many Greek restaurants opt for a blue and white decor theme.

True or false: Olive oil is used in almost every Greek dish.

As you search Greek restaurant near me, you’ll quickly find a connection between Greek food and olive oil. In fact, the most characteristic and ancient element still present in Greek cuisine today. It is so relevant that it is used in almost every Greek dish. Olive oil is produced from olive trees which dominate the region and add a distinctive flavor to Greek food. Olives are also widely eaten as a staple of the Greek diet. The most basic grain used in Greece is wheat, but barley is also used in many regions where it is able to grow. Most Greek dishes will include a few important vegetables including potato, green beans, tomato, okra, green peppers, and onions. Honey is also a dominant ingredient in Greek cooking, as it is collected from the common fruit trees and citrus trees that grow in Greece.

Greek Restaurant Near Me – Greek Restaurant Facts

Always Expect a Warm Welcome

If you’re searching Greek restaurant near me, expect a warm welcome at whatever establishment you choose, even if you’ve never been to that particular restaurant before. As you’ll quickly learn, Greek culture is very relaxed and open. You’ll likely feel the warmth as soon as you talk to the host, who is likely a member of the family who owns the restaurant or the owner themselves. Most Greek restaurants want you to feel as if you’re dining in the company of loved ones. They don’t rely on the sterile and distant atmosphere that many restaurants employ and instead opt for cozy seating, warm lighting, and boisterous conversation. In the same vein, many Greek restaurants lend themselves to having a party atmosphere, with lively traditional music blasting at all times. Some might even boast Greek dancers at night or encourage diners to get up and dance. In Greek culture, especially in terms of dining, good company and hospitality are hallmarks of a good meal. As a very social culture, the Greeks love to share their food and their stories, even if they hardly know you!

Taverna Style

Want to enjoy a whole evening of food and fun after searching Greek restaurant near me? Try ordering your food taverna style. Taverna style dining is an experience that can have you eating and drinking late into the night. Every Taverna experiences starts with an assortment of appetizers. They’re all delicious in their own right, but almost all will feature pastry triangles with feta and spinach, salty dips, olives, and bread. The appetizers can easily take up most of the meal. At the same time, you’ll enjoy some amazing wine or drinks, good conversation and lively music. Eventually you’ll enter into the entree portion of the meal, which can is to be savored and enjoyed. Many opt for a family style meal, which means entrees can be shared amongst friends and family members rather than coming on one individual plate. No Taverna style dining experience is complete without dessert and coffee. You’ll never be rushed out of a Greek restaurant or made to feel like you’re taking up too much time. In fact, you’re encouraged to stay as long as you like!

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