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Got a bit of a messy mop on your head that needs to be taken care of? Do you have a fancy date that you need to look your best for? Maybe you just want to try something new. If you are looking for a place to get your haircut, just take a look at the Haircut Near Me Map below.

It will show all of the stylists and barbers in your area. Just click on a location and it will show you the name of the shop, its address and its phone number. It will also give you review from past customers and the hours of operation. Finally, it will also have a link to the shops website, if they have one and with a few clicks, you can get directions to the location of your choice.

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Haircut Near Me – Haircut Trivia

Barber versus Stylist

Are you not sure who you want to cut your hair? Well, generally you have 2 major choices. You have the option of going to a barber or going to a hair stylist. To start with, the two occupations have a similar level of training and experience to become certified. They both require a post-secondary non-degree program and require certification, which varies from state to state. In most states a barber will have a barber license, which may move up to a master barber in some states. A stylist will normally have a cosmetology license.

haircut near me

At a hair salon, you can get a number of services beyond a simple hair cut like a manicure or hair coloring.

Now, onto what the major differences are between the two. A barber, who you will find at a barber shop, normally focuses on working with shorter more traditional style men’s hair. So, if you are looking for a more simple and standard hair cut like a crew cut, a barber is what you want. A stylist is trained more for longer hair with a range of more modern hair styles and colorings. Generally, they are more used to women’s hair but if you are looking for something a bit more, shall we say fancy, a stylist may be what you are looking for.
You will also find that a barber shop is traditionally known for offering better treatment for male facial hair, so if you want to get a good beard trim, a barber shop may be the choice when you search Haircut Near Me.

As far as costs go, you will normally find that barbers are a bit cheaper, but more on that later.

Barber Shops and Stylists Hours of Operation

The hours of operation that you will find for barber shops generally are open between 8 and 9am and stay open until 6 – 8pm; however, they will tend to have reduced hours on the weekend and sometimes are closed on Sundays. As for hair salons, you will tend to have a similar set of hours, but sometimes you will find them opening later in the day as late as 11am and they occasionally have reduced hours on Mondays, sometimes even closed.

Barber Shops and Stylists Costs

Barber shops, as mentioned earlier, tend to have costs lower than that of a stylist. The average cost for going to a barber is $15. As for going to a salon and seeing a stylist, the average cost for a man is about $28 and $43 for a woman; however, there are a wide range of options for going to a barber and a salon which can increase the price a lot.

Haircut Near Me – Haircut Facts

Top 10 Hair Cuts for Men

The hair styles for men don’t change a lot, but there has been some variation over the time. Here are the top 10 hair cuts for men, as of 2016.

1. Slicked Back Undercut: This hair style has a longer top that is pulled back. The sides and back are buzzed down nice and close. The bangs also have to be long and overall, the top should be thick.

2. Side Parting: Here you have a bit more length on the sides and back than the undercut. The top is pulled to one side and the opposite side is nicely combed down.

3. Short and Tight: This is a pretty basic cut. You keep the sides and back all short and neat and the top a bit longer so it can be played with using gel to style it.

4. Brushed Up: Looking for something with some volume? Well, here you go. You keep the sides and back a bit longer and the top much longer. This allows it to be brushed and kept in place using a bit of gel or hair spray. Some wax will also help keep it in place.

5. Short Back and Sides: Similar to the Brushed Up but with a lot less maintenance. This style has really short sides and back, the shorter the more powerful the hair cut. The top is left long and easy to brush around and offer some personality to.

6. Angular Fringe: This style has a lot of variation to it and basically just aims to keep the long and easy to be moved around. It is aimed to be asymmetrical.

7. Spiky: A classic and well loved look. You simply need the sides short and the top a bit longer and kept spiked up with gel or wax.

8. Long Hair: Another classic one that is easy enough. Let the hair grow out and be sure to trim the edges to make sure it is well kept.

9. Modern Pompadour: This style keeps the hair on the sides cut thin with the top a bit longer and the fringe also long. The top is brushed back to keep it stylish and wax can be used to help style it.

10. Slicked Back: Finally, another classic that keeps on giving. Let the hair grow a bit along the sides and top and using gel or wax to brush it back all around.

Most Popular Women’s Hair Styles

Women’s hair has a wide ranges of popularity and is constantly changing. Here are a few classics that continue to maintain their popularity.

1. Goldie Blonde: Long hair that drops just below the shoulders with a bit of a wave to it. The bangs are kept long and brushed to one side.

2. Ombre Tips: This hair is more based around the edges, as the name suggest. The tips are designed to look under maintenance and cool.

3. Raven: A nice midnight black that has a nice long hair attached to it. It requires a lot of conditioning and maintenance.

4. Rich Chocolate Strands: Looking for something deep and rich? Well, you can always try to make your hair look as sweet as you are.

5. Perky Pixe: You can go for this classic and fun look with a nice shortly cropped hair with a bit longer sides.

No matter what you are looking for when you search Haircut Near Me, maybe you will give one of these looks a try.

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