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Grocery stores are a necessary part of adult life, though some are definitely better than others. Knowing which grocery store to visit in your area often depends upon your exact needs. If you’re looking for organic and natural foods, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for at a small corner market. Knowing what you want can make a wealth of difference in your overall shopping experience. After all, everyone has to grocery shop, so you might as well make it a good time!

Are you interested in finding a grocery store near you? Simply browse grocery near me on the map below and find a list of grocery stores in your area. Need a bit more information on grocery stores? Read on for facts, tips, trivia, and more. You might just learn something to make your next grocery excursion a little bit easier.

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Grocery Near Me – Grocery Trivia

How long does the average person spend in the grocery store?

For many of us, going to the grocery store is a necessary evil. Despite attempts to get in and out as fast as possible, most people end up spending a bit more time in the store than they bargained for. How long does the average person spend in the grocery store? Consider these facts as you search grocery near me. According to statistics, the average person goes to a grocery store around 1.6 times a week and spends an average of 43 minutes shopping. That time does not include the time spent getting too and from the store. This means that on average, people spend around 60 hours grocery shopping each and every year. Can you imagine what you might be able to accomplish if you didn’t have to grocery shop every week? The possibilities seem endless.

grocery near me

Finding a grocery store near you has never been more simple!

How many items does the average grocery store carry?

The truth is, grocery stores are designed to keep you within the parameters of the location as long as possible. Every store wants you to take home more than you planned on, as it adds up to big profits for them and the companies whose products you buy. Just how many items does the average grocery store carry? Consider this as you search grocery near me! Statistics show that the average town grocery store stocks some 39,500 items on average. With so many choices to be had, it’s no wonder that you always end up walking out of the door with several things you didn’t even need. Sure, you might want an artisanal ice cream, but you probably didn’t want to spend $8 on it.

What day of the week do most people grocery shop on?

If you’re the type of person who most likes shopping in an empty grocery store, you’ll want to avoid going on these two popular days of the week. What are the most popular days to grocery shop on? According to studies, most people visit grocery stores on Saturdays, as most individuals don’t have to work on weekends. Sundays are also a popular choice for working people who depend on the weekends to get things dones. Because of how crowded stores are on the weekends, most people will spend an average of 5 minutes more than if they were to have shopped on a weekday. As you search grocery near me, think about how crowding can deplete even more of your precious time!

Grocery Near Me – Grocery Facts

What Money Is Spent On….

Everyone’s grocery list varies based on their needs and lifestyle choices, but there are some things that every American shopper has in common. As you search grocery near me, think about what studies show the biggest chunk of a shopping budget is actually spent on. You might think that most people spend a majority of their grocery budget on fresh produce and meat, but in actuality, the biggest portion of the average American’s shopping budget is put toward the middle aisles of the store. As you may know, the middle aisles contain all of the processed foods and sweets. Despite the recent push to abandon many of these types of foods, nearly 25% of every American’s shopping dollars goes towards items stocked in these areas of the store.

The Truth About Shopping Carts

If you’ve ever felt a bit easy about shopping carts and germs, you’re about to feel pretty validated! Get your hand sanitizer ready because this is going to be a bumpy ride. A recent study of 85 random shopping carts unequivocally found that 50 percent were carrying E. coli, while 72% were confirmed to contain coliform bacteria. If you’re grossed out, you’re not alone.
These levels are reportedly higher than those found in a public restroom. To ensure that you’re not getting more than you bargained for at the grocery store, make sure that you wipe down every single cart with sanitizing wipe or spray before touching areas that may contain heavy levels of bacteria.

Coupons and Lists

Ever wondered just how many individuals actually use a list when going to the grocery store? You’re about to find out. Consider these interesting facts as you search grocery near me. According to some studies, going to the grocery store without a list is pretty much the best way to spend more than you bargained for and forget necessary items. A whopping sixty-nine percent of women admit to using a list at the grocery store, while just fifty-two percent of men used a list when shopping. Another great way to save a fer bucks is to utilize coupons. Couponing is the best way to curb grocery store costs. No wonder a majority of shoppers are starting to get on the couponing train. Statistics show that women are more likely to clip coupons, with 57% of female shoppers bringing them along. Only 41% of men admitted to using coupons when shopping.

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