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Since the early 19th century the working crowd have spent hours counting down until “happy hour.” With drink specials and appetizers, happy hour is a working class Joe’s favorite time of day.

Are you interested in finding a happy hour near you? Simply browse happy hour near me on the map below and find a list of bars and restaurants offering a happy hour in your area. Need a bit more information on happy hour? Read on for facts, trivia, and a top 3 list of the best happy hours in the US!

Happy Hour Near Me – Find it on the Map

Happy Hour Near Me – Happy Hour Trivia

How did Happy Hour originate?

Did you know that in a time before you could search happy hour near me, the phrase “happy hour” wasn’t even used to include alcohol. Pretty crazy, right? The idea of happy hour dates back to the 19th century when the phrase was first used as US Naval Slang. The term described the entertainment period in which activities such as boxing and wrestling were allowed to occur on board. It wasn’t until the prohibition era that the phrase happy hour became associated with drinking. Rebel drinkers known as “the Wets” flocked to speakeasy clubs where they used the term “happy hour” as a euphemism for drinking sessions ahead of dinner in public restaurants.

happy hour near me

For those working 9-5, happy hour is a joyful respite from life on the job.

True or false: Rural dwellers are more likely to go to happy hour than city dwellers.

False! Studies have found that individuals who live in big cities and urban areas are much more likely to go to happy hour. The study also found that urban dwellers are more likely to go to happy hour with friends instead of co-workers. Folks who live in suburban or rural areas are more than twice as likely to go to happy hour with work friends than meet up with friends outside of work. Small time townies are most likely to go to happy hour by themselves.

True or false: Happy hour is illegal in Ireland.

True! If you’re searching happy hour near me in Ireland, you’re out of luck. If you’re in the United States you’re still in the game. As of 2003, it is illegal to sell any kind of discounted drinks in Ireland. Yes, even though the Irish are known to get their drink on and for loving booze, these citizens will sadly never know the joys of a truly needed happy hour. This is the only modernized country to flat out prohibit the concept.

True or false: Before Happy Hour there was Green Hour.

True! Before you could’ve ever searched happy hour near me, there was “green hour” due to the prevalence of absinthe in the late 1700s. When Dr. Pierre Ordinaire invented the green drink that promised to cure medical problems, it became the drink of the day in Paris, where the ritual of downing absinthe became known as “I’heure verte” aka “green hour.”

Happy Hour Near Me – Happy Hour Facts

Americans Prefer Domestic Beer

Once you find a good happy hour in your area after searching happy hour near me, you might settle down at the bar with a nice cold domestic beer. In fact, studies show that most American citizens prefer to drink a domestic beer during happy hour than any other kind of alcoholic beverage. The study revealed that 509% of all happy hour drinkers will order a domestic beer. This is likely because most bars will run half off domestic beers, but still charge a big more for imported beers and craft beers. And even though most happy hours will run a special on mixed drinks, the cost of a domestic beer is still way less than the average mixed drink on special.

Money vs. Camaraderie

While you may assume that people search happy hour near me and attend happy hour events to hang out with pals, studies have found that most people don’t go to happy hour so they can socialize, they go to save money and get their drink on. American Express and Technomic conducted a study that shockingly found that the main reason Americans go to happy hour is for the discounted prices, not to see their friends or mingle with locals.

Best Happy Hours in the United States

Not all happy hours are created equal. If these bars are any indication, happy hour can go beyond cheap and practical and wade into the territory of awesome. If you find yourself near one of these bars while searching happy hour near me, feel free to get your drink on immediately!

1. Comme Ça, Los Angeles

From 5 pm to 7 pm on weekdays, patrons of this bar need to only lay out $15 for refreshing tequila drinks and their choice from the bites section. This includes shareable dishes like shrimp cocktail and a variety of meats and cheeses.

2. Luke, New Orleans, LA

If you’re looking for some yummy appetizers with your drinks special, Luke has you covered. With .50 cent oysters, incredible absinthe mixed drinks, and the New Orleans atmosphere; you simply can’t go wrong at this happy hour.

3. Rye, Brooklyn, NY

Not only does this happy hour sell $5 dollar drinks during its weekday happy hour specials, it also allows patrons to get down on delicious $5 cheeseburgers. That’s a deal worth trekking to Brooklyn for!

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