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One thing everyone can agree on is that a car is a huge investment that stands to be protected in every way possible. Unfortunately, the elements, road tar, salt, and other outside factors can quickly lead to deterioration and other unsightly exterior blemishes. To keep these factors at bay, regular washes are an essential part of car maintenance.

Are you looking to find a hand car wash near you? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse hand car wash near me on the map below and find a list of hand car washes located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information about hand car washes? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Hand Car Wash Near Me – Hand Car Wash Trivia

What is a hand car wash?

In the world of car washing, there is automated car washing and hand car washing. Hand car washing is the most traditional method and for some time was the only method available to car owners looking to keep their new investment clean and shiny. Though advancements in technology have pushed many car wash owners into the age of technology, many agree that nothing beats the thoroughness and efficiency of a hand car wash. Consider these facts as you search hand car wash near me. Despite the inherent belief that hand car washing is slow and a waste of time, many experts agree that hand car washing can have many advantages over automated car washes. For starters, hand washing is customized and perfected. The final result of any hand car wash job is one deemed to be perfect, as the person washing the car has had contact the entire time. The odds of getting all of the dirt off the car are higher at a hand wash as the specialist takes a great amount of time and care to properly dry off the car after taking it through processes such as claying and waxing. This removes all excess dirt and can give your car a cleaner and shinier finish. Hand car washing also allows for a better reach. Someone who is hand washing a car can reach areas on the car where machines cannot reach. This means that every crevice of your vehicle, big or small, will be properly cleaned with precision and accuracy.

hand car wash near me

A hand car wash is typically more gentle and effective than an automated wash.

Do some hand wash companies offer engine detailing?

One major advantage that you’ll find when searching hand car wash near me is that a hand car wash facility will not only was the exterior of your car, but they’ll take the time to offer engine bay cleaning. This is a more delicate process as water cannot be used to properly clean the engine bay. Keeping the engine bay clean not only helps to keep unwanted gunk and buildup out of your engine, but it can lead to a greater degree of engine efficiency. Many hand car washes will also offer interior detailing services. They will vacuum, shampoo rugs, clean seats, and spray dashes and areas exposed to sunlight with special coatings that can help extend the life of your vehicle’s interior by preventing issues such as cracking and spidering. Though interior services are also offered at some select automated car washes, you typically won’t receive the level of service that you will at a hand car wash facility.

Hand Car Wash Near Me – Hand Car Wash Facts

Letting Your Car Cool

Everyone wants to have their car washed in the summer months, after all showing off your prized possession is all the more fun when the weather is nice. However, one thing many people don’t realize when searching hand car wash near me is that one should never wash their car when the body of the vehicle is hot. This means you should never wash your car or pull your car into an area to be washed immediately after driving it or after it has been parked in direct sunlight for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. Many hand car washes will offer shady areas or lots in which you can park your car after driving to the wash. Heat speeds up the drying of soap and water on your vehicle’s exterior. Not only does this make washing far more difficult, but it greatly increases the chances of spots or deposits forming on your car’s finish. This will lead to a spotty effect and can even lead to a greater degree of paint deterioration. Luckily, hand washing experts are already pretty keyed in on this fact and will either wash your car out of direct sunlight or within the confines of a garage or building.

An Environmentally Friendly Practice

In recent years, car washes have been getting a bad rap due to their effects on the environment. Odds are, if you search hand car wash near me, you’ll find some results regarding hand car washing and the environment. While there was a period of time where chemical runoff and water usage were posing a problem, modern professional car washes use 50% less water than they previously did. These professional washes also use far less water than you would likely use if washing your car at home. Professional car washes are mandated to pipe dirty water into treatment facilities or into state approved drainage facilities. This means that dirty water will never make its way into local streams or leach into the water supply. Washing your car at home can be far more detrimental to the environment, as soap, road grime, and detergents can end up in storm sewers and drainage ditches that flow into lakes, streams, rivers, and water sources. If the environment is on your mind, always seek out a professional car wash. Some even use eco-friendly soaps and products!

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