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For gun enthusiasts, hunters, and those just seeking the protection of a firearm, a trip to the local gun store can be a truly educational and satisfying experience. Whether you’re looking to add to your already vibrant collection or just want some advice on which gun would serve as a great form of defense, a trip to the gun store can be your best and safest bet in picking up a quality firearm from a reputable dealer and brand.

Are you interested in finding a gun store in your area? Simply browse gun store near me on the map below and find a list of gun stores in a close proximity to your location. Need a bit more information on gun stores? Read on for facts, trivia, and list of the top three most gun friendly states in the US!

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Gun Store Near Me – Gun Store Trivia

How widespread is gun ownership in the US?

It is the second amendment right of any American to bear arms and own a firearm. With that said, just how widespread is gun ownership in the United States? According to 2013 survey, around 37% of American adults have reported having a gun in their household. Of that number, 24% reported personally owning the gun and 13% reported that the gun was owned by someone else in their household. The survey also found that a whopping 58% of people who did not own a gun or have a gun in their household reported that owning a gun would make them feel uncomfortable. Of course, the beauty of America is that no matter how you feel about guns, you have the right to feel that way. Studies found that the nine European nations with the lowest gun ownership rate reported a combined murder rate that is three times greater than the nine European nations with a low rate of gun ownership. While it isn’t necessarily best to conclude a correlation between the two factors, many gun enthusiasts would argue that the facts are difficult to ignore. Where do you stand while searching gun store near me? Are you on the fence or totally in favor of gun ownership?

gun store near me

Gun stores are abundant in many areas of the country, specifically the south and midwest.

How many gun related background checks does the US conduct every year?

If you’re searching gun store near me and plan on buying a firearm from a reputable dealer, you’ll likely have to pass a background check prior to formally purchasing the gun and taking it home with you. Background checks are set in place to curb weapons from falling into the hands of the wrong people (convicted felons, past offenders, individuals with a history of violent crime). They are also set in place to keep record of where guns are going. According to the FBI, around 8.5 million background checks are conducted annually for individuals hoping to purchase a firearm. That’s three times the amount of background checks that were performed for firearms in the year 2000. Why the sudden explosion in gun ownership? It’s difficult to say. Many cite political instability both at home and abroad as one of the many reasons some folks have taken to owning a firearm. Of course, protection is the number one reason many individuals take to gun ownership.

Gun Store Near Me – Gun Store Facts

Reasons for Owning A Gun

Any individual searching gun store near me likely has their own list of reasons for wanting to buy a gun. Some individuals simply want to shoot the gun recreationally at a range or gun club. Others are seeking protection and peace of mind. According to statistics, most Americans cite protection as their main reason for owning a gun. 32% of Americans reported purchasing a gun for sport or hunting. In 1999, 49% of Americans specifically owned a gun for hunting or recreation, whereas just 26% said protection. Why the sudden insecurity in American individuals? Political strife, rising crime rates, an unstable economy have proven major factors for the sudden rise in gun ownership in the United States.

Recommended Firearms

If you’re searching gun store near me in hopes of acquiring a gun for protection, many experts suggest you stick to buying a handgun. According to gun enthusiasts, novice gun owners will want to stick to a handgun because they are small, easy to operate, and can be stashed in an area that would be easy to get to in the event of an emergency. While rifles are also good for home defense, they are a bit unwieldy and can be much stronger than what the average homeowner would need in the advent of a true emergency. Shotguns are great for home defense. They are powerful, reliable, and tend to be incredibly effective and relatively easy to use. Of course, the downside of a shotgun is the recoil. If you are new shooter or a novice shooter it can be quite difficult to wield a shotgun.

Top States for Gun Ownership

If you’re searching gun store near me, one of these states will be your best bet. If you’re a gun owner or just looking to move to a gun friendly state where your unique views are represented, these are the top three most gun friendly states in the US.

1. Arizona

Not only does Arizona have an unmatched shooting culture, but the presence of the gun industry in Arizona is strong. This makes for a perfect fit for casual gun owners and sporting enthusiasts.

2. Alaska

The wild landscape of Alaska makes for a haven for gun owners. Not only does Alaska allow you to carry with or without a permit, but you can own anything that the feds don’t ban. You will also have millions of acres of public land on which to shoot.

3. Wyoming

According to some industry insiders, Wyoming probably has more guns than people. While non-gun lovers may find this pretty problematic, gun enthusiasts love the gun culture and openness surrounding firearm ownership.

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