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A gun shop is store or marketplace that specializes in selling small arms such as handguns and shotguns legally to individuals looking for the right gun to suit their specific needs. Other items such as ammunition, accessories, and hunting apparel is also sold on the premises of many gun shops as well.

Are you interested in finding a gun shop near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse gun shops near me on the map below and find a comprehensive list of gun shops located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on gun shops? Read on for fascinating facts, trivia, and history on these popular stores!

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Gun Shops Near Me – Gun Shops Trivia

What time of year do firearm sales increase in the United States?

Firearm sales often vary from month to month in the United States, often changing with the season or political climate. Consider these facts as you search gun shops near me. According to gun store statistics, much like regular general shopping stores, sales at gun shops tend to increase during the holiday season. The month of December typically provides these stores with the best profit margins. It is not known whether individuals are buying more in December as gifts or for protection. In the United States, many gun shops took a hit in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Though sales remained relatively steady, they failed to flourish as American shoppers focused on frugality and saving.

gun shops near me

Gun shops range in size and ownership depending on the types of guns being sold.

Why do Americans buy guns?

Every individual has their own set of personal reasons for wanting to buy a gun or searching gun shops near me. While there are no truly fixed answers, there are some common reasons that many gun owners share. Many of these reasons vary from state to state and region to region in the United States, as religion, political sensitivities, and recreation vary greatly in disparate areas. For example, gun store owners in the Southern portion of the united states often report various reasons for purchasing guns, with one of the major reasons being the fear of future gun control. Many individuals in the Southern US fear government regulation. Depending on who is in office, many will stock up on guns in the preparation of stricter gun laws. Another major reason often given is personal protection. As tensions rise, many feel the need to be prepared for any potential violence, break ins, or threats. Many also express interest in buying guns because of their high value. Guns tend to retain their value for years, which can make them a valuable investment to many. Most gun purchases in the US tend to take place in the context of a firearm specific independent business, but many take place in large chain stores such as Walmart. Walmart is currently sells the most small arms in the United States.

Gun Shops Near Me – Gun Shops Facts

A Country Fascinated With Guns

If you’re searching gun shops near me, then you’re likely a hunter or gun enthusiast searching for the right gun. You’re certainly not alone on your quest. Although the US is only the third most populous nation on Earth, with less than 5 percent of the global population living within the confines of its borders, nearly half of all the world’s civilian owned firearms are purchased in America. This means that the US has more civilian guns than any other modern country on earth. Some experts estimate that there are a whopping 270 million guns in circulation. India has the second highest number, which is about one sixth of the American number. The US also boasts the highest per capita gun ownership statistic. It is believed that there are 88.8 guns for every 100 citizens. That’s double of Switzerland which boasts 45.7 guns per 100 citizens. Yemen is second with 54.8 per 100 citizens.

The Sensible Gun Owner

Often times, gun owners can be portrayed as a bit fanatical about their weapons, fearing restrictions and any laws that could interfere with their second amendment right. What many don’t talk about is the majority of gun owners in the US who are very sensible. They seek the same common sense measures that most non-gun owning Americans want. Unlike the old stereotype of “pry it from my cold dead hands,” most gun owners are in favor of limited forms or provisions on gun control. They’re open to new restrictions, given that they serve a practical purpose. Statistics show that more than 85 percent of all current gun owners support more rigorous background checks for gun sales.The vast majority also support the concept of implementing a five day waiting period for handgun sales and gun bans for those who are mentally ill or who have a prior history of violence. It’s not that gun owners fear any form of gun control, they simply want sensible control that does not restrict or interfere with the rights granted to American individuals early on in the country’s history. Think about your stance on gun control as you search gun shops near me? Does your opinion line up with that of many gun owners?

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