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A grocery store is a store that sells mainly food. Also known as a supermarket, they typically sell fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as canned goods, bottles and boxes of foods. Some larger grocery stores also have a pharmacy section, or a retail electronics department. In the United States, the largest grocery store chains include Walmart, Aldi, Kroger and Save-A-Lot.

Some grocery stores sell typical American foods, whereas some sell foods and items related to a specific culture, for example Italian or Middle Eastern. Some larger supermarkets may also include a gas station that operates under the same brand. To find grocery stores near you, you can simply search for “grocery store near me”!

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How old are grocery stores?

A grocer was historically known as a purveyor, and would sell items such as spices, sugar, tea and cocoa. These items would be purchased by the grocer in bulk, and then sold on to the public. The name grocer actually comes from the French word ‘grossier’, which means wholesaler. In the 1800s, when food began to be sealed into cans, grocers and purveyors were suddenly able to hold onto goods for longer before selling them, and also a customer could buy more in bulk and store their canned food. This meant that grocery stores were able to grow larger. The invention of refrigeration also allowed food to be sold more easily.

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What type of items are sold in grocery stores?

Grocery stores primarily sell food. This includes boxes of food, such as cereal; canned food such as soup; snacks such as bubble gum or candy bars; fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs; baked items such as bread or bagels; and dairy items like cheese, milk and butter. Some grocery stores have a pharmacy section where people may purchase prescription drugs. Others have an electronics department, where items like televisions or sound systems can be found.

How have grocery stores changed over the years?

In early grocery stores, the customer would give a list of the items they wanted to purchase to a member of the staff, who would then collect all of the items and charge the customer. In 1916 in Memphis, Tennessee, a store called Piggly Wiggly was opened, with a revolutionary idea. The store could instead walk around the store and collect their own items, then bring them to the staff to purchase them. This meant that the store could hire fewer employees and thus save money. Today, almost every grocery store operates in this way.

The accessibility of the internet to most of the public has also led to online grocery stores, where the customer selects their items from an online catalog, and then either picks up their items or has them delivered to their house. In some rural communities, the grocery stores act as general stores, selling only dry goods, like canned foods. Perishable food would be purchased from a butcher, dairy or farmers’ market, or even grown by the customer themself.

Are all supermarkets the same?

As said, some larger supermarkets have extra departments. But smaller grocery stores may only have a single department, thus specialising in a certain type of food. For example, convenience stores may sell some groceries, snacks, soft drinks, tobacco etc. They are typically smaller than grocery stores, however, and may only offer one or two brands for each item. A delicatessen (also known as a deli) is a type of store where meats and breads are typically sold. A greengrocer is a term mainly used in Britain and Australia. A greengrocer is a shop that only sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and not other items such as bread or milk.

To find all of the grocery stores in your area, simply search for “grocery store near me”.

Grocery Store Near Me – Grocery Store Facts

Walmart is the world’s largest company in terms of total revenue, taking in over $480 billion! They are also the largest private employer in the world, with about 2.2 million employees. This is more than the number of people in New Mexico!

Grocery stores unfortunately create a lot of food waste. They will typically discard food that has reached its best before/sell-by date, even though this food is often still safely edible. Some stores will help to distribute this food to the poor and homeless, while others specifically avoid giving away the food. Farms that supply the grocery stores will also generally over-produce so as to have a safety margin in case some of the produce is bad. This extra produce is often disposed of. In 2011, nearly one third of the world’s global food production was believed to have gone to waste. This represents approximately 1.3 billion tons of food!

Supermarkets are specially designed so as to use psychological tricks in order to get more business. Most places locate the produce section near the front of the store, because the bright colors put the shopper into a good mood. The music is designed to be slower than the average heartbeat, which has been found to encourage customers to spend more time in the store, and thus buy more products. The bakery is also often located near the front, so the smells of fresh bread and foods is the first thing the customer smells.

In some stores, there is a push for the customer to take on an even bigger role. Some stores have introduced a self-serve checkout, where the customer operates the register themself, scanning their own items. Typically a staff member will supervise several registers, rather than having one cashier per register. This can save on staff and bring down costs for the business.

The growth of car ownership and suburban development in North America following World War II have greatly contributed to grocery stores. Each suburb could have its own grocery store, all owned by a single chain, and customers could drive their own car to a central location. Having a car means that a customer can purchase more items than they could have carried home, which leads to extra income for the store.

Grocery stores are historically a Western idea, but they are growing in other countries too. As Asia continues to be influenced by the West, European companies continue to invest in the area. American companies are also investing in Latin America. Both of these areas are starting to have supermarkets and grocery stores opening.

There are several grocery stores in your area! To find them, just search “grocery store near me”.

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