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Born out of a need to offer hospitality and nurturing care to animals who were homeless, abandoned, or abused: animal shelters have proved a haven for suffering animals for decades. With many different kinds of shelters catering to every breed, species, and type of pet, there are no shortage of shelters to aid in the welfare of animals and offer adoption options to those willing to open up their homes.

Are you interested in finding an animal shelter in your area? Simply browse animal shelters near me on the map below and find a list of animal shelters near your current location. Need a bit more information on animal shelters? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on animal shelters!

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Animal Shelters Near Me – Animal Shelters Trivia

Where did animal shelters evolve from?

While searching animal shelters near me, consider where the first animal shelters evolved from. According to historians, the first animal shelters evolved from pounds. Pounds were initially used in colonial towns to round up and house wandering livestock so that it could be redeemed from the pound master for a charge. This method placed an economic value on the animals and so they were often reclaimed. Eventually the system began to include wandering dogs and cats. Tragically these animals were often killed because no monetary value was placed upon them. The ASPCA was founded in 1866 as the first animal welfare organization in the United States. The initial focus of the organization was not on dogs or cats but on the mistreatment of horses. Soon after the ASPCA was founded many other humane organizations began to pop up in major cities, but they were not affiliated with one another. Slowly over time, the idea of shelters began to take hold. In order to fund these programs dog licenses were introduced.

animal shelters near me

Adopting from a shelter or even volunteering your time is a great way to help these animals in need.

When was veterinary care first offered at animal shelters?

If you’re searching animal shelters near me, consider this fact. Until the late 1970s, veterinarians and the veterinary community had little to no input in the management policies of shelters. Instead of providing humane veterinary care to animals, many shelters put all of their efforts into providing a humane death for the many animals that were never claimed or adopted. In the late 1970’s, enough concern was placed on the quality of life for shelter animals that it was raised that veterinary input needed to happen in order to provide both effective programs and preventative treatments for animals.

What are the types of shelters?

While searching animal shelters near me, it’s important to know the several types of shelters you will run into. Shelters can be housed in anything from private homes and dilapidated shakes, to large ultra modern multimillion dollar facilities. Some shelters are fully staffed with paid employees while others operate with dedicated volunteers from the local community. Shelters are often categorized as municipal or private shelters, rescue groups, and sanctuaries. More often than not there is a bit of overlap in the many functions of animal shelters.

Animal Shelters Near Me – Animal Shelters Facts

Fast Facts About Animal Shelters

When it comes to animal shelters, there’s a lot of information floating around the internet. While it can be difficult to wrap your head around some of the statistics, there are a few important fast facts for anyone searching animal shelters near me to consider. Read on for five fast facts on animal shelters in the US.

1. There are approximately 8-12 million companion animals entering animal shelters nationwide every year. Of that number around 5 million are euthanized (60% dogs and 70% cats). Shelter intakes tend to be evenly divided by relinquished owners and those picked up by animal control

2. Less than 2 percent of cats and only 15-20% of dogs are returned to their owners. Most dogs who are returned have a microchip or ID tag.

3. 25% of all dogs entering into shelters are purebred dogs.

4. Only 10% of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered. 75% of owned pets are neutered.

5.About 60% of all US households have some kind of pet.

Common Shelter Breeds

If you’re searching animal shelters near me, you may be hoping to adopt your next perfect pet or find your new four legged friend. According to statistics, there are several dog breeds that show up in shelters again and again, though the reasons are largely unknown. Read on for a list of the 3 most common dog breeds found in the average shelter. Remember, these breed aren’t abandoned or dropped off because of their behavior or breed standards, they’re often dropped off or rescued out of need or relinquishment.

1. American Pit Bull Terrier

Unfortunately, the American Pit Bull terrier and other various pit bull type dogs make up the vast majority of purebred dogs found in shelters. IN fact, there are nearly 18,000 Pitbulls waiting to find their forever homes. That’s a huge number of dogs for a single breed.

2.Labrador Retriever

Even America’s most popular dog breed isn’t immune to shelter life. Due to puppy mills and immoral breeders, many lab puppies end up being sold to bad homes or to pet shops that can’t sell them. Unfortunately, these dogs often end up in shelters, despite the amazing personality and behavior that labrador’s possess.


Chihuahuas and chihuahua mixes make up a very large portion of the dogs available at shelters throughout the country. Though this breed is very lovable, without proper training they can be a bit of a handful of adults. Often times these pups end up in the wrong hands, which means proper training isn’t an option. Frustrated owners will quickly hand the dogs off to a shelter.

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