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When the first self service grocery store opened in 1916, the way Americans shopped for their food and household products was changed forever. Now Americans are treated to more convenience and options at the grocery store than ever before. From self serve checkouts to online ordering, the grocery store is as convenient as you’re willing to make it.

Are you interested in finding a grocery store in your area? Simply browse grocery stores near me on the map below and find a list of grocery stores in your area. Need more information on grocery stores, read on for facts and trivia on the american grocery store!

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Grocery Stores Near Me – Grocery Stores Trivia

What was the first self service grocery store?

The first self service grocery store, the Piggly Wiggly, was opened in 1916 in Memphis, TN by Clarence Saunders, an inventor and entrepreneur. Prior to this innovation in the grocery store, the customer of a grocer would walk up to a counter or display and ask for food items they wanted to purchase. Often times they would simply hand over a grocery list as an order that the grocer or other clerks would fill and then charge the customer for. Saunders invention allowed for a much smaller number of checkers to service customers, and allowed consumers more freedom in making food choices. The idea was instantly successful. This was partly because of the novelty and partly because of the large advertising appropriations that were made to promote self service.

grocery stores near me

Grocery stores offer a plethora of amazing food products, hot food bars, and even household essentials!

True or false: Most grocery store product codes are universal.

True! Think about this while searching grocery store near me. Most store product codes are universal and used at several different chains. Whether you call it a Dole banana or a yellow hot dog, scanners at most grocery stores will simply use the code 4011. That’s because those little nuisance stickers that come on produce such as bananas, apples, and oranges are the same pretty much everywhere. This gives cashier’s a chance to memorize codes and will also give them a fighting chance to sweep jeopardy should “product codes” ever come into play!

True or false: Grocery stores track cashier speed.

If you’re searching grocery store near me and wondering if cashiers are actually tracked for their speed and accuracy, you’re about to find out. According to individuals who have worked at a grocery store, cashier speed is tracked by IPMs or items scanned per minute. This is a big deal and is the main metric for judging cashier performance. It’s also a great source of pride for employees that need a little something to take pride in. Many stores will even reward speedy cashiers with extra breaks or perks!

Grocery Stores Near Me – Grocery Stores Facts

Paper bags are more expensive than plastic

While searching grocery stores near me and getting geared up for your next trip, remember to always keep bag choice in mind. In an age of being eco friendly, bringing your own bag is the best bet, but if you can’t you’ll definitely be asked “paper or plastic.” According to store insiders, paper bags are more expensive to produce than plastic bags. This is why they will often push plastic bags on you first and paper second. In order to save a couple of pennies, the store itself would prefer if you bring your own bag or go plastic. Many stores will even offer you a discount for bringing your own bag and ending the conversation all together.

Proper Bagging is An Art Form

As anyone who has ever worked in a grocery store knows, proper bagging is truly an art form. Resist the urge to dump and stuff and consider the proper way to pack your bags the next time you’re at the store. According to store workers, always pack your bags by using boxy items to build walls inside the perimeter of the bag. Next comes the heavy stuff, then the lighter stuff. Think of it like a game and you’ll have fun and save yourself some crushed chips on the ride home! Of course, some of us will always prefer the speed and ease of the stuff and go method of bagging, even if our bread will pay the price on the way home.

Theft is Called Shrink at Grocery Stores

If you’re searching grocery stores near me and wondering what theft is considered by the actually stores, the term is known as “shrink.” It may seem passive aggressive, but “shrink” is the term grocery store insiders use to describe any discrepancy between potential sales and actual sales. This is just another metric that chains use to judge the performance of individual stores and to implement loss prevention strategies. In fact, employees who help to prevent shrink or make managers aware of any potential issues with theft are rewarded with additional time off, extra breaks and in some cases even cash incentives.

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